Freshly Launched :: Lee La La

Freshly Launched :: Lee La La

Launched :: Lindsay Lee 

LaunchHER Says ::  We adore Lindsay’s style and fell in love with her wrap bracelets, instantly!  Lindsay also has some accessories for the little girlie in your life too. 

In HER words ::  Lee La La was inspired from my love for all things girly, and becoming the momma to a sweet baby girl. Since becoming a stay at home momma, I find myself crafting during nap time, and into the wee hours of the night.

Together with my blog, my brand has blossomed into a business. 

Shop around Lee La La and you will find everything from unique jewelry, to boutique headbands and tutu’s. Be the topic of conversation with a gorgeous wrap bracelet or make it a gift for that special girl in your life.

Check back often, as new designs are being added daily. Special orders made upon request.

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Get 15% off entire purchase with code: Launchher15

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Freshly Launched :: I’m Inkpressed

Freshly Launched :: I’m Inkpressed

Launched :: Shelley Seguinot

LaunchHER says ::  Invitations and cards can make a great first impression when you are hosting a party or just sending a simple note.  Shelley has so many unique designs that are sure to set the tone for your event!

In HER words ::  My name is Shelley Seguinot. I wish I had a real grown-up story of how I’m Inkpressed came to be. Truth is, I am a self confessed doodler, I have a clear obsession with color and I love all things cute. Put all of those quirky things together, combined with a degree in Graphic Design and voila! I’m Inkpressed was born.

In 2005 when I began to pave the direction I wanted this business to go in, my mission was to create a stationery brand that was geared toward children. As a mother of three, I know first hand how important it is to host the perfect birthday party for your child. I was one of those mothers who scoured stores to find the perfect invitation that would best compliment the occasion or unique products for back to school. When it comes to my children, I was always in search of something that would best represent them and their personalities. With this in mind, I created a whimsical line of invitations, stationery and personalized products that delights both children and moms alike. 

Six years later, I’m Inkpressed has grown into a brand that is both fun and trendy. Thanks to my never ending doodling, we are constantly adding new products and continually changing with the trends.

Just for LaunchHER Readers :: Get 10% off your I’m Inkpressed order until June 6th, 2011 with the code ‘LaunchHer10’.

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{swag} winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered, and thank you even more to those of you who found a new favorite {freshly launched} brand to support and follow.  

We know it seems like the number of entries can be overwhelming, but no matter the number, there has to be a WINNER. Was it you? 

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If you are new to LaunchHER, welcome!  We look forward to introducing you to more {freshly launched} brands, giving you valuable tips on running your business, and sharing the excitement that women-owned brands are bringing to the marketplace.

Freshly Launched :: Flowers From Fatima

Freshly Launched :: Flowers From Fatima

Launched :: Fatima Spencer

LaunchHER says :: Fatima’s story is just as lovely as her beautiful creations.  Summer is coming, and Flowers From Fatima are the perfect accessory!

In HER words ::  Flowers From Fatima is a flourishing new company, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The line is inspired by hope, love, positive energy, and Nature. The young company was founded in December of 2009. As CEO of Flowers From Fatima, I sought to reconnect women with Nature through one of its most precious gifts, the flower. I was inspired by my family’s own community action program in which my family and I revolutionized our unkempt neighborhood into a paradise, filled with flowers.

Not only did these flowers attract exotic butterflies, birds, and renewing energy, but they also brought inspiration. From then on, I have always been drawn to Nature, and especially flowers.  “Where there are flowers, there is life.”

Soon I began to wear these flowers in my hair but too quickly they died away. They belonged in the Earth where they were intended to flourish. I began to redesign silk floral pieces that mimicked the true beauties of life and with the help of supportive family, I was inspired to launch Flowers From Fatima.

Flowers From Fatima offers something for all women, with its wide variety of handmade silk floral accessories. This unique boutique carries a multitude of fashion accessories, ranging from beautiful wrist corsages to beautiful hair clips.   My handmade pieces are ideal for everyday wear, and excellent for special occasions. With the coming of Summer, I’ve been enjoying the experience of watching my own flower bloom.

It is such a pleasure to be in the industry of LOVE, weddings, and floral design. Not only do I get to work with an element of nature that brings much joy, but I also get the chance to reunite people with our great Mother Nature in such a rewarding way.

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Enter the code ‘BLOOM’ at checkout to receive 15% off!

