Freshly Launched :: Flowers From Fatima

Freshly Launched :: Flowers From Fatima

Launched :: Fatima Spencer

LaunchHER says :: Fatima’s story is just as lovely as her beautiful creations.  Summer is coming, and Flowers From Fatima are the perfect accessory!

In HER words ::  Flowers From Fatima is a flourishing new company, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The line is inspired by hope, love, positive energy, and Nature. The young company was founded in December of 2009. As CEO of Flowers From Fatima, I sought to reconnect women with Nature through one of its most precious gifts, the flower. I was inspired by my family’s own community action program in which my family and I revolutionized our unkempt neighborhood into a paradise, filled with flowers.

Not only did these flowers attract exotic butterflies, birds, and renewing energy, but they also brought inspiration. From then on, I have always been drawn to Nature, and especially flowers.  “Where there are flowers, there is life.”

Soon I began to wear these flowers in my hair but too quickly they died away. They belonged in the Earth where they were intended to flourish. I began to redesign silk floral pieces that mimicked the true beauties of life and with the help of supportive family, I was inspired to launch Flowers From Fatima.

Flowers From Fatima offers something for all women, with its wide variety of handmade silk floral accessories. This unique boutique carries a multitude of fashion accessories, ranging from beautiful wrist corsages to beautiful hair clips.   My handmade pieces are ideal for everyday wear, and excellent for special occasions. With the coming of Summer, I’ve been enjoying the experience of watching my own flower bloom.

It is such a pleasure to be in the industry of LOVE, weddings, and floral design. Not only do I get to work with an element of nature that brings much joy, but I also get the chance to reunite people with our great Mother Nature in such a rewarding way.

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  1. Lovely write up Fatima, Well done. Gorgeous new flowers : )

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