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neallie walvatneFreshly Launched :: Vatne Designs

Launched :: Neallie Walvatne

LaunchHER says ::  Neallie’s designs are so simple and intricate all at the same time.  Any bride would feel even more beautiful wearing Vatne Designs on their big day!

In HER words :: Hi, I’m Neallie Walvatne, and I design and handcraft sparkly baubles and bling for anyone who wants that extra something special to brighten up their day.  Vatne Designs is my dream come true, and I am enjoying every moment of it!

vatne designs

I spent 7 years with a career in the couture bridal industry, but it wasn’t until I was a stay at home mom of two awesome boys that I decided to give my own business a try.  I launched my online store, contacted wedding blogs, sent my new collection to boutiques across the country and the response was thrilling! My online sales began and I have been creating jewelry for sparkle lovers ever since!

vatne designs

I design in shades of sand and grey, whites and creams, and lovely hues of aqua and lavender, there is something for everyone!  My pieces take you from a play date at the park to your date night out.  With jeans and a t-shirt or a wedding dress, my versatile collection is sure to add the perfect sparkle to your day.

vatne designs bridal couture

All of my designs can be customized to each customer’s wishes, my favorite part of creating! Making my brides and non-brides happy by delivering to them exactly what they envisioned is such a treat.  I love the thank you notes and the excited emails I receive after my customers open their packages… they absolutely make my day!

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  1. So timeless and elegant.
    I love wearing my pearls with jeans and a white shirt too… :)
    Will check out your shop!

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