Celebrating the 100th {freshly launched} on LaunchHER

In celebration of our 100th {freshly launched} brand, we recently teamed up with Kim Stoegbauer of The TomKat Studio to make something special. It is an inspirational printable, and it is JUST for {freshly launched} brands. We are thrilled with how Kim turned our idea into a posh printable that makes a statement!


Thank you to those of you that have joined us in celebrating our 100th {freshly launched}. We have featured a {freshly launched} brand everyday, shared a little LaunchHER Love, and of course…the {swag}. Oh, that {swag} is so incredible – over $700 in product from {freshly launched} women-owned brands! Winner will be announced one week from today!

A big, huge thank you to our {swag} brands :: attagirl by Kedrin / Ann Sloane / Lehla Shop3 Way Beauty / Jules’ Cupcakes / Shaggy Baggy / Polka Dot Skies / BC Designs  / the crimson poppy / Sima Gilady / Chic Mama

We have some other upcoming projects with The TomKat Studio that we can’t wait to reveal!  Sign up for the LaunchHER Newsletter and be the first to get the info.

Don’t forget to enter to win the LaunchHER {swag}!

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