The Creative Connection Conference

The Creative Connection will once again be coming to the Twin Cities (Minnesota) this September 15th-17th!  We have talked to many amazing women that will be making the trip to St.Paul to be a part of this inspirational 3 day conference.  The Creative Connection was founded by Jo Packham and Nancy Soriano – two women that have taken their passions to a whole new level as entrepreneurs, and they want to encourage you to do the same. 

the creative connection st paul conference

The conference is packed with hands on classes, business seminars, and blogging how-to’s.  The Creative Connection really is a perfect balance {a little bit of everything} for those of you looking to develop your passion into your day job.  By the way, YOU CAN DO IT!  At LaunchHER we talk with women who are “doing it” everyday, and starting their own businesses.  Women that are entrepreneurs, and didn’t even know it.

We already know of a few women in the LaunchHER network that will be at the conference including Kim from The TomKat Studio, Kathy from Backpocket Strategy, Liv from Choosing Beauty, Xio from Mint Daisy Designs, and Sharon from Shaggy BaggyAre you going to be there? Let us know so we can connect!

Find out how to register here.

Freshly Launched :: Chic Diaper Boutique

anikitia abram owner chic diaper boutiqueFreshly Launched :: Chic Diaper Boutique

Launched :: Anikitia Abram

LaunchHER says :: Quality baby products are not always easy to find.  Chic Diaper Boutique has such a glam selection of upscale baby products – perfect for your own baby’s nursery or as a “go to” for baby shower gifts!

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Receive 15% off your order with code ‘LauncHER15’

In HER words :: I have always wanted to open my own store but I didn’t know what it would be so my dreams just sat on the top shelf of my brain while I worked at a large retail giant that I absolutely hated.  In the summer of 2008 I found out my sister was pregnant and immediately began shopping for her baby shower but I couldn’t find a lot of things that I liked so I made a lot of her decorations.

chic diaper boutique baby crib furniture upscale 

One decoration in particular was her centerpiece, a diaper cake that everyone adored! It was suggested that I turn my hobby into a business. So in the fall of 2009 I decided to publish a website called “Chic Diaper Boutique”. 

chic diaper boutique girls clothes

It was supposed to be just diaper cakes but I thought to myself how much more fun would it be if I added diaper bags, clothes, shoes, bedding and etc.? I knew that I also wanted to help other small business owners as well so I looked for vendors that I had never heard of that could produce the quality work that I wanted.  I remember one day I was so busy with planning, ordering, & shipping, that my husband looked at me and said, “Honey, I think you’ve opened your store!” In that moment I knew that I had founded the boutique of my dreams.  

chic diaper boutique baby headband tutu

The most rewarding thing about running Chic Diaper Boutique is that it defines who I am and my passion to succeed.  I continually update and add new products to my boutique to keep it fun and fresh!

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Freshly Launched :: A Blissful Nest on Etsy

rebekah dempsey a blissful nestFreshly Launched :: A Blissful Nest

Launched :: Rebekah Dempsey

LaunchHER says ::  Rebekah’s bold and fun designs are so inviting, and they would make the perfect addition to any party.  Plus, her keen eye for spotting great trends in events makes her blog oh, so readable!

In HER words :: I have always loved creating, designing, and reinventing the things around me. I first studied Marketing at the University of San Diego (where I met my husband) and then went to the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising where I received a degree in Interior Design. I have been in the interior design field for over 10 years.  Following the birth of my daughter Lauren in 2008, I shifted my focus to party/event styling and creating my own party decorations after being unable to find things for my daughter’s 1st birthday.

