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Happy 100!

This Friday will mark our 100th {freshly launched} feature on LaunchHER, and we are ready to celebrate!  Grab a glass of champagne {clink} and stay for the week-long party! 

{freshly launched} is the heart of what we do here at LaunchHER, and this milestone is HUGE!  We knew we wanted to do  something HUGE to celebrate.  One lucky winner will receive this ENTIRE {swag} bag – yes, you get it all. Over $700+ in products from women owned brands – WOOT!  Just leave a comment below!

We must to take a minute to make a toast to say THANK YOU to the brands that are participating!  We are inspired everyday by the women we feature and connect with at LaunchHER.  Cheers! xxoo   

Chic Mama  {Shop / Tweet / FB}

The Timi & Leslie Aurelie bag has the necessities of a diaper bag, but is so stylish it can be used as a handbag long after diapers.  Winner receives the Aurelie II Bag from Timi & Leslie ($159 value).



Sima Gilady {Shop / Tweet / FB}

 Ani ledodi Vedodi Li – I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine – Personalized Your Necklace In Hebrew & English. ($49 value)


the crimson poppy {Shop / Tweet / FB}

Beginning with paper seeds, we tend and trim until ordinary paper becomes a delicate work of petals and leaves: six of our signature, ruby-red, oriental poppies. ($100 value)


BC Designs {Shop / Tweet / FB}

The Reese is the perfect wallet for the chic gal on the go. This leather wallet will make your life easier, organized and will keep you looking fabulous! ($78 value)



Polka Dot Skies {Shop / Tweet / FB}

Perfect for play dates and parties! A Rainbow set of 8 Carolina Hair Bows.  Each bow is 2.5 wide and attached to an alligator clip. ($32 value) 


Shaggy Baggy {Shop / Tweet / FB}

A repurposed green bean coffee sack creates the pocket on this charming tote. Interior pockets and magnetic snap make this the perfect everyday tote. ($62 value)

 Jules Cupcakes {Shop / Tweet / FB}

The Petit single cupcake box makes the perfect gift for any occasion!  The bakery brown lid along with the sky blue bottom, holds 1 single cupcake (or 2 mini cupcakes without insert), winer will receive a set of 13 Petit boxes. ($26 value)

3 Way Beauty {Shop / Tweet / FB}

shhh. shampoo | shower | shave is a natural plant based skin and hair care product.  This beauty/grooming bar is ideal for  home, gym & travel – no need to worry about TSA size requirements! Winner will get one regular size grooming bar, one travel size bar, and a wooden soap tray. ($27 value)

Lehla Shop {Shop / Tweet / FB}

Handmade Peach Chiffon Magnebloom™ and an Upcycled Coral and White Magnebloom™ with a 5mm Silver Magneband™ headband. ($33 value)

Ann Sloane {Shop / Tweet / FB}

Our recently-launched “Purse On The Move” marks the new generation of mobility fashion, helping women who use walkers, wheelchairs, and scooters maintain their fabulous, personal style! ($105 value)

attagirl by Kedrin {Shop / Tweet / FB}

The lucky winner of the LaunchHER swag bag will win a custom attagirl by kedrin “Leslie” brimmed hat.  Visit my website and contact me with your color choice and I’ll make a hat…just for you!  ($35 value)

As a guest at this party, and we would love for you to take home this {swag} and one lucky LaunchHER reader will win! 

Choose how you want to enter…you can do one entry – or all of the entries.  Also, leave a separate comment for each if you decide to do multiple entries.  Good luck!

  1. Get the LaunchHER Newsletter
  2. Like LaunchHER on Facebook
  3. Follow @LaunchHER on Twitter
  4. Follow @LaunchherLAW on Twitter
  5. Share what color your toenails are painted.
  6. Tweet about LaunchHER {swag} including a link to this feature! Be sure to leave a link to your tweet in your comment.
  7. Share the LaunchHER {swag} link on Facebook and link back to LaunchHER in the post.
  8. Like one of the featured {swag} brands on Facebook
  9. Follow one of the featured {swag} brands on Twitter
  10. Tell us what your summer plans are…vacations, books to be read, cooking classes, whatever 😉

thank you Thanks gracias THANK YOU merci

*Ends 5/26/2011 at 11:50 pm CST. One entry per person, please. Winner will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.



  1. I so want the swag bag! My summer plans are having a mini vacation with my hubby to celebrate our 10th anniversary, and leaving our 3 girls and the dog at home :)

  2. my toenails are red
    nannypanpan at

  3. we are heading to the beach in july..yeah!
    nannypanpan at

  4. Sarah gaylor says:

    I follow @launchher on twitter (@saritababy)

  5. Sarah gaylor says:

    I follow @launchherlaw (@saritababy)

  6. Sarah gaylor says:

    I like Launch Her on FB

  7. Sarah gaylor says:

    My toes are painted a sparkly purple

  8. Sarah gaylor says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway

  9. kristina hansen says:

    my toenails are painted black right now. i love dark polish!

  10. kristina hansen says:

    my summer plans is spending lots of time with my little girl!! :)

  11. kristina hansen says:

    i “like” Launchher on facebook…. of course!!! :)

  12. kristina hansen says:

    I follow LaunchHer on Twitter too of course!! 😉

  13. kristina hansen says:

    I also follow LaunchHerLAW on Twitter!! 😀

  14. Michelle says:

    My toenails are painted hot pink!

  15. kristina hansen says:

    I “like” LehlaShop on Facebook!! 😀

  16. kristina hansen says:

    I follow Chic Mama on Twitter! 😀

  17. kristina hansen says:

    I already get the LaunchHER newsletter :)

  18. kristina hansen says:
  19. Michelle says:

    Ilike Shaggy Baggy on FB

  20. Michelle says:

    I plan to read Something Borrowed and One Day which are going to be summer movies.

