Freshly Launched :: Golly Gee! Baby

Freshly Launched :: Golly Gee Baby

Launched :: Christina Dennis

LaunchHER says ::  A site with hip baby items as well as something for moms {mod mommy bags}…is why we instantly adored Golly Gee! Baby.  Their commitment to fair trade production…is why we love them MORE!  Christina is doing a lot of things right, and we sincerely applaud her hard work…read on for the full story.

In HER words :: Golly Gee! Baby is a unique & fun baby clothing & accessories company that focuses on ethical production – Cuteness with a Conscience!

I’ve always been a crafty, entrepreneurial girl. From sewing and selling “broomstick skirts” (remember those- the wrinkly ones?) to my classmates at age 11 to running my own graphic & web design company at age 23, I’m a lover of all things creative.

Golly Gee Baby Owner Christina Dennis

After the birth of my daughter in 2009, I found the need for a career shift. The pressures of deadlines and corporate clients at my graphic design business did not mesh with life as a new mommy. I started designing and sewing my daughter’s clothing and accessories (my first was a Fliptastic Changemat, now manufactured and sold in my shop) and received compliments and encouragement from friends and strangers. “You should sell this stuff!”, they’d say.

Golly Gee Baby

I started making products en mass and attending various shows with my sister in 2009. The following year, I could not possibly keep enough stock sewn to meet the demand of my customers, so I searched for a way to manufacture my products. Helping those less fortunate than myself has always been important to me, so when I found a women’s sewing co-op in Nicaragua in need of some work I knew I had found my solution.

The journey from my first samples sent to my final products received was a long and challenging one full of lessons learned the hard way, but I am so happy that I persevered through the obstacles and saw the process to the end! I received my first shipment of ethically manufactured clothing & accessories in May 2011 and have had such amazing response so far.


From uniquely patterned baby bodysuits to grow-with-me dresses, you will find many practical and adorable things at Golly Gee! Baby! Our baby goodies are boutique quality, and we are proud that all of our items are made in an ethical manner. When purchasing an item from Golly Gee! Baby, you will know that you are supporting a mommy-owned small company and also a co-operative in Nicaragua that is working to rebuild their community!

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