Freshly Launched :: Cubit’s Organic on Etsy

Freshly Launched :: Cubit’s Organic

Launched :: Laura Watt

LaunchHER says :: After watching Laura’s video, we instantly knew that she was passionate about running her own business, and promoting local, organic produce.  Whether or not you have a green thumb, you will absolutely appreciate her inspiring entrepreneurial spirit!

In HER words :: I’m Laura Watt & I sell high quality rare, heirloom, and organically grown seeds for growing edibles in my Etsy shop and at local events under the name Cubit’s.  We are named for a Toronto area market farmer who’s land I grew up on.

Cubit's Organics

Cubit’s began after some job loss related soul searching.  A trip through Europe watching the kitchen gardens go past on the train made me realize what my real interests were and solidified the fact that I would not be looking for a job when I returned but officially stating my own business.

Cubit's Tomato

I believe that everyone can grow their own delicious organic produce no matter where they live and love helping new gardeners discover the satisfaction of growing their own delicious food.  We have a special interest in urban gardening and local food.

Cubit's Organic Seeds

I have a background in the arts, namely printmaking, and a long-standing interest in urban vegetable gardening. After having difficulty sourcing varieties that were organic, in reasonable quantities for the home gardener, and the interesting heirlooms I wanted I decided to start sharing what I found and grew with others.

Cubit's Organic Carrots

I work at home with my toddler daughter and blog about gardening, cooking with local ingredients and our overly photographed life. My Husband, Ryan helps out with much of the package design and camera troubleshooting.  We are joined by a big white dog & two naughty kittens who have declared war on my garden and I am rarely with out my camera.

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Coupon code LAUNCHHER10 will take 10% off your order in my shop, because even women in the start up phase of business can grow a few veggies. exp Dec31st, 2011

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  1. I love Laura and what she is doing! It’s so nice to see her featured here! Thank you!

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