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Celebrating the 100th {freshly launched} on LaunchHER

In celebration of our 100th {freshly launched} brand, we recently teamed up with Kim Stoegbauer of The TomKat Studio to make something special. It is an inspirational printable, and it is JUST for {freshly launched} brands. We are thrilled with how Kim turned our idea into a posh printable that makes a statement!


Thank you to those of you that have joined us in celebrating our 100th {freshly launched}. We have featured a {freshly launched} brand everyday, shared a little LaunchHER Love, and of course…the {swag}. Oh, that {swag} is so incredible – over $700 in product from {freshly launched} women-owned brands! Winner will be announced one week from today!

A big, huge thank you to our {swag} brands :: attagirl by Kedrin / Ann Sloane / Lehla Shop3 Way Beauty / Jules’ Cupcakes / Shaggy Baggy / Polka Dot Skies / BC Designs  / the crimson poppy / Sima Gilady / Chic Mama

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Freshly Launched :: Easy Roller by Heavenly Cake Pops

Freshly Launched :: Easy Roller by Heavenly Cake Pops

Launched ::Jennifer Cucci

LaunchHER says :: We have joined the cake pop craze!  We enjoy making and eating them, so of course, we had to share Jennifer’s product with you.  Be sure to watch the video to see how it works – cool!

In HER words ::My name is Jennifer Cucci and I’m the developer of the Easy Roller.  Like most great tools, the Easy Roller was developed out of personal need.  You see, my journey began as a Cake Popper, those delicious treats that have started to take over the nation.  Just months ago you were hard pressed to find someone who knew what cake pops were, let alone companies making them. Now, they are “popping” up in every bakeshop, supermarket and coffee house. The cake pop craze was becoming mainstream and as orders accumulated; I reached my productivity capacity and was feeling the rolling pain in my hands.

As I searched for a machine that would relieve my pain I couldn’t find one that did the job.  My search continually came up empty, desperate to find an “easier way”, I decided to build one myself.  Over several months and through trial and error with different materials and processes, the Easy Roller was born.  Content with developing the product for myself I soon discovered that ALL of my baking peers shared my same need and would benefit from this time saving device. 

I learned in some cases shops were declining to make cake pops due to the amount of effort involved, literally throwing business away.  The real value of my product is its simplicity.  It reduces your labor, increases your productivity, creates product consistency but more importantly ELIMINATES the fear of growing your business, by making the rolling easy, hence the name the EASY ROLLER.

Just for LaunchHER Readers :: Free US Shipping for the first 50 orders received! **No Coupon Code needed**

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Freshly Launched :: Robot in Bloom

Freshly Launched :: Robot in Bloom

Launched :: Sandy Ervin

LaunchHER says :: We are head over heels for these fresh, funky flowers from Robot in Bloom.  Perfect for a unique wedding bouquet, or to freshen up a room in your house…just plain fun!

In HER words :: When planning my own wedding in 2008, the standard option in the floral décor world was live flowers. After exploring various options, I found that I really desired longevity for such a special occasion – not something that would become yard waste in a landfill the next day. Armed with my trusty right-brained tendencies, I ended up creating paper flower centerpieces, paper flower bouquets for my bridesmaids, and a mod Christmas ornament bouquet for myself.

Since then, I’ve been honing my flower technique and making many different types of blooms. The flowers are created from almost any type of paper – from parchment to cardstock to comic books – and are highly customizable for any event.

They can be formal or whimsical, simple or lavish, ready for a swanky LA bash, or a totally offbeat gamer geek wedding. And, what I like most is you don’t have to toss out your memories at the end of the big day; they can become a home decoration, or even used again for another event. (Personally, I turned my wedding centerpieces into a wall hanging for the bedroom!) My paper blooms are appropriate for any occasion: weddings, parties, gifts, etc. I can even use wedding photos to recreate a long-gone fresh flower bouquet – an ideal “paper” 1st anniversary gift!

I really enjoy getting to know my clients and trying my very best to give them a very unique, memorable, and eco-friendly keepsake. My brides are really fun, free-spirited people who aren’t interested in becoming “bridezillas”, but ARE interested in having their personal style shine through on their wedding day, and I love that about them! The creativity and positive energy of Robot In Bloom is one of the best things I’ve ever chosen to pursue, and I can’t imagine ever wanting to do anything else!