  21. Just painted my toenails last night a dark red!

  22. I follow @LaunchHER (@thisolivia)

  23. stephanie miller says:

    what a great giveaway!!! i would love to win this! steph at

  24. stephanie miller says:

    i just signed up for the newsletter! steph at

  25. stephanie miller says:

    liked launchher on facebook, stephanie rowe miller, steph at

  26. stephanie miller says:

    just had my toes done for my daughters wedding next sat! they are done in a white tip, american manicure! steph at

  27. stephanie miller says:

    im a fan of several shops on facebook, jules cupcakes, and ann sloane are some! stephanie rowe miller, steph at

  28. stephanie miller says:

    we have a cheer competition in padre island in july, so after that we are taking a 3 day cruise from galveston! so excited!!! steph at

  29. stephanie miller says:
  30. amorette says:

    like launch her on FB- amorette d.

  31. amorette says:

    i don’t paint my toenails- so they are natural colored!

  32. amorette says:

    my summer plans- to read, make some of the yummy stuff from martha stewart, pack and move to portland!

  33. amorette says:

    like the crimson poppy on FB

  34. This summer, I plan to see friends as much as I can and there are def. lots of books to read!!

  35. i like LaunchHer on facebook

  36. Stephanie Klemm says:

    Signed up for the LaunchHER Newsletter

  37. Stephanie Klemm says:

    Like LaunchHER on Facebook. Stephanie Klemm

  38. Stephanie Klemm says:

    Follow @LaunchHER on Twitter. @momtoemmett

  39. Stephanie Klemm says:

    Follow @LaunchherLAW on Twitter. @momtoemmett

  40. Stephanie Klemm says:

    My toenails are a lime green.

  41. Stephanie Klemm says:
  42. Stephanie Klemm says:

    Follow Jules Cupcakes on twitter. @momtoemmett

  43. Stephanie Klemm says:

    Summer plans include lots of pool time and a trip back home so my grandma can meet her great grandson!

  44. Rachael Buresh says:

    My toes are the fabulous shade of natural:) I do triathlons and cant wear nail polish on my tootsies because my toenails fall off after a competition:( Gross – I know – I so need to be pampered;)

    And as far as a vacation I am gong to take my four sweet little girlies canoeing, mushroom hunting and lemonade making. YUM!

  45. I am now signed up to get LaunchHer Newsletter!!!

  46. I “Liked” you on facebook via Always Just a Mom!

  47. RED of course?!?! Toenails are always really red!

  48. SHared you on my facebook page with link in post!

  49. I “liked” cmh designs shop on etsy and facebook!!!

  50. I follow you on Twitter!

  51. My toenails are bright pink :)

  52. Since I just put in my notice at work ( I plan to spend the summer at the pool with the kiddos and going on adventure/nature hikes…doing all of the things I haven’t had time to do lately!

  53. Jessica Kelehan says:

    Thank you LaunchHER for bringing all these fabulous companies and products to my knowledge! Love what you do!

  54. Ok, I am COMPLETELY bummed I cannot win this. Kripes!

  55. Donna Vande Zande says:

    looking forward to new things. i liked, tweeted and getting the newsletter. Good Luck on your newest endevor. how exciting and thank you for sharing the opportunity for a chance to win just faboulous prizes!

  56. Adriana F says:

    Get the LaunchHER Newsletter

  57. Adriana F says:

    Like LaunchHER on Facebook

  58. Adriana F says:

    Follow @LaunchHER on Twitter

  59. Adriana F says:

    Follow @LaunchherLAW on Twitter

  60. Adriana F says:

    my toenails are painted ruby red

  61. Adriana F says:
  62. Adriana F says:

    follow Polka Dot Skies on twitter

  63. I get the LaunchHER newsletter!

  64. I like LaunchHER on facebook as Kayteedids!

  65. I follow @LaunchHER on Twitter as @KayteedidsShop!

  66. I follow @LaunchherLAW on Twitter as @KayteedidsShop!

  67. My toenails are painted Purple Diamond!

  68. I shared the giveaway link on facebook and linked back to you!

  69. I like Lehla Shop on Facebook!

  70. I follow everyone on Twitter! :)

  71. This summer our house will be on the market and we’re headed to CA for a 2 week vacation to celebrate my little girl turning 2!

  72. I signed up for the newsletter.

  73. I like LaunchHER on FB

  74. Follow @LaunchHER on Twitter @Mammamoiselle

  75. Follow @LaunchHERLAW on Twitter @Mammamoiselle

  76. toenails are painted light lavender color – to match dress for wedding last weekend!

  77. Like Chic Mama on Facebook

  78. Follow Shaggy Baggy on Twitter @Mammamoiselle

  79. I get your newsletter.

  80. I like on FB.

  81. I follow @LaunchHER

  82. I follow @LaunchherLAW

  83. My toenails are bright pink!!

  84. Summer plans? Finish painting our house and teach our 4 year old twins how to read!

  85. So awesome!!! Following on twitter :)

  86. Love love love this website, Love empowering women to do what they love! Creativity, hard work, and lots of love have gotten women all across the globe anywhere and everywhere we want to be in life!

  87. MaryBeth says:

    I subscribed to LaunchHER

  88. MaryBeth says:

    I ‘like’ LaunchHER on FB

  89. MaryBeth says:

    My toenails are painted OPI’s ‘So Hot it Berns’

  90. MaryBeth says:

    I’m now following LaunchHER on Twitter

  91. MaryBeth says:

    Following LaunchHERLaw on Twitter

  92. MaryBeth says:

    No final summer vacay plans yet…took some time off in Aug but haven’t yet decided what to do *sigh*

  93. My summer plans include moving into a new house, traveling to Alaska and to Turkey! Ambitious, possibly nuts, but definitely exciting!

