Freshly Launched :: Cubit’s Organic on Etsy

Freshly Launched :: Cubit’s Organic

Launched :: Laura Watt

LaunchHER says :: After watching Laura’s video, we instantly knew that she was passionate about running her own business, and promoting local, organic produce.  Whether or not you have a green thumb, you will absolutely appreciate her inspiring entrepreneurial spirit!

In HER words :: I’m Laura Watt & I sell high quality rare, heirloom, and organically grown seeds for growing edibles in my Etsy shop and at local events under the name Cubit’s.  We are named for a Toronto area market farmer who’s land I grew up on.

Cubit's Organics

Cubit’s began after some job loss related soul searching.  A trip through Europe watching the kitchen gardens go past on the train made me realize what my real interests were and solidified the fact that I would not be looking for a job when I returned but officially stating my own business.

Cubit's Tomato

I believe that everyone can grow their own delicious organic produce no matter where they live and love helping new gardeners discover the satisfaction of growing their own delicious food.  We have a special interest in urban gardening and local food.

Cubit's Organic Seeds

I have a background in the arts, namely printmaking, and a long-standing interest in urban vegetable gardening. After having difficulty sourcing varieties that were organic, in reasonable quantities for the home gardener, and the interesting heirlooms I wanted I decided to start sharing what I found and grew with others.

Cubit's Organic Carrots

I work at home with my toddler daughter and blog about gardening, cooking with local ingredients and our overly photographed life. My Husband, Ryan helps out with much of the package design and camera troubleshooting.  We are joined by a big white dog & two naughty kittens who have declared war on my garden and I am rarely with out my camera.

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Coupon code LAUNCHHER10 will take 10% off your order in my shop, because even women in the start up phase of business can grow a few veggies. exp Dec31st, 2011

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New to LaunchHER :: Stacie Shea Events

New Sponsor :: Stacie Shea Events

Welcome :: Stacie Shea

LaunchHER says ::  We simply love a great gathering, and with Stacie’s style, your event is sure to be one that’s remembered for years.  Stacie Shea Eventsruns the gambit from professional events & weddings, to kids’ birthday parties.  It’s not just about the beautiful aesthetic that {sse} provides, it’s about being able to relax and enjoy your own event as a guest.  

Stacie Shea Events

We love to admire the {sse} attention to detail though the pictures on her website!  The gallery of photos really tell the story of stunning tablescapes, couture touches, and cohesive, yet unobtrusive, themes.

Stacie Shea Events

Having an event planner doesn’t have to cost extra as Stacie points out, an event planner will “save you money through their network of contacts in the industry” and “work with you to plan your event within your budget.”  Not to mention the fact that it removes the stress for you so you can focus on other important aspects, which is priceless.

Stacie Shea Events

In HER words ::   Stacie Shea grew up a Midwest Gal and is Type-A through and through. Stacie lives for the simple pleasures in life like bakery frosting, chocolate, and a good glass of wine. From a young age Stacie has loved planning events and parties. She has a passion for setting a beautiful table and executing a creative and unique event. Stacie believes all events should be different, and that the details are truly what distinguish one wedding from another.

Stacie Shea

Stacie currently owns Stacie Shea Events based out of Greenwich, CT. Stacie Shea Events was created out of a love for parties, even more than the things, the people who are part of them. She continues to give back to the community by volunteering for the Make-A-Wish Celebrating Wishes Gala in CT as well as works on the Event Committee for the Wish-Upon-A-Wedding NJ/CT/NYC Chapter.

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{event pictures courtesy of Meg Baisden Photography}

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Freshly Launched :: Elephant’s Trunk on Etsy

Freshly Launched :: Elephant’s Trunk

Launched :: Lauren Bird

LaunchHER says :: We love the pops of color on Lauren’s site, and love her affinity for wine too.  Elephant’s Trunk has really fun wall art too!

Elephant's Trunk

In HER words :: Growing up on a rainy day with nothing to do my sister and I always dug through my Mom’s craft trunk to find out what kinds of pipe cleaners, pom-poms, sequins, felt or other items we could put together to keep us busy for an afternoon. The trunk became a place of stimulation and entertainment for my sister and me. Thus when I decided to create my own business it was an easy transition to draw inspiration from this special place of my childhood, that trunk. Elephant’s as many of you know are a sign of luck, so I plopped the sign of luck in front of my inspiration and the Elephant’s Trunk was born.

Lauren Bird of Elephant's Trunk on Etsy

The Elephant’s Trunk is a little bit of handmade wine accessories and a dash of creative canvases. Finding inspiration for products comes from everywhere and anywhere, from current events to a unique magazine or an inspirational quote. These are the things that stimulate me to create.

