Freshly Launched :: First Friends Toy Portraits

Freshly Launched :: First Friends Toy Portraits

Launched ::  Erin Chainani

LaunchHER says :: We know the important role the first beloved toy or lovie plays in our own childrens’ lives, and Erin Chainani from First Friends does an amazing job of capturing that moment in time.  A talented painter, Erin captures your most sentimental memories for your to cherish forever.  This would be such an amazing gift for a graduation or a milestone birthday!

In HER words ::  First Friends Toy Portraits celebrates children’s (and nostalgic adults’) love for their favorite toys. As a Yale-trained artist and mother of two-year-old twins, I was inspired to create First Friends after painting portraits of my kids’ favorite stuffed animals. When my children saw their toy portraits for the first time, they jumped around and screamed with joy….and thus the idea for First Friends was born.

We all remember that special toy that gave us hours of play or comfort in our childhood. I’m a deeply nostalgic person, and I find that painting portraits of children’s favorite toys somehow satisfies my intense need for a reconnection with my own childhood.  I love that my paintings give children and adults a little something to remember the intensity and innocence of childhood devotion. The paintings are keepsakes they can keep with them their whole life, long after the toy has lost its stuffing, or broken after hours of play, or been abandoned for more grown-up things.

I’ve received commissions from mothers for their children, from husbands for their wives, from aunts and grandparents and siblings, for grownups and for children, for toys loved for 40 years, and for toys lovingly chosen for children yet to be born. Dollies, stuffed animals, trains, action figures, or even toy garbage cans (no joke – one of my real commissions!) – whatever the toy, kids and adults love to see their favorite first friends memorialized in a unique, hand-painted portrait.

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