Freshly Launched :: Smilegram Paper

Freshly Launched :: Smilegram Paper

Launched :: Carey Grund

LaunchHER says ::  Check out these incredible, creative papers that are designed with your little one in mind, and you’ll see what Smilegram Paper is {freshly launched} today!  These personalized papers and stationery sets are just what my kindergartener (and yours!) would love to write on.Enjoy finding out more about this fab entreneur!

In HER words ::

Since becoming a Mom, I have always been amazed at watching my children learn and explore new things.  As most moms do, I find it exciting to watch all of the first milestones such as learning their ABC’s and knowing all of their colors to create their first rainbow on paper.  Creative writing is an important part of childhood as it allows children to express themselves in a way they may not do verbally.  Research shows when children don’t have to think about handwriting consciously, and it becomes an automatic process, they perform much better in other areas.  As school districts report declining reading and writing scores, I thought there must be a way I can make a difference.

Countless hours looking for cute stationery on which to practice handwriting turned into the creation of smilegram paper.™ Knowing I wanted to create a high-quality, unique product, I often thought about just how smilegram designs could be different than any other product.  It was one happy day when I noticed my own daughters’ artwork and, at that moment, I found smilegram papers™ artist!  I was so excited to turn her love for art into designs for smilegram paper™.  As a proud Mom, I fortunately had saved many of her drawings which now have become the fun graphics you see on smilegram™ paper.  I thought what a unique experience I had ahead of me to work with my daughter knowing we are creating an opportunity to smile for children and adults alike with simply fun paper!  My mission is to provide parents with a tool to make hand writing fun for their children.

Smilegram paper™ launched with smiles!  I’m offering a product that allows children to be proud of who they are, what they believe in and, all the while, motivating them to write.  In just four short months, smilegram paper™ is starting to grow!  All of our business has come from word of mouth and the news of our fun, eco friendly and exceptional quality product is traveling quickly.  We hope that smilegram paper™ will continue to make a difference in how children learn to write and express their ever-creative mind.

You can find Smilegram Paper on their Site, Facebook, and Twitter!

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