  94. Love shaggy baggy..follow on fb!!
    These bags are so cute I’ve really been wanting one but the small totes sell as fast as posted!!

  95. Tyra Delwiche says:

    Sent over by CupcakeMAG~LOVE the site and would LOVE some swag!!!

  96. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says:

    I like LaunchHER on Facebook

  97. I Like LaunchHER on Facebook

  98. This summer we’ll be going to a family reunion in Michigan to see my side and to Florida to see my hubby’s mom! A great all american vacation schedule :o)

  99. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says:

    Tweet!!/lexiquin/status/70321007000432641 (I clicked your tweet button up at the top–is that sufficient?)

  100. My toes are painted sparkalicious pink (not sure if that’s the real name for them, but that’s what they look like!) :o)

  101. Family vacation to the Outer banks Yeah!!!! Love love love the beach..

  102. Cheyenne says:

    I get the newsletter!

  103. Cheyenne says:

    I like LaunchHER on FB!

  104. Cheyenne says:

    My toes are painted deep red :)

  105. Cheyenne says:

    This summer I’m going to a cattle ranch as part of a family reunion!

  106. My toenails are a metallic purple with pink/purple flowers on my big toes :)

  107. This summer we’re visiting family in Florida and Georgia. I’m so excited!

  108. I shared this contest on my Facebook and also “Like”d your Facebook page. I love all this stuff!

  109. Fan of launchHER on facebook

  110. I like LaunchHER on FB :)

  111. I follow LaunchHER on Twitter :)

  112. I follow LaunchHERLaw on Twitter :)

  113. My pedi is currently cranberry red :)

  114. This summer we’re taking the kids on their first Disney trip! :)

  115. Christina G. says:

    I like LaunchHer on FB as Christina Graham.


  116. Christina G. says:

    I signed up for the newsletter.


  117. Christina G. says:

    Following @Launchher on twitter as gcbabykisses.


  118. Christina G. says:

    Following @LaunchHERlaw on twitter as gcbabykisses.


  119. Christina G. says:

    My poor toenails are not painted :(


  120. Christina G. says:

    My summer plans are to get my house decorated and spend some time with my kids.


  121. Michelle Lynch says:

    I signed up for your newsletter and fan you on fb:) I would love to win this prize! I plan on being quite busy this summer with baby #3 due July, but my two girls will be amazing with him (yes a boy!). This would def be the treat that i need, just for mommy:)

  122. I have signed up for your newsletter.

  123. I posted it on my FB Page at

  124. I do not paint my toenails and I am planning a trip to South Africa just after the summer.

  125. I follow @LaunchHER and @LaunchherLAW on Twitter with @tgbears

  126. I follow @polkadotskies on Twitter

  127. I liked and commented on the link to this Swag Bag

  128. I liked and introduced myself on the wall.

  129. Good Monrning!
    FB and Newsletter…already done… :)
    Pedicure color is Madmoiselle
    Shared swag post with link back to LH
    Already liked Polka dot skies and Lehla shop.
    Summer plans include selling my cakes at 4 Farmers Markets/week , reading the pile of book on my night table that are not related to Marketing… { The Help, Cherries in Winter, Menonite in a little black dress, and oh well one business book…Tony Heish’s book , he is the CEO of Zappos} more time with family and the beach !!!

    Whew…Soo hope I win 😀

  130. Um, yeah, so my toenails are currently *gasp* bare. I know, I know… such a sin. They’ll be prettied up soon. I promise!

  131. Absolutely follow Launch Her on FB!

  132. Yup. Following Launch Her on Twitter too!

  133. My summer plans include getting my own products/website up to LaunchHER worthy status. Well, that and painting my aforementioned toenails. :)

  134. Now a proud follower of LaunchherLaw as well!

  135. I liked BC Designs on FB

  136. My toenails are painted dark pink!

  137. I follow LaunchHER on FB.

  138. Ann Siegel says:

    Great looking items. They are all useful and cute and even look delicious!

  139. I follow on twitter.

  140. My toenails are not painted right now, and I desperately need to find time to fix that!

  141. Summer plans are mostly home based. Hoping the garden I’m babying will grow :-)

  142. I follow @Launchher on Twitter (@tablefor2half)

  143. I follow The Chic Mama on Twitter (@tablefor2half)

  144. My toes are currently super pale pink, but I am feeling the need to amp up with something more punch colored.

  145. Summer plans: preparing for baby #2 arriving this September, writing oodles, getting in some quality beach time.

  146. I subscribed to the newsletter.

  147. Liked Launchher on Facebook

  148. Following Launch Her on twitter

  149. Following Launch Her Law on Twitter

  150. My toenails are midnight blue. 😉

  151. I tweeted it @atutudes

  152. Posted it on Facebook!

  153. This summer I am excited to prepare for the 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Gift Suite with The Artisan Group and GBK Productions. I will be making 100 tutus to gift to the celebrities. I am so excited for that opportunity!

  154. I just signed up for the newsletter :)

  155. LIKED on Facebook!

  156. Following LaunchHER on Twitter!

  157. Following LaunchHERLaw on Twitter!

  158. My toe nails are french tipped right now!

  159. I’m not too picky about what we do this summer, I’ve just made it clear that kayaking will be on the list :)

  160. Eliza Klinger says:

    I like LauncHER on facebook
    FB name Eliza Chadley Labayen Klinger

  161. Eliza Klinger says:

    I got Coral Orange nail polish on my toe nails!

  162. Eliza Klinger says:

    I subscribed to the LauncHER newsletter

  163. Eliza Klinger says:

    I will going crabbing this summer. We will also do clamming,beach combing, playing in the sand and just enjoying the fresh ocean air!!

