LaunchHER Scoop :: Picture This! 10 Tips for Sharing Engaging Pictures

LaunchHER Scoop :: Picture This!

10 Tips for Sharing Engaging Pictures

By Tracy Corcoran, Creative Marketing & Development at LaunchHER

Are you using pictures to connect with your customers on a regular basis?  Here are some tips to get your started if you are new to uploading pictures, or if you just want to “up” your social media game!

  1. Invest in a phone with a decent camera phone – sorry, but the traditional Blackberry doesn’t really cut it.  Droids and iPhones will give you the best picture quality from a phone.
  2. Take several shots until you get the right one – pictures from camera phones tend to come out blurry if you are not holding it very still, so take a few and only upload the best one.
  3. Natural lighting is best – the same rule applies for taking pictures with your regular camera or camera phone.  The more natural light, the better the picture. 
  4. Take an interesting shot – pictures don’t always have to be  straight on.  Take a close up of a unique detail of the product, or of the product in it’s “natural” setting.
  5. Smile – remember, you can upload picture of yourself too!  People love to see a glimpse of the face behind the brand, but don’t do it all the time or you may come across as a tad bit self-absorbed.  It’s important not to distract from your product or turn people off.
  6. Personal pictures – same rule as above!  It is wonderful to occasionally add a picture of your family, pet, or bff, but keep it professional, or you risk it being a distraction.  Take a note from Megan and Gregg Deal, the husband & wife team behind Modern Bird Studios and now ModTots.  While on a family vacation, they did a “vacation photo of the day” to post on Twitter.  It was absolutely endearing, without getting annoying. Perfect-o!
  7.  Let the picture speak for itself – just add a short caption when you upload the picture, save the long explanation for a blog post. 
  8. Upload to Twitter AND Facebook!
  9. Keep ’em guessing – add a caption that makes people curious and want to click to see what the picture is. 
  10.  Have fun! Pictures are a fun way to engage with your fans, and you can have fun while keeping it professional.

Trying out these tips?  While you’re at it…tweet us a picture!

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