A blissful nest event styling

Still having a love for interiors and being inspired by so many blogs and websites, A Blissful Nest was created. Initially having a desire to write and journal all of my amazing finds, DIY projects and beautiful projects I came across on the web, I soon realized I had more to offer…much more.  Within only a few months, I had created several of my own design collections and began consulting on client parties.

a blissful nest Butterfly Party printables

After designing my daughter’s vibrant butterfly-themed birthday party last year, A Blissful Nest was featured on the well known party site, Hostess With The Mostess. The shop immediately became inundated with orders which led to me hiring Ashley Tarr as a design assistant. After a very busy end to 2010, BN now offers party printable packages as well as custom made items. And in Spring 2011, I launched BN’s custom children’s wall art collection. The first of many custom home accessories to be offered.

a blissful nest Pool Party printables and ideas

A Blissful Nest is currently expanding with the hiring of regional independent stylists around the country.  Michelle Skinner is the first of hopefully many to join the company. BN wants to offer people the experience of having a BN representative come and style their parties locally.

a blissful nest party ideas and printables

I still cannot believe this wonderful experience has brought me to be home with my daughter full time and still pursue my love for design interests and creativity. I have many hopes and aspirations for this company. I hope to turn BN into a lifestyle site for interiors, parties, and everyday life…a place to share new ideas and showcase the best on the web…and to help others find that blissful lifestyle…from one bird to another.

Just for LaunchHER Readers :: Receive 20% off your order from A Blissful Next with code “LAUNCH20” – expires September 2nd, 2011

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photograpHER :: Lindsay Konduris – Art.Photography.Design.

lindsay konduris photographyphotograpHER :: Lindsay Konduris Art.Photography.Design.

on location :: Central & Southern Indiana

launchHER says :: There is something about Lindsay’s pictures that remind us of an old time photograph.  She captures people with very honest expressions, and we could look at her portfolio over and over.

HER snapshot :: I adore capturing my sweet family but surprisingly my photography journey began as an artist needing to capture my work! While busy painting, another wonderful branch of my business began to flourish…! Oh how things fall into place! I couldn’t imagine life any different and loving it as much as I do!

photograpHER five ::


lindsay konduris photography


lindsay konduris photography


lindsay konduris photography indiana

lindsay konduris photography

lindsay konduris photography

love HER too

Lindsay Konduris * facebook

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Freshly Launched :: JuditB on Etsy

juditb jewelry judit blumenfruchtFreshly Launched :: JuditB

Launched :: Judit Blumenfrucht

LaunchHER says :: We love the modern lines and pops of color in Judit’s jewelry.  Her love for her work, her life, and her family is absolutely contagious – a true artist.

In HER words :: Only a website promoting woman in business could understand how a freelance translator cum mother cum eternal student started a business with nothing more than a (Hungarian) love of design, a dream and a fancy briefcase.

Two years ago with a few samples (in the briefcase) made twenty years earlier, I applied for THE most prestigious arts and crafts fair in Jerusalem and a grandiose jewelry fair in London and to my enormous surprise …. was accepted to both.  
juditb jewelry
My love of modern art and art deco architecture inspired a range of jewelry, still considered original and innovative, comprising straight lines, characterised by my trade mark square rings and triangular metallics. By integrating leather and freshwater pearls, crotcheted metals and swarowski crystals… it has become softer yet still geometric!
juditb jewelry ring
I can only say how lucky I feel every step of the way… 
juditb jewelry ring
Exhibitor of the week at Top Drawer in London, my rings for sale in the National Portrait Gallery Shop, London and a full page interview in Retail Jeweller, (a British trade magazine) a Rising Star… at 50 something….
Featured at the Mamila Hotel the most prestigious in the city. Interviewed by the local magazine, excellent promotion for the International Crafts Fair.
Potentially the most exciting of all…..  joining the Artisan Group, has given me an amazing opportunity – to send business cards to the Emmys with information and photographs, jewelry  to the Brothers and Sisters charity auction and hopefully jewels for swag bags for press and/or celebrities at the Oscars and the Golden Globes.
juditb jewelry ring
It all began with a dream and a briefcase… Life is really exciting!
Just for LaunchHER Readers :: Receive 10% off your JuditB Etsy order with code ‘SUMMER10’
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First Impressions :: What’s in a Website?