Elephant's Trunk on Etsy

One of my favorite things about my business is special orders. Designing unique pieces catered to a customer’s specific needs is the best kind of interaction I could ever ask for with customers.

Elephant's Trunk on Etsy

The Elephant’s Trunk has allowed me to take a variety of creative ideas from the back of my head and place them into physical form. I couldn’t be happier. I can only hope my customers experience this spirit of enthusiasm when they sample the Elephant’s Trunk.

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Use “Summer20” for 20% off your Elephant’s Trunk.

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Freshly Launched :: Social Couture

Freshly Launched :: Social Couture

Launched ::  Lisa Cabanes

LaunchHER Says ::  Lisa from Social Couture puts the party look together, and then you can purchase all of the decor yourself to re-create it!  This is an amazingly easy way to throw a super glam party, but also keep to your budget. 

In HER words :: 

“Whether your style is traditional or modern or whether your guests are young or old, our products and services will simplify the way you entertain.”

I started my career as a financial consultant with Merrill Lynch because I loved the idea of working with people and helping them achieve their goal towards financial freedom; while I had forged many business skills which have helped me in my business life today I always had this vision that I would turn my passion for entertaining into a real business. So after I moved home to San Francisco I decided to explore this idea further and from the ashes of the dot com boom Social Couture was born.

As the founder of Social Couture, the one stop shop for all of your entertaining needs, I started this company because I loved to entertain and I wanted to help people throw festive parties but without all the stress.  So, I thought if I could provide all the components needed to plan, organize and carry out a successful “no stress” event then being the ‘hostess with the mostess’ would never be easier or more affordable.  My idea was to create a party in a box where the art of throwing a party would be as simple as point and click.

Social Couture provides imaginative party decorations and inspired themed parties complete with decor to centerpieces to napkins and plates in an effort to simplify and elevate the way our customer’s entertain.  We really just wanted our customers to only have to consider one thing:  their occasion.   The contents of the prepackaged box, delivered to the doorstep, can easily be blended into our customer’s style, dining rooms, menu choices and lives.  In an effort to further offer simplicity and choice to our customers, we also offer a wide variety of other high end party supply products from lighting and votives to unique entertaining products.  The goal of Social Couture is to be the one stop party store for the modern and upwardly mobile, on-line consumer.

Social Couture is based entirely on the understanding that with elegance and simplicity our customers will honor and welcome their family and friends.

We are dedicated to providing our customers a superior level of service. 

Just for LaunchHER Readers :: Exclusive Discount Code for Freshly Launched Readers, 15% off ALL products, Couture Code:  LAUNCH (expires July 21st, 2011)

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LaunchHER Scoop :: Picture This! 10 Tips for Sharing Engaging Pictures

LaunchHER Scoop :: Picture This!

10 Tips for Sharing Engaging Pictures

By Tracy Corcoran, Creative Marketing & Development at LaunchHER

Are you using pictures to connect with your customers on a regular basis?  Here are some tips to get your started if you are new to uploading pictures, or if you just want to “up” your social media game!

  1. Invest in a phone with a decent camera phone – sorry, but the traditional Blackberry doesn’t really cut it.  Droids and iPhones will give you the best picture quality from a phone.
  2. Take several shots until you get the right one – pictures from camera phones tend to come out blurry if you are not holding it very still, so take a few and only upload the best one.
  3. Natural lighting is best – the same rule applies for taking pictures with your regular camera or camera phone.  The more natural light, the better the picture. 
  4. Take an interesting shot – pictures don’t always have to be  straight on.  Take a close up of a unique detail of the product, or of the product in it’s “natural” setting.
  5. Smile – remember, you can upload picture of yourself too!  People love to see a glimpse of the face behind the brand, but don’t do it all the time or you may come across as a tad bit self-absorbed.  It’s important not to distract from your product or turn people off.
  6. Personal pictures – same rule as above!  It is wonderful to occasionally add a picture of your family, pet, or bff, but keep it professional, or you risk it being a distraction.  Take a note from Megan and Gregg Deal, the husband & wife team behind Modern Bird Studios and now ModTots.  While on a family vacation, they did a “vacation photo of the day” to post on Twitter.  It was absolutely endearing, without getting annoying. Perfect-o!
  7.  Let the picture speak for itself – just add a short caption when you upload the picture, save the long explanation for a blog post. 
  8. Upload to Twitter AND Facebook!
  9. Keep ’em guessing – add a caption that makes people curious and want to click to see what the picture is. 
  10.  Have fun! Pictures are a fun way to engage with your fans, and you can have fun while keeping it professional.

Trying out these tips?  While you’re at it…tweet us a picture!