  164. Eliza Klinger says:

    I follow @launcHER on twitter
    username Chadley4ever

  165. Eliza Klinger says:

    I follow @LauncHERLaw on twitter
    username Chadley4ever

  166. Eliza Klinger says:

    I like attagirl by Kedrin and Jules Cupcakes on facebook (I’ll like them all to show some love)
    Fb name Eliza Chadley Labayen Klinger

  167. Love Love Love this site! I enjoy LaunchHER on facebook and the newsletter!

  168. Eliza Klinger says:

    I like The Chic Mama on twitter
    username Chadley4ever

  169. Eliza Klinger says:

    I tweeted this giveaway and linked it to this post!

  170. Eliza Klinger says:

    I shared this post on facebook and linked it back. I tagged LaunchHER in the post as well.

  171. Kim Malone says:

    My toenails are gray! I mean there not REALLY gray- I painted them gray :)

  172. Kim Malone says:

    I am in love with the SUMMER- I can’t wait! My plans include- going to the beach on vacation for a week, enjoying the sunshine, and the ocean. Enjoying my girls being home from school and doing lots of neats art projects with them, and day trips- and sleeping in :)

  173. My toes are a coral color!

  174. I like @launchHER on twitter!


  175. Candace Binger says:

    LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE and then some! Great stuff!

  176. I liked and followed everything!
    My toenails are a Nars deep purple.
    My summer plans are moving, camping, and making jewelry!

  177. Christine says:

    Love LaunchHer and look forward to looking at the site each day online and via Twitter. Great stuff and I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time visiting the site. Learn something new every day! :)

  178. get the newsletter

    kyfaithw at aol dot com

  179. liked LaunchHER on FB

    kyfaithw at aol dot com

  180. The toenails are, as always, RED

    kyfaithw at aol dot com

  181. Summer

    Taking 2 college classes

    Hilton Head in two weeks

    Daytona Beach in August

    Then classes start in August

  182. follow LaunchHER on twitter

    kyfaithw at aol dot com

  183. I am currently rocking a bright purple polish on my piggies.
    LOVE the FUN colors.

    I have always let my youngest son dictate the color as I went to enjoy a mani pedi and he has great taste.

  184. I follow on twitter as nocnurse12

  185. Follow LaunchHER on Twitter!

  186. Follow LaunchHER LAW on Twitter!

  187. Toes are bright pink for the summer!

  188. My summer plans are to build up inventory to get ready for holiday trunk shows!
    I already took a 2 week vacay this year, so don’t feel bad for me :)

  189. Lani Derrick says:

    I receive the LaunchHER newsletter:)

  190. Lani Derrick says:

    Follow LauncHER on facebook.

  191. Lani Derrick says:

    Follow launcHER on twitter as elledeedesign

  192. Lani Derrick says:

    My toenails are a fun sparkly coral color to ring in summer with:)

  193. Lani Derrick says:

    Summer plans are all about work, oh a a fun float trip for my birthday!!

  194. I just signed up for your LaunchHER newsletter! : )

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )


  195. I am following @LaunchHER on Twitter….username: mamaleahita! : )


  196. I am following @LaunchherLAW on Twitter….username: mamaleahita! : )


  197. I am also following attagirl by Kedrin (@attagirlcrochet) on Twitter….username: mamaleahita! : )


  198. My toenails are brilliantly painted sky blue! : )


  199. My summer plans are more and more magical Pilates and Yoga! : )

    Thanks again for this amazing give~away!


  200. I liked LaunchHer on Facebook!

    This summer I’m getting in shape, growing my web design and branding & identity business to the next level, and starting a etsy shop to display my art prints.

  201. Yep, I am dying over this giveaway with the amazing goodies! Wish me luck :)


  202. I liked LaunchHer on Facebook as Mary Lee!

  203. My toenails are unpainted but buffed to a shine!!!

  204. I plan on helping my son get ready to move away to go to college this summer. :(

  205. I liked them all on Facebook as Mary Lee!

  206. Intertwined says:

    1. I subscribed to the newsletter (under Camille)
    2. I “liked” LaunchHER on Facebook (under Intertwined)
    3. My toenails are lavender.
    4. I “liked” BC Designs on FB
    5. My summer plans are to spend as much time with my children as possible.

    Thank you!

  207. I follow @Launcher on Twitter.

  208. I follow @LaunchHerLaw on Twitter.

  209. I Liked LaunchHer on FB.

  210. I subscribed to the newsletter. :)

  211. My toenails are french pedi.

  212. I like LaunchHER on FB

  213. I follow @LaunchHER on Twitter

  214. I like Shaggy Baggy On FB :)

  215. My toenails are white with black flowers!

  216. I follow Polkadot Skies on Twitter


  217. i follow LaunchHer on twitter!

  218. i like LaunchHer on facebook :)

  219. i already get the newsletter!

  220. my toenails are a peachy orange :)

  221. i follow @simaGilady and @attagirl on twitter!

  222. i follow @launchherlaw

  223. summer plans……i am taking 2 summer classes so there will be lots of reading and studying! i will continue to make jewelry and belt buckles. hopefully my etsy shop will be up soon!

  224. stephanie miller says:

    im a subscriber to your newsletter, steph at

  225. cranepuffin says:

    All I can say is “wow” – I am impressed and wowed by these women owned businesses!

  226. cranepuffin says:

    I follow you on FB – I’m Kim Howman Crane.

  227. cranepuffin says:

    I follow you on Twitter. I’m @cranepuffin.

  228. cranepuffin says:

    Summer plans – Well, I have a new kindle and it is loaded with tons of new books so I have a feeling I’ll be sitting on my butt, sometimes in the sun, and doing lots of reading.