Just for LaunchHER readers :: 10% off your order thru May 31st. {Please note: now booking for August weddings}

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In HER words :: {freshly launched}

We love hearing nice things, who doesn’t?  Since we are celebrating the 100th {freshly launched} brand this week, we thought it would be a good idea to share what {freshly launched} means, in HER words ::

“Thank you for all you do for women owned brands – you are so fabulous on every level!!!” – Bridget Connell, BC Designs

“I love you guys and you have supported me in ways I could never have dreamed!” –Lisa Hill, Lehla Shop

“I am so grateful to all of the LaunchHER team and feel even more blessed to be a part of your enormous week.” – Ginger Smith, Ann Sloane

“I’m proud to have been launched!” – Jennifer Jafek-Jones, The Crimson Poppy

“Thank you LaunchHER,  it’s wonderful to have the support of such wonderful women!!” – Jules Albert, Jules’ Cupcakes

Freshly Launched :: Ann Sloane

Freshly Launched :: Ann Sloane

Launched :: Ginger Smith

LaunchHER says ::Being women who LOVE our accessories, we are so excited that Ann Sloane recognizes that no woman should have to sacrifice style when it comes to carrying handbags. We also know what it is like to care for aging parents and grandparents that so desperately want to be able to keep their independence and sense of self as much as possible. Ann Sloane provides just that!

In HER words ::  Ann Sloane recently launched a new generation of mobility fashion.  We believe a change in mobility should never dictate a change in personal style.  In our minds, wheelchairs and scooters can be fashionable, stylish, remarkable “rides,” and walkers are a perfect opportunity for a hands-free fashion statement. 

Our signature products, Purses On-The-Move and Wraps On-The-Go, are designed to reflect distinguished taste, timeless style, and elegant flair.  We help women who carried chic and fabulous handbags when more mobile have the same opportunity while using a walker, wheelchair, or power scooter.  We offer men the opportunity to express their unique taste or celebrate their patriotism with one of our “American Pride” Wraps.    

The passion and purpose for launching Ann Sloane is to go beyond the sale of products to truly touch people’s lives. Our mantra is “Bringing Joy”. My personal background in social work has taught me that people feel infinitely better and heal faster when surrounded by beauty and comfort. Therefore, our colors and designs have been researched and tested to ensure they have the capacity to evoke positive feelings.  Our Purses don’t merely carry belongings, they elevate moods. Our Wraps don’t cover wheelchairs, they uncover personal feelings. 

Ann Sloane is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and we are proud to design and manufacture our products in the U.S.

Don’t miss your chance to WIN an Ann Sloane bag from LaunchHER {swag}!

Just For LaunchHER Readers :: 20% off your Ann Sloane purchase through May 22nd, 2011 with code : SHOPIFYHD57417A

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Freshly Launched :: Southern Belle’s Charm

Freshly Launched :: Southern Belle’s Charm

Launched :: Natalie Clause

LaunchHER says ::  We can’t get enough of the BOLD colors Natalie from Southern Belle’s Charm uses in her printables.  They are the perfect accents for memorable parties!

In HER words ::  As founder of Southern Belle’s Charm, I have been able to fulfill my passion for designing beautiful experiences.  Growing up a southern girl allowed me the opportunity of seeing firsthand how special memories make life unforgettable.  To each event, I bring my own unique sense of style and charm.  The more I create a representation of what my clients want the more their dream becomes a reality.   My goal is to cultivate the type of experience that will have clients returning to Southern Belle’s Charm for their next special event.  From birthdays to weddings, I create the visions in your dreams.

Recognizing the value of a formal business education, I attended ONU in Illinois with a degree in Business Administration – Management.  I have continued my position on fostering creative talent through the years and am a proud member of the Martha Stewart’s Dreamers in Doers and Children’s Party Network.  My work has been featured on Hostess with the Mostess, Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers, Children’s Party Network, Catch My Party, Kara’s Party Ideas, Plates & Napkins, Pizzazzerie, and Kate Landers Events, LLC.

Living in the entertainment destination capital of the world, Las Vegas, has given me a platform like no other. This has provided opportunities to showcase my designs for corporate, social and individual events. Keeping my eye on what is new and fresh allows me to share something that others may have not seen or experienced. This is what sets Southern Belle’s Charm apart from others.  My focus continues to be on creating parties that you will not find in your local stores.  My passion is to style events in a unique and memorable way which in turn provides an unforgettable experience.  Children have a way of dreaming up the most amazing ideas and I get to create them.  When passion meets creativity it is truly memorable.  Let Southern Belle’s Charm be your next {Party in a Box}.

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my fantastic husband, Eric, our adorable son Greyson {5} and our two sweet dogs Harley {Puggle} and Daisy {Beagle}.

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