Freshly Launched :: Addaboy

Freshly Launched ::  Addaboy

Launched ::  Michelle Ward

LaunchHER Says ::  Want to dress you little boy in clothes with something other than sports logos and trucks?  We love that Addaboy is rocker style, but kid appropriate.  We also love that the clothes are high quality because your son may not understand yet, but quality is cool-when you’re a mom at least. 😉

In HER Words ::  My name is Michelle Ward and I am the owner & designer of Addaboy, modern clothing for little rockers!

The brand was inspired by my son Kale who loves music. One night while watching retro music videos on youtube Kale asked if I could find him some ‘cool clothing’ like the band was wearing (it was The English Beat – Mirror in the Bathroom). I looked for weeks on the internet and came up empty handed. It was either too hardcore in design and feel (punk rock with Mohawks) or the usual varsity/dinosaur print stuff made overseas – not a whole bunch of offerings in between. Kale had inadvertently ignited a new business idea and we decided together to name it Addaboy!

I launched the clothing line one year ago and cannot believe how far the company has come in such a short period of time. The line is now sold in 7 boutique kids clothing stores and also may be purchased online on our website.

One of my core values is keeping the manufacturing fairly made and in Canada. I design all of the graphics for the t-shirts, button downs and bottoms. Many of the items are one of a kind because I design and hand silk screen the fabric, yard by yard before it hits the cutting table! It is so rewarding to see the season’s line-up come alive after working on it for so many months.

My background is in marketing, graphic design and promotions and this is certainly what I enjoy the most about managing the company. I am a Twitter and Facebook fanatic and you can often find me enjoying conversations of all kinds in both these platforms throughout my working day.

Eventually I would like to see Addaboy sold Worldwide. In the meantime I am happily juggling a busy family life & company, surrounded by the three boys that I love the most, my husband Dave and sons Kale and Desmond!

Just For LaunchHER Readers :: 15% off your puchase through May 17th with code: addalaunchher

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  1. Thanks for the intro LaunchHer ladies.. we LOVE Addaboy! We have 6 boys between us sisters and you are SOOO right.. there is not enough cool and cute clothes out there for them… Looking forward to shopping the site! Congrats Michelle and thanks for filling a much needed market!

  2. love this!!! would love to feature on darling little details :)

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