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Introducing :: Look @ Me Monday!

LH Look at Me Monday

As women entrepreneurs, we are very good at supporting and promoting others.  We tell everyone about our favorite products on Facebook and Twitter, or over coffee.  Well, Look @ Me Monday isn’t about everyone else…it’s all about promoting YOU.  We want to know what new product, post, or project YOU have been working on.  Just visit our Facebook page and leave us a link!  There are no rules; share what YOU want.  Well, there is one rule, please only post 1 link per Look @ Me Monday on our Facebook wall.  That’s not such a bad rule, right?

Make it fun. Grab our attention. Toot your own horn!

Why participate?  Look @ Me Monday is a wonderful chance to show off your stuff to the ladies of LaunchHER and the LaunchHER community.  We are always looking for fun products and entrepreneurs to share with our LaunchHER community through posts, newsletters, and gift guidesLook @ Me Monday is the perfect way to connect and it only takes a few minutes.

Join us on Facebook and show off your stuff today!


  1. How wonderful! THank you!!

  2. Very cool! LaunchHER is so good to us! Love you guys!!

  3. What a great feature! Thank you for bring this to us!

  4. Thank you LaunchHER for this great opportunity.

  5. Thanks for the continued support! Great idea! Much success your way as well!

  6. Thanks so much for a wonderful site.. To help promote and support such wonder talents :)

  7. What perfect timing!! We are looking forward to sharing with Facebook friends our newly launch website today!!! The new LoveFeast Table has been a long time coming ~ we are so excited to share inspiration at our table!!

    Please stop by, pull up a chair and celebrate with us!! Chris Ann & Kristin

  8. Thank you so much LaunchHER for amazing opportunity!
    Great way to support each other!

  9. Thanks!! great news! :)

  10. What a fun event! I went on over and shared the link to my favorite {and most fun!} blog post of the week… { it’s http://sunshineandsippycups.com/2011/08/hundreds-of-freebies-linked-up-here/ if anyone is interested :) It’s got over a 100 free samples and goodies to grab, plus all of my new Rafflecopter giveaways. Wooo!}

    I also went by and “liked” all of the other ladies pages, companies, and shops that were posted as of right now. A fabulous and fun assortment of new places to check out. Loved it!

  11. Hey great idea and thanks for sharing! Looking forward to expanding this exposure for all!~
    Colleen Lilly

  12. Hey Ladies,

    Just wanted to post my links as a Fashion/Style resource:

    I am the owner/stylist @ EVOLUTION VINTAGE (http://www.evolution-vintage.com) – it is an eco-chic eBOUTIQUE for Vintage clothing & accesories … making fashion’s past your fashion future by styling Vintage CURRENT xo (I also have a selection of designer re-sale items as well that are non-vintage and a line of ROCK’NROLL Burnout T-shirts! CHIC)

    I am also a Freelance writer and blogger – EVOLUTION REVOLUTION is where you can find my musings http://www.evolutionvtg.blogspot.com

    Hope to chat with some of you soon!!


    Twitter: @EvolutionVtg
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/EVOLUTION-VINTAGE/307903414505?ref=ts

  13. Wow!
    Thank you so much for this great opportunity!
    Fantastic way to support all new entrepreneur and slowly blossoming businesses!

  14. Love this feature, thank you!

  15. Love this event! Makes Monday exciting:) I own comfycozy.com (http://www.comfycozy.com) & create GLOW IN THE DARK Pillowcases! We’ve got fun & whimsical along with inspiring designs for teens & moms. We just announced our September Giveaway – WIN our BELIEVE IN FAIRIES pillowcase (http://bit.ly/ccfairy). Just pop on over and like us on FB (http://www.facebook.com/ComfyCozy). THANKS LauchHER!!
    Now I’m off to check everyone out…

  16. Hey there LaunchHer! Thanks so much for this chance to toot our own horns. Ok here is goes….TOOT! TOOT! http://www.wagsandwiggles.etsy.com

  17. Hello..I am so happy for your opportunities! I am excited to welcome new followers to my blog site. It has been a blast to see who shows up! Thanks again…kkane.tumblr.com

  18. Thanks so much LaunchHER for the opportunity to share our work! Lots of great boutiques out there!


  19. Thank you for doing this! I love the support you give to us small businesses!!

  20. thanks for the invite – just posted a link to some great honeysuckle colored earrings – hot color for the fall.

    Have a great day!

  21. Happy Monday!! Thank you so much for the note to join in your Look @me Monday event!
    This has been a very fast and eventful time of year for me and my online jewelry shop Sariblue.

    Beautiful, simply designed jewelry to add peace, positivity and a bit of fun to your style! There’s nothing evil about it….SariBlue.

    I am so thrilled to be part of the The Artisan Group and also one of the featured artists at this years Golden Globes Luxury Lounge sponsored by TAG and GBK Promotions.

    I just launched my re-imaged website this morning!! Which I am thrilled to say will allow for more interaction with my follow artists and art lovers.

    Please take a look at the new format and leave a hello!!! http://www.sariblue.com/
    The site has some great information about the history of the Evil Eye as well as my jewelry.

    Also here is an article about me and the upcoming Golden Globes:

    Thanks for your time and interest in SariBlue!
    Love and Luck,
    Sari (Christine Lorenzo)

  22. Thanks so much for the Look @ Me Mondays!!! If anyone is looking for unique handmade cover-ups for winter weddings or any formal occasion (Keep the chill off your shoulders in that strapless holiday dress!), check out my website and Etsy shop, Uptown Urban Craft! I design & sew beautiful boleros, shrugs, and custom garments! http://www.etsy.com/shop/UptownUrbanCraft

    Have a lovely autumn afternoon everyone!

  23. Thanks Launch-Her

    EVOLUTION VINTAGE: http://www.evolution-vintage.com – A resource for Unique Women who are bold enough to Re-Style fashions past current! A Vast selection of Vintage clothing and accessories! as well as Designer re-sale items (both vintage & non). Stylist & Owner LISAG’s goal is to empower and inspire women through FASHION!

    EVOLUTION REVOLUTION BLOG http://www.evolutionvtg.blogspot.com – A revolutionary BLOG that explore’s LIFE as we all evolve within it. FASHION, STYLE, ART, MOTHERHOOD, SEX, MUSIC, LITERATURE, CULINARY DELIGHTS, INSPIRATIONAL PEOPLE & THEIR STORIES, TIPS, TRICKS and INFORMATION all presented here to EMPOWER and INSPIRE! XO

  24. We are offering 40% off the Destination Diva Etsy shop on Cyber Monday!! Coupon Code cybermonday40


    Adrienne xoxo

  25. This is great! glad that I found you! :)

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