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Freshly Launched :: Poppy Row on Etsy

Freshly Launched ::  Poppy Row

Launched ::  Britt & Sandy

LaunchHER says ::  The epitome of classic beauty, and the romance of days gone by.  Poppy Row makes hair accessories for girls and women that will definitely give you that “wow” factor!

In HER words ::  Poppy Row is a family business, run by Britt and her mother Sandy.

We have been selling our colorful handmade floral headbands and hats for babies, women and children since the summer of 2010. Together, we each bring a little of our personal style to our products- designs which combine the best of thoughtful construction and spontaneous beauty!

Our accessories are sophisticated and novel, created for the satisfaction and pleasure of the confident lady whether she’s 1 or 100, crafted with a delicious mix of difference and vintage charm. When we begin designing, we are attracted to fresh combinations of color, shape and fabric texture. We often think back to the bold, luxurious, feminine designs of the Roaring 20s, and to the bright, charming, joy-inspiring accessories of the 1960s.

We take great pride in our work, and know that you’ll love how that pride shows in our products. We are proud always to pay loving attention to every detail, from the specific combination of blooms and rhinestones to the soft organic comfort of headband edges.

Our products are inspired by the fashion sense and confident beauty of our daughters, sisters and friends, and we hope they will bring the same joy to you, our customers, too.

Just for LaunchHER readers ::  Use coupon code LAUNCHHER for free shipping {us addresses only} until June 30th, 2011.

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Freshly Launched :: Waiting on Martha

Freshly Launched :: Waiting on Martha

Launched :: Mandy Kellogg Rye

LaunchHER says ::  We can’t get enough of Mandy’s style and charm…oh, and her jewelry is amazing too. 😉  Mandy’s {freshly launched} submission was so heartfelt; we knew right away that Waiting on Martha would be a huge hit!  Enjoy and don’t forget to shop at Waiting On Martha with a discount just for LaunchHER readers.

In HER words :: “A year from now you will wish you had started today.”  As I read those words over and over again I was haunted by the simple truth of them.  And so from a Karen Lamb quote Waiting on Martha was born. 

My signature jewelry style is a combination of semi-precious gemstone bracelets accented with Swarovski rhinestones and charms, mixed and stacked together…the more bracelets the better!  As well as longer beaded boho-chic necklaces and earrings.  The look should appear effortless, though we know nothing stylish is truly ever effortless.  I also stand behind a couple of key principles; I don’t create anything I wouldn’t wear myself, and every piece must be on-trend and reasonably priced.  This never rang more true than when I was strolling through Neiman Marcus and saw one of my bracelets for sale.  Well not my bracelet per se, but identical to ones I create minus the $450 price tag!  My jaw dropped, since when should a bracelet not dripping with diamonds cost $450?! 

Waiting on Martha is truly a labor of love.  Everything from the design, creation, branding, photos, packaging, and hours logged on social media is all done by me…and my husband when I compensate him with tickets to the Chicago Cubs.  In the near future I plan to launch my earring and ring line followed by Waiting on Martha Home which will feature handmade goods such as soy candles, serving trays, and edible goodies.

As I sit here and write this bio dreaming of what Waiting on Martha will become I’m struck by the support of people I’ve never even met!  The LaunchHer team, my Twitter family, and the new customers who have believed enough to buy my jewelry.  I am humbled and thank you all for the love!  XOXO – Mandy Kellogg Rye, aka Waiting on Martha

Just for LaunchHER readers :: 15% off through July 5th, 2011 with code: LAUNCHHER

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LaunchHER Scoop :: PROS & CONS of Closing Your Handmade Shop for Summer

LaunchHER Scoop :: PROS & CONS of Closing Your Handmade Shop for Summer

By Tracy Corcoran, LaunchHER Creative Marketing & Development

I was just telling my husband last night at the dinner table, “it’s going to be the 4th of July before we know it!”  Summer hasn’t even started, but I am already watching the calendar fill up…it’s inevitable, it will fly by in a blink just like every summer before.  Some handmade sellers choose to close or dramatically decrease their inventory during the summer months.  Is this right for your shop?  Before you decide, here are a few pros and cons:

Pros ::

  • More time to spend with family and friends!  Let’s face it, connecting with the ones we love is the best part about summer!
  • A break often gets your creative spirit a much needed respite.  Even the MOST creative people can feel burnt out or in a rut.  Having time to think, draw, sketch, or get outdoors will no doubt bring about inspiration for new or improved products.
  • You can focus on other aspects of your business if you are not investing as much time into making products.  Summer is a great time to catch up on all of the LaunchHER Law posts you’ve been meaning to read, or other articles that will benefit your brand’s growth.

