Freshly Launched :: Life on Paper Co.

Freshly Launched :: Life on Paper Co.

Launched :: Marian Briscoe

LaunchHER Says :: If you are going to have papers hanging on your fridge and cluttering your kitchen counter, they may as well be stylish!  We love the way Marian makes organizing life’s lists a little more chic.  Oh, and be sure to check out “The Pack” list to help organize all of your upcoming summer getaways!

In HER Words :: I’m that person that goes to a party and organizes the hostess’s pantry for fun. If I’m bored, I color-code my closet. I even struggle letting my 4 year old clean her own room because I want to make sure each toy goes back with its proper mate and in the right colored bin.

My name is Marian Briscoe, and I’m an organizational fanatic. (OK, I might be taking it a bit far— I’m not that boring, but you get the idea! )   I didn’t fully realize this about myself until recently. I majored in graphic design in college (which is in the art department), so I was surrounded by the free-spirited crowd. They’re not much for putting things in the “right” place… and I thought I fit in. But, then I decided to go back to college and I got my MBA in Accounting. Huh? Well, that was everyone else’s reaction was, at least.

Then I finally realized the common thread. Graphic design is all about organizing information on the page— for people to understand more clearly. Accounting is all about organizing numbers and putting them in the right place. Ding Ding Ding! ORGANIZATION.   Fast forward to 2010: I decided to put my know-how to good use by created Life on Paper Co. 

My vision is an online business, selling organizational paper products, offering free worksheets & tools, and a blog about the very same thing— Creative Organization. Life on Paper Co helps women get their lives organized. Each design has a twist that makes planning life a bit easier and more creative. The goal is to create stylish products that actually function in real life instead of just looking pretty but unusable. I desire to bring creativity into the organizational world.   

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