Freshly Launched :: I’m Inkpressed

Freshly Launched :: I’m Inkpressed

Launched :: Shelley Seguinot

LaunchHER says ::  Invitations and cards can make a great first impression when you are hosting a party or just sending a simple note.  Shelley has so many unique designs that are sure to set the tone for your event!

In HER words ::  My name is Shelley Seguinot. I wish I had a real grown-up story of how I’m Inkpressed came to be. Truth is, I am a self confessed doodler, I have a clear obsession with color and I love all things cute. Put all of those quirky things together, combined with a degree in Graphic Design and voila! I’m Inkpressed was born.

In 2005 when I began to pave the direction I wanted this business to go in, my mission was to create a stationery brand that was geared toward children. As a mother of three, I know first hand how important it is to host the perfect birthday party for your child. I was one of those mothers who scoured stores to find the perfect invitation that would best compliment the occasion or unique products for back to school. When it comes to my children, I was always in search of something that would best represent them and their personalities. With this in mind, I created a whimsical line of invitations, stationery and personalized products that delights both children and moms alike. 

Six years later, I’m Inkpressed has grown into a brand that is both fun and trendy. Thanks to my never ending doodling, we are constantly adding new products and continually changing with the trends.

Just for LaunchHER Readers :: Get 10% off your I’m Inkpressed order until June 6th, 2011 with the code ‘LaunchHer10’.

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