Cons ::

  • Shoppers want to buy all summer long.  Of course, it goes without saying that shoppers are still buying during the summer months, so you run the risk of them buying from a competitor.
  • Losing momentum.  We all spend a lot of time and energy promoting our businesses on social media sites, and if you are not keeping that up while your shop is closed, you will lose some traction with your existing fans.
  • Summer has LOTS of unique opportunities to promote…weddings, 4th of July, baby showers, vacations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.  Your handmade business will miss out on the chance to promote your items for these important {shopping} events.

Amy, owner of Tiny Giraffe Shop {freshly launched in January 2011} closes her Etsy shop during the summer so she can spend time with family also says “the time “off” allows me to concentrate on my business plan, new items, and gear up for the busy holiday season ahead.” 

Owning your own handmade business takes a lot of time and energy, but remember that ultimately, you are in control!  This is YOUR business, after-all.  So, make the decision that is right for you and move forward with a plan.  If you are going to close your shop, Amy suggests that you “create a budget/plan for that time and use it wisely — whether that is to take a much needed break, or to work on your biz plan.”  

If you chose to stay open, but still want a little bit of a break, consider only offering “ready to ship” items or not accepting any custom orders for the summer.  Or maybe summer is business as usual for you…however you decide to do it, enjoy it!

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Freshly Launched :: First Friends Toy Portraits

Freshly Launched :: First Friends Toy Portraits

Launched ::  Erin Chainani

LaunchHER says :: We know the important role the first beloved toy or lovie plays in our own childrens’ lives, and Erin Chainani from First Friends does an amazing job of capturing that moment in time.  A talented painter, Erin captures your most sentimental memories for your to cherish forever.  This would be such an amazing gift for a graduation or a milestone birthday!

In HER words ::  First Friends Toy Portraits celebrates children’s (and nostalgic adults’) love for their favorite toys. As a Yale-trained artist and mother of two-year-old twins, I was inspired to create First Friends after painting portraits of my kids’ favorite stuffed animals. When my children saw their toy portraits for the first time, they jumped around and screamed with joy….and thus the idea for First Friends was born.

We all remember that special toy that gave us hours of play or comfort in our childhood. I’m a deeply nostalgic person, and I find that painting portraits of children’s favorite toys somehow satisfies my intense need for a reconnection with my own childhood.  I love that my paintings give children and adults a little something to remember the intensity and innocence of childhood devotion. The paintings are keepsakes they can keep with them their whole life, long after the toy has lost its stuffing, or broken after hours of play, or been abandoned for more grown-up things.

I’ve received commissions from mothers for their children, from husbands for their wives, from aunts and grandparents and siblings, for grownups and for children, for toys loved for 40 years, and for toys lovingly chosen for children yet to be born. Dollies, stuffed animals, trains, action figures, or even toy garbage cans (no joke – one of my real commissions!) – whatever the toy, kids and adults love to see their favorite first friends memorialized in a unique, hand-painted portrait.

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Freshly Launched :: Icing Designs

Freshly Launched :: Icing Designs

Launched ::  Melissa Becker and Kellie Roberts

LaunchHER says :: Icing Designs has truly unique invitations that are witty, charming, and chic.  A perfect invitation sets the tone for your event, and your guests will be thrilled to get these in the mail.  Kellie and Melissa make a great team, and their invitations stand out in the crowd!

In HER words :: We are Melissa and Kellie, two stay at home Moms and creators of Icing Designs.  Two years ago after collaborating on a couple invitations together,  bringing  Melissa’s unique illustrations and Kellie’s love for designing  invitations with glitter, we decided ‘let’s do this together’, and we haven’t looked back since. 

We create unique, custom, hand-illustrated and hand-glittered party goods including; custom invitations, cupcake flags, gift tags, note cards, letter garlands, ‘candied’ monograms (glittered letters and numbers) and ‘frosted photos’.  Frosted photos are simply photos that we hand-glitter.  The photos can then be turned into any of the items we offer; cupcake flags, tags, invitations, cards, and even a photo garland.  The ‘frosted photos’ have been very popular for weddings and with wedding and baby photographers.  Something unique about our illustrations is that you will find a ‘sweet’ in every design we create. 

We are currently sell on Etsy and are in the process of having our own website designed. We are also dreaming of having a store front one day. We have a blog where we share our creative ideas for parties and other events. You will be able to find a variety of DIY projects that we have created, innovative desserts we have made and parties that we have designed. We also love to feature our colleges work and all of the beautiful things that inspire us. We love and are inspired by all things vintage and French and many of our designs reflect this love.  At the end of the day we hope our work adds a little sweetness and sparkle to those who see it.

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Get 10% off your Icing Designs order with the code: LH10. Expires 7.31.11.

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