  229. I am a subscriber of LaunchHER via Email

  230. My toe nails painted chipped off red nail polish

  231. I would totally use all of those since I am a huge huge beauty and fashion junkie

  232. Some I would just give as a gift

  233. I wish I could have a champange with you

  234. My summer would be going to DC for conference for work. Looking forward to it! Never been there before. I’m from Hawaii.

  235. Rachel Shaw says:

    My toe are painted passion orange!~ I love LaunchHer!

  236. chelsey Nell says:

    I am so inspired by these female entrepreneurs and I think it’s awesome that LaunchHer has helped to increase their exposure. The items featured are fabulous!

  237. From purses to cheesecakes…you have me dreaming.

  238. I’d love to win the diaper bag. Baby due Sept 2!!!

  239. I am already a follower of LaunchHer on Twitter.

  240. I am also a follower of LaunchHerLaw on Twitter

  241. toes are pink of course 😉 awesome giveaway!!! already a fb follower!!

  242. Claudia Watson says:

    My toenails are painted a beautiful shade called “Java Mauve-A”.

  243. cranepuffin says:

    I get the LaunchHer newsletter

  244. cranepuffin says:

    I like LaunchHer on FB – I’m Kim Howman Crane.

  245. cranepuffin says:

    I follow @LaunchHer on twitter – I’m @cranepuffin.

  246. cranepuffin says:

    I follow @LaunchherLaw on twitter – I’m @cranepuffin.

  247. cranepuffin says:

    My toenails are painted an orangey red by Opi but I don’t know it’s fancy name!

  248. cranepuffin says:
  249. cranepuffin says:
  250. cranepuffin says:

    I’m following BC Designs on FB – I’m Kim Howman Crane there!

  251. cranepuffin says:

    I’m following @BC_Designs_Inc on Twitter – I’m @cranepuffin.

  252. cranepuffin says:

    I just ordered a ton of books for my Kindle & I have my fingers crossed that it will be warm enough to lounge & read outside this summer!

  253. Turi Clough says:

    I liked LaunchHer on facebook!!!

  254. Turi Clough says:

    My toenails are usually pink or red but this time my two year old daughter wanted me to paint her toenails coral/orange and she insisted that mine match…she said “we’re twins mommy” made my day!!!!!

  255. Turi Clough says:

    I liked Lehla Shop on facebook:))

  256. Turi Clough says:

    My summer plans involve having a BABY…due in July and i can’t wait!!! Another beautiful baby girl!!!!

  257. Samantha Hyde says:

    Got the newsletter!

  258. Samantha Hyde says:

    Liked on Facebook! :)

  259. Samantha Hyde says:

    Followed both twitter accounts :)

  260. Samantha Hyde says:

    My toenails are nude 😉 living free, lol!

  261. Samantha Hyde says:

    My summer plans include traveling to Ecuador for a mission trip, hopefully going to Nashville for a long weekend, and heading to Maryland for a praise and worship conference :)

  262. Courtney Shapiro says:

    Summer Plans: Working, Finishing Grad School, and most importantly spending time with my little girls!

  263. I subscribed to your newsletter!

  264. I follow on Twitter!

  265. Right now my nails are bright red!

  266. How incredibly cool is this site!! Thanks to all of you for this awesome giveaway!!

  267. my toenails are painted pink….i’ve got a shabby (not so much chic) look goin on though….totally time for a pedi!

  268. summer plans are working….doesnt sound exciting, but when you’re doing what you love it’s a blast to work everyday!!

  269. I like LH on fb =)

  270. I subscribed to your newsletter

  271. I like Jules Cupcakes on FB….and am in LOVE with her boxes!!

  272. I subscribe to the newsletter!

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  273. I ‘like’ LaunchHer on Facebook

  274. I follow LaunchHER on Twitter

  275. Like LaunchHER on Facebook

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  276. Follow @LaunchHER on Twitter

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney@ gmail. com

  277. I follow LaunchHERLaw on Twitter

  278. My toenails are painted pink and badly in need of a re-paint.

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  279. My summer plans are vacationing in Siesta Key Florida in June, vacationing in Rhode Island in August, and working on some simple sewing projects.

  280. My toenails are painted with OPI’s Teenage Dream glitter nail polish.

  281. Tweet about LaunchHER {swag} including a link to this feature!!/Homemaker_Honey/status/73392511896391680

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  282. Share the LaunchHER {swag} link on Facebook

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  283. Book to read…check out my book review post:

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  284. I am sporting a hot pink nail polish on my tootsies

  285. I liked launch her on FB

  286. My vacation plans are to bring the children to Sesame Place in July and camp in August. I would also like to advance my shop sales this summe and get prepared for the holiday season.

  287. I receive the newsletter!

  288. my nails are painted clear!

  289. I like you on facebook! (personal and my fan page)

  290. I like attagirl on facebook(I love love love that hat!)

  291. this summer starts with a trip to florida this weekend for my brothers wedding, then this july I’m going to go back to the state of washington where I’m from to visit my family for a week or two!

  292. I subscribe to your newsletter!

  293. I ‘like’ LaunchHer on Facebook.

  294. 1. Already receive the LaunchHER Newsletter, love it 😉
    2. Will like LaunchHER on Facebook later this evening
    3. Hang on your every tweet @LaunchHER on Twitter (I’m @NikkiGroom)
    4. Will follow @LaunchherLAW on Twitter now…
    5. My toenails are painted bright, bold PINK, sweetie!!
    6. I will retweet about LaunchHER {swag} including a link to this feature now… although I would love it for myself!! 😉 Hey, just being honest, ladies :)
    7. See #2
    8. See #2!
    9. I’m going to follow ALL the featured {swag} brands on Twitter – how about that? 😉
    10. Summer plans are… lots of beach time… boating… Cape Cod… Block Island… Martha’s Vineyard… Florida… England for my school friend’s wedding… playing frisbee with my Schnoodle (Poodle/Schnauzer mix – he’s adorable!)… quality time with my man… getting my blog / brand up and running FINALLY… getting ship-shape with plenty of exercise (kickboxing, yoga, running, cycling, swimming)… I am SO ready for summer already!!

