Freshly Launched :: Blanket Statements

Freshly Launched :: Blanket Statements

Launched :: Leslie Armstrong McLeod

LaunchHER says :: We are so incredibly inspired by Leslie and her feel good venture, Blanket Statements.  She is supporting other women in need because she has been in “HER shoes”. 

In HER words :: Blanket Statements was founded with this goal in mind: to provide physical warmth, spiritual comfort and love by means of sharing a blanket. For each snuggly, warm throw blanket purchased an additional identical blanket is donated to a women’s shelter. Each donated blanket also includes a personal note, or uplifting statement for the woman in need. It is a simple premise – get a blanket, give a blanket.

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I started this business at the end of 2010. The idea came forth because I am going through a divorce after almost 20 years of marriage. I was researching shelters in anticipation of needing one, but felt guilty thinking I would take the place of someone who was in an even worse situation than I was. After moving out on my own I started Blanket Statements with the little extra money I was able to scrape together. I am a mom of two teenagers…my daughter is 16, and my son is 14. This journey has been a learning experience for all of us and I feel is making us all better people.

blanket statements

Blanket Statements is an eco-friendly company utilizing as many recycled or renewable sources as possible. Our packaging, shipping and several blankets are eco-friendly and/or carbon neutral. I also strive to find easy-care products that are made in the USA.

blanket statements

Blanket Statements is a small family-run endeavor. My labor of love.

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  1. What a fantastic company and person! Leslie, you are very inspiring and I wish you all the best!

  2. What an inspirational story! Love the concept — get a blanket, give a blanket!

  3. Wonderful concept and a beautiful webpage.

  4. LOVE this! Such an amazing idea!

  5. Thanks for sharing Leslie’s inspiring story.

  6. I love the mission of your company, Leslie! I wish you much success!

  7. Congratulations on your launch Leslie! I am so very happy for you. I absolutely adore the concept of Blanket Statements and am so happy to know you!


  8. What a truly wonderful concept. Congratulations on your Launch and wishing you continued success!


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