Freshly Launched :: Ann Sloane

Freshly Launched :: Ann Sloane

Launched :: Ginger Smith

LaunchHER says ::Being women who LOVE our accessories, we are so excited that Ann Sloane recognizes that no woman should have to sacrifice style when it comes to carrying handbags. We also know what it is like to care for aging parents and grandparents that so desperately want to be able to keep their independence and sense of self as much as possible. Ann Sloane provides just that!

In HER words ::  Ann Sloane recently launched a new generation of mobility fashion.  We believe a change in mobility should never dictate a change in personal style.  In our minds, wheelchairs and scooters can be fashionable, stylish, remarkable “rides,” and walkers are a perfect opportunity for a hands-free fashion statement. 

Our signature products, Purses On-The-Move and Wraps On-The-Go, are designed to reflect distinguished taste, timeless style, and elegant flair.  We help women who carried chic and fabulous handbags when more mobile have the same opportunity while using a walker, wheelchair, or power scooter.  We offer men the opportunity to express their unique taste or celebrate their patriotism with one of our “American Pride” Wraps.    

The passion and purpose for launching Ann Sloane is to go beyond the sale of products to truly touch people’s lives. Our mantra is “Bringing Joy”. My personal background in social work has taught me that people feel infinitely better and heal faster when surrounded by beauty and comfort. Therefore, our colors and designs have been researched and tested to ensure they have the capacity to evoke positive feelings.  Our Purses don’t merely carry belongings, they elevate moods. Our Wraps don’t cover wheelchairs, they uncover personal feelings. 

Ann Sloane is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and we are proud to design and manufacture our products in the U.S.

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