    ~Nikki G

    <3 xoxoxo <3 xoxoxox <3

  295. I have almost all of them done! My toenails are painted Steel Grey. I am off to go like some of these fabulous brands on facebook! Swag bag here I come!!!

  296. Katie W. says:

    I’m a new fan via the TomKat Studio and have signed up for the newsletter!

  297. Katie W. says:

    i’m following LaunchHER on Twitter

  298. Katie W. says:

    I’m a new fan on Facebook, too!

  299. Katie W. says:

    My toes are painted in “Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ” by OPI

  300. Katie W. says:

    Summer plans include Greece for my 10 year anniversary.

  301. I receive the newsletter!

  302. I Like LaunchHER on facebook!

  303. I am following LaunchHer on twitter

  304. I am following LaunchHer Law on twitter

  305. Bridget says:

    I signed up for the LaunchHer Newsletter

  306. I liked atta girl on facebook along with most of the others too!

  307. I followed attagirl on twitter!

  308. Tweeted about {swag}!/RelicCharm

    (I dont understand how twitter works yet…)

  309. My summer plans are to get my wholesale line together and Launch it either in the Fall or if it is ready the sooner the better!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed!!

    Thanks LaunchHer!

  310. Becky T. says:

    I get the newsletter!

  311. Becky T. says:

    I like you on FB!

  312. Becky T. says:

    I follow @LaunchHer!

  313. Becky T. says:

    And @LaunchherLAW!

  314. My toenails are currently painted Essie’s Ballet Slippers. Last week they were Essie for JCrew in Peep Show. They’re getting a fresh coat of something else tonight. I like to change things up!

  315. I was lucky enough to spend last week sitting under an umbrella on the beach, reading a book. (It’s hot enough to be summer in the south already!) The rest of the summer? Movies, Swimming, Reading, Time with Friends, and trying to stay cool!

  316. cranepuffin says:
  317. Oooh ! I would so love to have the SWAG bag!!! So many great items!
    I just liked on facebook!!!

  318. I already follow LaunchHer on Twitter!!!! woohoo!!!

  319. Email newsletter subscriber!

  320. Like LaunchHer on facebook!

  321. Follow LaunchHer on Twitter!!

  322. Follow LaunchHerLAW on Twitter!

  323. My toenails are painted a very pretty {yet very chipped!} deep shimmery red color :)

  324. Shared the link of fb,

    Love it!!

  325. I “liked” the Crimson Poppy on fb under my Sunshine and Sippy Cups page, and will be giving them a shout out this morning to try and get them a few new fans :)

  326. This is the cutest giveaway ever! I followed @launchher on Twitter! :)

  327. Follow Attagirl on Twitter now!

  328. And now I’m signed up for the newsletter! :)

  329. And I liked you on Facebook (I’m definitely maxing out my entries for all this good stuff!).

  330. Followed LaunchherLAW – which, as a law school wife, I think is a fantastic idea.

  331. Melanie L says:

    I Get the LaunchHER Newsletter

  332. Summer vacation plans…. Well, last summer I had my first baby, and then my employer let me go before I could return from maternity leave :( So far, that has been a blessing in disguise… While I look for something new and better, I get to stay home with my little girl and take care of my two nephews {4 and 7}. We moved in to a new house this winter, and are getting ready to open up the new in-ground pool soon…. Which is awesome since it’s too much work for us to leave the house much! Lol.

    So my summer will be throwing parties, pool and patio, and the best tan I’ve had in YEARS :)

  333. Melanie L says:

    I Like LaunchHER on Facebook (melanie lintn….)

  334. Thanks so much for the giveaway/Love your site

  335. I had red toenail polish on earlier this week, but right now I’m just using a clear coat until I have time to schedule a new pedicure.

  336. Melanie L says:

    My toenails are RED!

  337. Melanie L says:

    My summer plans are going to Hawii in July with my husband and 3 year old! :)

  338. Melanie L says:

    My summer plans are going to Hawaii in July with my husband and 3 year old! :)

  339. This summer, I’m planning on sitting out in the sun and getting a tan, watching some baseball games and working on a novel.

    And I’m sure I’ll find some time for patio chats with friends in between all that! :)

  340. I plan on spending as much time as possible with my kids… they are growing up way to fast for my liking :)

    I follow you on FB :)
    thanks so much to all of the sponsors who are adding their products to the awesome swag bag, I would love to get ANY of these!

    good luck ladies!!!!!!

  341. Getting the Newsletter

  342. Liked Lehla Shop on Facebook – love those blooms – so cute!

  343. “Like” LaunchHER on Facebook

  344. Following @LaunchHER on Twitter

  345. Following @LaunchherLAW on Twitter

  346. I follow LaunchHer on Twitter

  347. I follow @LaunchHerLAW on Twitter

  348. I just followed @LaunchHer! :)

  349. Share what color your toenails are painted.
    Light Pink

  350. My toenails are black raspberry

  351. Followed @LaunchHerLaw as well!

  352. I ‘like’ LaunchHer on facebook

  353. Just followed @thecrimsonpoppy on Twitter from my @lgllymarried account! :)

  354. Summer Plans are to visit my oldest, when her Ship returns from Duty. =)

  355. This is a fantastic giveaway! And what’s more fantastic is the efforts Launchher is making to help female entrepreneurs! My sister and I have a dream to someday start an Indian fusion clothing store. Someday :) Now I know who to call when I have the business plan ready.