We have all been told over and over how important it is to have a great website.  These days, it really is the first impression most of your potential clients or customers will have of your business.  We recently overhauled our website, so we thought we would share some of the changes we made and why.  Hopefully it will help you with your own site!

For those of you that are new to LaunchHER {welcome!}, here’s what the old homepage used to look like…

OLD LH homepage website tips for business owners

 Click here to see our current homepage.

Needless to say, we knew we needed to make some serious changes, but like many business owners felt overwhelmed by the process.  Luckily, we found a local web design company to help bring our vision to reality. 

First, we looked at our Google Analytics, and it was apparent that the “about us” page was consistently in the top three most clicked pages.  Using that information, we decided to add our picture and a snipet of our “about us” story to the homepage. 

Next, we wanted the most recent articles and features to be easy to locate, so we added “The Latest from LaunchHER” to the homepage, and it updates automatically when we add a new feature.  Love that!

Lastly, we added the orange “get launched” button front & center.  Freshly Launched is our signature feature, and at the core of our passion for giving a boost to women-owned brands, so this made perfect sense to us.  However, the design team came up with this idea, so glad we hired a company that not only listened to our visions, but also threw in their own two cents.

The moral of this “First Impressions” story?  When you are updating your website or blog:

  • Use your Google Analytics to drive your decisions
  • Be sure you have current and up-to-date information
  • When you need help, don’t be afraid to hire a professional website designer

We know you’re busy – it’s easy and quick to keep up with us on Facebook!

Freshly Launched :: Gadanke

katie clemons gadanke journalsFreshly Launched :: Gadanke

Launched :: Katie Clemons

LaunchHER says ::  Katie’s journals not only are beautiful, but they also inspire creative thoughts through unique topics and writing prompts.  Journals make a great gifts too!

In HER words :: Howdy!  I’m Katie – the writer, explorer, and enthusiastic storycatcher behind Gadanke.

I started journaling in second grade. I was really good at journaling when I was sad or frustrated. Or I’d write three pages, never to go back to my journal again.
You know the problem? I had no idea how to write about who I was.
gadanke journals
Fast forward a couple shoeboxes of journals. I’d been studying personal essay writing in college, and everything was coming together. NPR’s StoryCorp was in town during my grandma’s 90th birthday. “Come share your stories!” they announced.  
My grandma and I signed up.
I started asking questions.  “Where did you and grandpa meet?”  “What was it like losing him to Alzheimer’s?”
She paused. Her soft blue eyes just gazed at me.
“I don’t remember.”
In that moment, I knew my developing approach to journaling wasn’t meant just for me. It was time to help people start writing – before it was too late.
Gadanke was born! 
gadanke journals boutique
My handmade journals are filled with writing prompts to help you draw out stories. They have bindings that open so you can organize your story or add letters, photos, and postcards. They include library cards, pockets, European papers, tags, and other eco-conscious embellishments.
gadanke kids journals
An incredible thing happens when we pause to celebrate our stories. IT GIVES US MEANING. The ordinary starts to feel downright awesome.
Today my husband and I live in Berlin, Germany and a house made of tires in Montana. Gadanke’s an award-winning green business helping people worldwide celebrate stories of their lives. 
Just for LaunchHER Readers :: Receive 10% off your Gadanke order with code: BOOST10 – expires August 24th,  2011
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Launch it Right :: Trademarking Your Brand

Ever wondered why you should trademark your brand?  We are going to share why it’s important for brands of all sizes…even yours!

While registering a trademark can seem costly, especially when you are just starting out, by NOT registering your mark and securing legal protection for your business name, you are placing your entire business venture in jeopardy. When you delay in registering your trademark, you open the door to the possibility of finding yourself in the unenviable position of either defending your unregistered trademark (good luck to you with that) or surrendering “the perfect business name” you searched high and low for to the savvy business person who did not delay in registering their “perfect business name.”

