Freshly Launched :: magpie lovely

Freshly Launched :: magpie lovely

Launched :: Kate Handling

LaunchHER Says :: Kate, from magpie lovely, has brought chic boutique shopping to the internet.  We are pasionate about supporting handmade, and adore that magpie lovely features so many amazing indie brands.  If you can’t resist Etsy style shops, then you will love shopping magpie lovely!

In HER Words :: magpie lovely was created to introduce the boutique shopping consumer to the world of handmade, independent artists. the online store features gorgeous jewelry, bags, home accessories and clothes for all ages, with a men’s line coming soon. each item on magpie lovely is hand selected to ensure they reach the level of quality our customers expect.

some people have a preconceived notion that handmade goods are less attractive or second tier, when in fact, it’s quite the opposite. there are many designers that create items of the quality and style found in upscale boutiques. i have been sewing, painting, doodling (i don’t think you can call what i do drawling) and creating something out of nothing since i was just a little tyke.

 i truly understand the skill, dedication and love it takes to handcraft high quality fashionable products. the designers featured on magpie lovely love what they do and it comes across in each piece they create. the shop presents a great opportunity for them to stand out and reach a new audience who otherwise would not be exposed to their products. personally, i love when customers are shocked to hear that all the items featured on magpie lovely are handmade – which happens quite often.

magpie lovely combines my love of handmade products and the desire to do something creative. i love everything about running the online shop, but most importantly getting to know the designers and customers. my marketing/pr background also helps when gaining press and forming new relationships.

i have big things planned for the shop in the upcoming months including adding a vintage line, great new products and designers, and a few fun surprises.  

You can find magpie lovely on their site, Facebook or Twitter!

Just For LaunchHER Readers :: 10% off your entire order through the month of april with code ‘launchher10’

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