  356. My toenails are this awesome magenta/purple color. I got the polish from Delia’s on a whim and it turned out to be FANTASTIC. Plus, I have mocha colored skin, and the color goes really well with my skin tone.

  357. Since this is the last summer my ‘baby’ is home before going off to college, there will be MANY cook-outs at the beach, much shopping to be done for his dorm, and to restock my daughter’s dorm, and hopefully many great memories.

  358. Last one (I figured you’d need an individual comment for each entry – sorry if I was supposed to consolidate!). My summer plans include reading (LOTS of reading!), blogging at my fashion blog (linked), blogging about the books I’m reading at my book blog and GoodReads, painting, riding my bicycle, and drawing.

  359. Peggy Knoblauch says:

    This summer is spending time with family outside. Love your site.. I am a fan..

  360. Had so much fun entering this giveaway…great finds

    Like LaunchHer on facebook

  361. Follow Launch Her on twitter!!

  362. Follow LaunchHerLaw on twitter

  363. Receive the LaunchHer Newsletter….(that’s how I knew to get entered)

  364. My toes are painted purple!!!! :-)

  365. Like PolkaDotSkies on facebook
    {swag} sponsor

  366. I plan to spend time with the love of my life this summer :) I’m getting married!!

  367. Like PolkaDotSkies on facebook
    {swag} sponsor

  368. Like Chic Mama Diaper Cakes on facebook
    {swag} sponsor

  369. Like Chic Mama Diaper Cakes on facebook
    {swag} sponsor

  370. Follow TheChicMama on twitter
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  371. Follow PolkaDotSkies on twitter
    {swag} sponsor


  372. Theresa Long says:

    Sunshine and Sippy Cups sent me over and have “liked’ your Facebook page. Great to see you supporting Woman owned businesses.

  373. gina sandoval says:

    I’m a follower now!

  374. gina sandoval says:

    i “liked” lauchHer on fb

  375. gina sandoval says:

    My nails are red always!

  376. gina sandoval says:

    Relax with the family and try to finish all the books I’ve started the last couple months lol.

  377. jodi zimmerman says:

    I signed up for the LaunchHer newsletter

  378. jodi zimmerman says:

    I like LaunchHer on fb as Jodi B Zimmerman Schoof

  379. jodi zimmerman says:

    I follow LaunchHer on twitter as hippiechickmom

  380. jodi zimmerman says:

    I follow LaunchherLaw on twitter as hippiechickmom

  381. jodi zimmerman says:

    My toenails are painted bright blue!

  382. jodi zimmerman says:

    I like attagirl on fb as jodi b zimmerman schoof

  383. jodi zimmerman says:

    I follow attagirl on twitter as hippiechickmom

  384. jodi zimmerman says:

    My summer is gonna be a tough one this year…I am 7 months pregnant right now..due August 23! Takin it easy!!

  385. jodi zimmerman says:

    I am 7 months pregnant right now…due August 23! Gonna just take it easy n go camping

  386. My toenails are almost always painted some variation of bright pink or red!

  387. Valerie Peace says:

    I got the newsletter <3

  388. Valerie Peace says:

    Like LaunchHER on Facebook <3

  389. Valerie Peace says:

    Follow @LaunchHER on Twitter <3

  390. Valerie Peace says:

    Follow @LaunchherLAW on Twitter <3

  391. Valerie Peace says:

    Share what color your toenails are painted.

    Jubilant by Barielle <3

  392. Valerie Peace says:

    Tell us what your summer plans are…vacations, books to be read, cooking classes, whatever

    Summer is super hot here in South Texas so the summer will be spent at the pool, lake and maybe the beach. <3

  393. I liked Polka Dot Skies on fb!

  394. Melanie Morin says:

    Newsletter subscriber

  395. Sharon Heddle says:

    I just signed up for the LaunchHer newsletter and I cannot wait to win this swag!

  396. Sharon Heddle says:

    I like LaunchHER on Facebook!

  397. Sharon Heddle says:

    My toe nails are unpainted – maybe they will be red when the summer gets here.

  398. Sharon Heddle says:

    Follow @LaunchHER on Twitter
    I am following

  399. Sharon Heddle says:

    Follow @LaunchherLAW on Twitter
    I am following

  400. Sharon Heddle says:

    I like the Shaggy Baggy Facebook page

  401. Sharon Heddle says:

    I am taking the summer off and spending it with my grandchildren!

  402. Sharon Heddle says:

    I did share the LaunchHER facebook page on my page but don’t know how to link it to here or what you even mean by that so please either take my word for it or checkout my facebook page and you will see that I did it.

  403. I signed up to get the Newsletter

  404. I liked you on facebook!

  405. I follow you on Twitter

  406. I would enter to win this JUST for the diaper bag -adore! I follow on Facebook!

  407. I have French pedi on toenails

  408. Summer plans include spending time with sons before life takes over and they are no longer home to enjoy almost everyday!

  409. My toenails are painted in OPI’s “The Show Must Go On” it! Thanks for asking 😉

  410. My summer plans are to paint our nursery, relax in the pool, stay in the AC and eat some ice cream. To name just a few 😉

  411. Congratulations on 100 launches! I’m proud to have been one of them!!! :) What a great giveaway.

    My toe nails are au naturale! My summer plans are relaxing, enjoying the beautiful weather and going to a few outdoor concerts at Red Rocks.

    Here’s to a 100 more launches! Cheers!

    The Spotted Olive

  412. I’m a follower on twitter! =)

  413. Adrienne Lenz says:

    I am signed up for the newsletter :)

  414. Adrienne Lenz says:

    follow on twitter


  415. My summer plans is to take it easy and spend lots of time at the pool with my two girls!

  416. Lizette French says:

    my toenails are painted cobalt blue

  417. Lizette French says:

    in the summer we are going to Queensland, Australia, to sit on the beach and take the kids to the theme parks- wet n wild and movie world

  418. Tyra Delwiche says:

    Toenails are painted copper right now, and my summer vacation plans are with my family moving into our first home in a new state!

