Freshly Launched :: Black Kite

Freshly Launched :: Black Kite

Launched ::  Lindsay Mangat

LaunchHER Says ::  It often seems like it’s a “girls world” when we are clothes shopping for our young boys, which is why we are thrilled to introduce Lindsay and Black Kite.  We love these fresh, comfortable, and bold shirts just for boys!

In HER Words ::  I recently launched the Summer 2011 collection for Black Kite, a new boys’ clothing company based in Denver.   Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was exposed to the arts and fashion at an early age.  I accompanied my mom in her interior design endeavors and as a young model I really fell in love with design and fashion. 

Dubbed a fabric fanatic and craft maven in college, I spent my free-time sewing my own clothes and making curtains, bedding and pillows as a way to express my individuality. I even reupholstered a few items for my first home.  I always knew I would do something with this passion of mine. During my career as an advertising executive, I learned that having a strong brand means getting into the hearts and minds of the consumer. Once I became a mother of two young boys, I wanted to find a way to make my mark on my boys by teaching them that color and confidence go hand in hand.  And with that, I created the Black Kite brand. 

It’s a collection of bold, button down shirts for boys, meant to inspire confidence.  Each shirt is sewn with brightly colored and boldly patterned100% cotton woven fabrics, contrasting thread and each pocket holds a message of inspiration that your boy can wear close to his chest. I want these shirts inspire boys to express their creativity, individuality and their confidence, ultimately allowing their character to “take flight!”

I designed the premiere collection for 1-7 year olds and it comes in four different styles.  For an added “Lindsay” touch, I give each fabric a fetching name that exudes confidence, for instance, “The Big Cheese,”  “King of the Jungle,” and “Don Juan.”  The shirts are machine washable and can be ironed if needed.  All styles are available online at  or in person at our exclusive Denver retailer, Nest.   I feel so fortunate to have this new career  opportunity that involves my obsession for fabrics and fashion, my background in marketing and advertising and my true love, my boys!  Bold shirts. Confident boys.

Just for LaunchHER Readers :: 15% off at exp: June 30, 2011  PROMO CODE: LHCODE11   

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  1. I love this shop! When my boys were little I sewed a lot of their clothes (and was always frustrated and disappointed in the lack of creative patterns for little boys!). I love your inspirational message of bringing up strong and creative boys! My boys both went on to earn Art degrees – so it works! :)
    And nice to meet a fellow Denver-ite! Best of luck with Black Kite. I adore it.

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