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kristi pamperin paper miniskirtFreshly Launched :: Paper Miniskirt

Launched :: Kristi Pamperin

LaunchHER says :: We are already picking one out for our office, and the kids’ rooms, and the mudroom.  Kristi’s stylish memory boards are a great way to keep your favorite mementos in sight, and your little lists organized.

In HER words :: I started my first scrapbook when I was 10 years old.  It was the only kind available in the 80s, with plastic peel-back pages.  I carefully drew my name with marker in bubble letters onto ruled notebook paper, then taped the paper onto the photo album.  Super high-tech.  The next three years, I filled that album with every remnant I acquired: ticket stubs from school dances, photos from this one time, at band camp.

 paper miniskirt minneapolis

Scrapbooking became more important to me as I traveled the globe as a flight attendant, got married, had children. I LOVE to look at photos of things I’ve done in my lifetime.  A quick look at a photo evokes a smile, a sigh, a laugh at the memories stored in my internal movie.

Retrospection.  I believe in it. I highly recommend it.  It’s what my magnet boards are all about. 

 paper miniskirt minneapolis

My addictions to scrapbooking, organization, color and design all come together with the creation of Paper Miniskirt’s magnetic photo boards.  A new spin on the old corkboard, a contemporary means of organization: stick up a coupon, wedding RSVP, permission slip, candid photos that aren’t worthy of frames.  Hang it on a nail or a wreath hook, sit it in an easel on a bookcase.

 paper miniskirt minneapolis mn

I use fabrics that are funky, contemporary and classy.  I use matching beads to make magnets that are super heavy duty. I sell them at art shows across the Midwest, on Etsy and on my website

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Use code “summer15” to take 15% off your order! Expires 8/31/11

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