  419. Peggy Cannon-Knoblauch says:

    My toe-nails are painted clear
    My summer is spending time with all my family

  420. Claudia Watson says:

    We’re going to Atlanta for volleyball and Tennessee for crew this summer.

  421. I love this site, I hope to create some awsome new pendents this summer and read some good books.

  422. Melanie Morin says:

    Like LaunchHER on Facebook

  423. I shared this site on facebook so all my friends can see it.

  424. I Get the LaunchHER Newsletter

  425. I Like LaunchHER on Facebook

  426. I Follow @LaunchHER on Twitter

  427. I Follow @LaunchherLAW on Twitter

  428. My toenails are painted red, but chipping and kinda sad right now

  429. Summer plans include the beach!

  430. I just signed up for your newsletter! Excited to see it!

  431. I like Jules cupcake on fb

  432. I now follow @attagirlcrochet on twitter

  433. Rachel H. says:

    I like LaunchHER on Facebook!

  434. Jenna K says:

    hey @launchherlaw–I’m following you now!

  435. Rachel H. says:

    My toenails are painted pink :)

  436. Rachel H. says:

    and my summer plans are to play with baby at the park, and get some quality time with hubby :)

  437. Does it count that I already liked you on FB? 😉

  438. My toes are Atelier Tulle by China Glaze. I’m lazy, so they’ll be Atelier Tulle for quite some time.

  439. Just shared LaunchHER on FB@!

  440. I just liked Chic Mama Diaper Cakes on FB. LOVE it!

  441. Andrea Goins says:

    I follow on Facebook!

  442. I promise you this is my last entry! :)
    My summer plans include a little vacation to Duluth with my husband & daughters, sports camps, art camps, zoo camps, science classes, play dates, and lazy days NOT homeschooling!
    Congrats on your 100th launch! You’re doing an amazing job!

  443. Andrea Goins says:

    I follow LaunchHer on Twitter!

  444. Andrea Goins says:

    I follow LaunchherLAW on Twitter!

  445. Andrea Goins says:

    My toenails are metallic blue right now 😉

  446. Andrea Goins says:
  447. Thrilled to have just signed up for your newsletters!!!!

  448. Andrea Goins says:

    I liked “Shaggy Baggy” on Facebook!

  449. Andrea Goins says:

    I follow Shaggy Baggy on Twitter!

  450. I “Like” you on FB!!!!

  451. Andrea Goins says:

    My summer plans include lots of home decorating projects, gardening and reading some great new books!

  452. Andrea Goins says:

    I signed up for the Newsletter!

  453. I’m following @LaunchHER on Twitter (@ danalynne719)

  454. Following @LaunchherLAW on Twitter, too!

  455. My toenails are painted glittery pink (a la Wet n’ Wild)

  456. “Liked” attagirl, chic mama, and lehla shop on FB!!!!

  457. following attagirl on Twitter!!!

  458. summer plans: do my best to retain some sense of sanity as my kids do their best to try my patience…LOL nah, all kidding aside: enjoy the fact that my kids are getting to ages where they enjoy each other’s company; take them to some new places, try some fun science experiments with them, go to the library at least 3 or 4 times/week (hey, it’s Texas, and the goal is to stay INSIDE in the crazy heat!)…for myself, i want to really work on building inventory and getting ahead of the game as far as making creations to sell for the Fall/Winter holidays, so that i’m not goin’ crazy when they roll around!!! :))))

  459. My toenails are PINK!

    Love the blog!

  460. So I celebrated the end of a crazy work week with lovely new blue/torquise toenails. I wanted something sassy. As for my summer, I am looking forward to spending it with my 9 month and hubby. Our first summer as a family.

  461. Sitting here in my bright red toe nails, it would be an honor to win all this fun stuff from such inspirational women! Yahoo!

  462. I’m a liker on Facebook!

  463. I’m a follower(@krobertsonnotar) of @launchher

  464. I’m loving following @launchherlaw!

  465. I’m now a liker of Chic Mama on FB!

  466. My summer plans are to keep up with my kiddos schedules! Between two careers, two kids, and two pets it’s all I can do to just keep up. If I ever do get caught up we’ll take a few weekend getaways to Northern Michigan and camping.

  467. I love LaunchHer and am a newbie! Can’t wait to buy some headbands for my girls from Flowers from Fatima! And my toes are painted Lincoln Park After Dark!

  468. Jessica Evans says:

    following launch her on fb

  469. Jennifer Glazer says:

    What a great idea. I signed up to follow your newsletter.

  470. Jessica Evans says:

    my toes are an OPI Texas color – something about big hair in texas – orangish color

  471. Jessica Evans says:

    planning a summer spending time with my little ones and hopefully getting some things done around the house – nothing big but perfect for me!

  472. Jennifer Glazer says:

    And now I like, nay adore, you on facebook.

  473. Am now following on twitter.

  474. I’m following @launchherLAW on twitter.

  475. My toenails are painted Sparrow Me The Drama (pinkish).

  476. Come Labor Day, I’m usually like “where did the summer go?” (just like every other year). I’d like to make this one count.
    –I hope to re-do as much of my apartment as I can. I’m tired of the boring white and it needs an injection of fun.
    –To chill with my kidlets and best friend. Need to do this as much as possible before they get too old and things get hectic.
    –I’d like to soak in the ocean at least once.

  477. Following BC Designs on Twitter.

  478. liked lehla shop on FB.

  479. Melanie Morin says:

    My toenails are not painted at the moment :(

  480. carrie r. says:

    My toenails are not painted. I am too pregnant to reach them.


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