Freshly Launched :: Polka Dot Skies

Freshly Launched :: Polka Dot Skies

Launched :: Elizabeth Killen

LaunchHER Says ::  Bright, cheery, pattern, color…Polka Dot Skies is like eye candy!  There is nothing sweeter than a little girl with a beautiful bow, and Elizabeth has SO many to choose from! 

In HER Words ::  Hello, my name is Elizabeth. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am blessed with a sweet husband, inquisitive son, and a spunky daughter. I start my days with a giant mug of coffee (whipped cream and cinnamon, please).

Growing up, my mom always made sure we had plenty of blank paper and crayons. I am thankful she encouraged us to be creative! My entrepreneurial spirit developed in elementary school when I made hair bows and sold them to teachers.

I was an art teacher before becoming a mom. I adore children’s paintings of colorful scenes and polka dot skies. I had always dreamed of a little shop that was as happy and inviting as those paintings.  When my daughter started kindergarten, I knew it was time. Ta-da…Polka Dot Skies opened a few days later!

I opened the shop with a few hair bows and ribbon mobiles. Gradually, I’ve added new products. Ponytail buttons have become a favorite. I love shopping for new fabric and ribbon to keep things fresh!

Owning an online business has given me the opportunity to reach so many customers. It’s fun to know that my creations are enjoyed by people all across the United States and around the world. When I was younger, I never imagined that I would be making a custom wreath for a wedding in Australia and sending ponytail buttons to a birthday girl in Ireland! It just makes my day to get a note from customers who love their items!

One of the best things about Polka Dot Skies is meeting other talented women who own creative businesses! I am amazed at their ability to juggle both motherhood and careers. I’m still working on that balance. Most days, you will find me dropping my children off at school, driving home to work on orders, going for a super quick run, and zipping to the post office before picking up my sweeties from school.

What’s next for Polka Dot Skies? Cute canvas paintings are coming soon. Perfect for those empty walls that need a little bit of cheer!

Just For LaunchHER Readers :: Enter ‘LaunchHER’ at checkout for a 15% discount on all Polka Dot Skies items. Expires 5/27/2011.

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  1. Thank you so much! I’m thrilled to be freshly launched!

  2. Wonderful article! What’s not to love about Elizabeth, her amazing shop and products? She’s lovely both inside and out and her designs are adorable!

  3. Congrats!! Everthing’s so cute, and you are so pretty!!

  4. Ashlie Webb says:

    Great article! Love her shop…well made, fun products.

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