Freshly Launched :: WeddingInviteLove

Freshly Launched :: WeddingInviteLove

Launched :: Tracy Osborn

LaunchHER Says :: Choosing wedding invitations can be so overwhelming!  We love that WeddingInviteLove makes the process of finding the right invitations easier for the bride {and groom} because there are already enough decisions to make when you are planning a wedding!

In HER Words :: Weddings should be relaxed and full of love. I founded WeddingInviteLove because I love design and wedding invitations and hated how difficult and stressful it was to find good vendors using traditional search engines. I wanted to build an easy-to-browse directory to help couples sift through results as well as give small, boutique invitation vendors a place to stand out and be noticed.


I graduated with a BFA in Art & Design and began work as a web designer, but I decided that if I was passionate about websites, I needed to learn how to build every part of a web application, not just the design. In addition to being a great tool to build for others, I used WeddingInviteLove to help me learn how to program, and now I’m using the skills that I’ve learned to build other wedding invitation tools and adding features to WeddingInviteLove to make it even easier to use. I just launched a big redesign recently and included an upgraded profile version for vendors for additional customization and personality to their listings. I’m hoping in the future, almost every wedding invitation vendor will be listed so couples have the most choice and the easiest time finding the best stationer for their wedding.

It’s the best job I can ask for — I’m surrounded by beautiful design, working with great stationers, and providing a service that makes the process of planning a wedding a little bit easier and more fun.
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