Freshly Launched :: Social Couture

Freshly Launched :: Social Couture

Launched ::  Lisa Cabanes

LaunchHER Says ::  Lisa from Social Couture puts the party look together, and then you can purchase all of the decor yourself to re-create it!  This is an amazingly easy way to throw a super glam party, but also keep to your budget. 

In HER words :: 

“Whether your style is traditional or modern or whether your guests are young or old, our products and services will simplify the way you entertain.”

I started my career as a financial consultant with Merrill Lynch because I loved the idea of working with people and helping them achieve their goal towards financial freedom; while I had forged many business skills which have helped me in my business life today I always had this vision that I would turn my passion for entertaining into a real business. So after I moved home to San Francisco I decided to explore this idea further and from the ashes of the dot com boom Social Couture was born.

As the founder of Social Couture, the one stop shop for all of your entertaining needs, I started this company because I loved to entertain and I wanted to help people throw festive parties but without all the stress.  So, I thought if I could provide all the components needed to plan, organize and carry out a successful “no stress” event then being the ‘hostess with the mostess’ would never be easier or more affordable.  My idea was to create a party in a box where the art of throwing a party would be as simple as point and click.

Social Couture provides imaginative party decorations and inspired themed parties complete with decor to centerpieces to napkins and plates in an effort to simplify and elevate the way our customer’s entertain.  We really just wanted our customers to only have to consider one thing:  their occasion.   The contents of the prepackaged box, delivered to the doorstep, can easily be blended into our customer’s style, dining rooms, menu choices and lives.  In an effort to further offer simplicity and choice to our customers, we also offer a wide variety of other high end party supply products from lighting and votives to unique entertaining products.  The goal of Social Couture is to be the one stop party store for the modern and upwardly mobile, on-line consumer.

Social Couture is based entirely on the understanding that with elegance and simplicity our customers will honor and welcome their family and friends.

We are dedicated to providing our customers a superior level of service. 

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