Don’t place yourself in a situation that is stressful and the outcome unknown. Register the name of your business, product or idea today! You will never regret it. Especially when you sleep well at night, knowing your good name is registered.
If you receive the LaunchHER newsletter, or follow The TomKat Studio, you have probably already heard the buzz.  We are offering a one of a kind business package that INCLUDES a trademark application.  Launch it Right is a package of our most requested services and includes:

  • a trademark application
  • a written press release with distribution
  • an hour long business consultation on the topic of your choice {SEO, branding, social media marketing, & shop critique}

The entire package is available for the month of August for just $325*. Considering a trademark alone starts at $500*, this is an amazing offer. Space is limited, reserve your spot by emailing today!

*Government filing fee of $275 for trademark filing is additional.

The material contained herein is meant as general information only and should not be taken as legal advice.  No attorney-client relationship exists as a result of merely reading this article.  Should you require legal assistance, you may inquire further via email at Kara Jensen Zitnick at  

Freshly Launched :: Barn Owl Primitives on Etsy

kristi quill barn owl primitivesFreshly Launched :: Barn Owl Primitives

Launched :: Kristi Quill

LaunchHER says :: Kristi makes the type of artowrk that makes you stop…stop to read, stop to ponder, stop to absorb. 

In HER words :: Welcome to the Barn! Home of Typography Word Art ~ Signs to DecorateYour Life!! I LOVE letters. So, I started my typography signs as a way of getting all those letters out of my system. I enjoy laying out the letters, creating a picture, and telling a story. Let me paint a sign for you so you can share your story with the world…or at least with your friends that visit your kitchen!

barn owl primitives etsy wall art
All of my signs are hand painted on top quality wood, often with the help of a stencil, and then each sign is distressed to give it an antiqued, vintage look.

barn owl primitives etsy wall art
I dream that one day i’ll walk out the back door of my fictitious farm house, across the field to my barn studio. Until that time, you can find me painting in my living room, dining room, kitchen and garage…basically anywhere that I can lay a board flat to dry!

barn owl primitives etsy wall art
Please stop by the Barn soon and take a peek around! xo ~ kristi

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Freshly Launched :: Autumn Bradley Inc.

Autumn Bradley Inc. JewelryFreshly Launched :: Autumn Bradley Inc.

Launched :: Autumn Bradley

LaunchHER says :: Jewelry that’s femenine, yet edgy; that’s what makes Autumn’s designs so unique.  Autumn is not afraid to be bold with her work, and it’s easy to recognize her passion for her work.

In HER words :: I design and create boho rock and modern rustic jewelry for men and women.  I originally started out making headbands, which didn’t go very well (don’t ask), but it did lead me to quite a few jewelry supply stores in Manhattan.  I was instantly drawn in by the sparkly stones, shiny metal, and the opportunity to play with tools and torches!  I quickly realized headbands were not my calling and got into jewelry instead. 

Autumn Bradley Inc. Jewelry

     Initially, I planned on making jewelry for myself because I could never find anything to satisfy both my bohemian and rocker chick sides.  I wanted something unique that no one else would have.  So, I started banging away at metal and quickly developed my Trash Metal Collection®, which has recently been trademarked!  Quite a few of my metalsmithed pieces are treated to my signature “trashing” technique.  This process is done entirely by hand which means that every piece is one of a kind.  They might not be perfect but that’s the point.  We are all originals with flaws, dents, and a few shiny spots.  My jewelry is meant to celebrate that.

Autumn Bradley Inc. Jewelry ring

     So many exciting things have been happening for the business lately.  I have partnered with The Animal Miracle Foundation & Network and I was recently accepted to The Artisan Group.  Thanks to The Artisan Group, my jewelry will be featured at the 63rd Prime Time Emmy Awards gift lounge and it will be in the celebrity and press swag bags!  A big thanks to my friends, family, and fans for their support, which allows me to continue doing what I love.

Autumn Bradley Inc. Jewelry

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Use the code: launch15 for 15% off ANY order from Autumn Bradley Inc. Expires 8/26/2011
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