Freshly Launched :: cmh design

Freshly Launched :: cmh design

Launched :: Cindi Herleman

LaunchHER Says ::  Who could resist finding a home for these whimsical little guys?  We love that Cindi’s etsy shop is eco-friendly and provides tons of smiles!

In HER Words :: I design and sew whimsical creatures called “Wee Ones” and even smaller ones  dubbed “Liten Venns” (Small Friends in Norwegian).  I also make Plush Pillows, knit beanies and in the works ~ Baby Bubbies ~ small blankets for baby’s car seat and stroller.  All of my designs are original.

I draw on the skills I learned as a girl.  From a young age, my Mom taught me how to sew, how to do needlework, crochet ~ basically how to keep my hands busy creating.  I took sewing classes in school, but the really good stuff I learned from my Mom — who at age 92 still sews every day. The best trick I learned from Mom?  Cut patterns conservatively and never waste a thing. She grew up during the Great Depression; I call her the Original Recycler. 

Thus the emphasis of my work involves recycled/upcycled materials.  Most of my items are made from remnants of fabric used in other projects.  They are remnants that would typically have been discarded ~ only to go on to clog up landfills.  If I use a large piece of fabric for a project, the remnants are used to create my Wee Ones and Liten Venns.  

I have always had a fondness for anything whimsical.  When I left the corporate world, I decided to create things that made me smile, hoping when I sent them out into the world they would make others smile as well.  I feel I am finally doing what I was meant to do.  My days are full of laughter and warm fuzzies.  Literally.

I also love having my own business because it allows me a venue in which to give back.  I have worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Share Our Strength and others.

I am a member of RAW: Natural Born Artists/Denver and the Denver Handmade Alliance.  You can find my products on Etsy and in New York City @ Stoopher & Boots; in Chicago @ hanger 18;  in Alameda, California (East Bay San Francisco) @ Modern Mouse; and in Denver, Colorado @ Caboodle.

Just for LaunchHER Readers :: 15% off May 3rd-13th with the code : LAUNCH15

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  1. William and Terry Bell Herleman says:

    We love your new site and you, and the kind of person you are! You write and “create”
    with “amazing grace”, and “flair”! It is our understanding that your father-in-law and mother-in-law are very proud of you and love you and like you!
    mom and dad

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