Freshly Launched :: Little Trendstar

Freshly Launcher :: Little Trendstar

Launched :: Nicole Worth

LaunchHER Says :: We love clothes that make kids feel like they can be kids!  Little Trendstar’s tees will be the ones your kids will ask  to wear day after day.  Plus, we {heart} that they use non-toxic, eco-friendly ink on all of their shirts. 

In HER Words :: I love fashion and I love graphic design.  These have always been my two passions, so one day I thought why not merge these two together and create a business.  What came from this merger is my kids tee shirt brand, Little Trendstar. 

Having two young boys, I am always on the hunt for unique, stylish fashion- especially tees.  We all know the boy’s section at most stores is usually very small and filled with trucks, bugs and dinosaurs.  Of course these all have their place and you need these staples in a little boys wardrobe, but they weren’t cutting it for me as a mom.  I wanted my kids to dress cooler than that and make a statement with their clothes.  So I created Little Trendstar to fill that necessity. 

When I design the tees, I take inspiration from iconic patterns, personas and art that surround’s me every day.  I then take these visions and give them a clean and graphic look that I think captures the spirit of funky, trendsetting apparel.  Since I love dressing my own kids in hip and stylish clothes I only create designs I could envision my own kids wearing.  I offer the tee shirts in a variety of sizes ranging from 12months to 6T and I design for both boys and girls.  Starting with the spring line this year, I am now offering the designs on onesies as well.  I’m excited to reach out to this new market and have even the youngest tot sport one of my designs!

Another important necessity for me when starting this company was how the tees would be made. So that is why all of the tees, and onesies, are printed with safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly inks and are produced on 100% cotton. They are also sweat-shop free and Made in the USA.  So not only do the tee shirts look good, they are safe for kids, environmentally-friendly and something I can be proud to sell.

I have recently had the opportunity to put my products in the hands of some well-known celebrities and received some fantastic response.  That was very exciting and a lot of fun.  I’m very excited to see what the future holds and I’m looking forward to expanding the brand in the year to come.  I created the Little Trendstar brand to be all about the young budding trendsetter and my goal is to make style stars out of all of them!

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