Freshly Launched :: Autumn Bradley Inc.

Autumn Bradley Inc. JewelryFreshly Launched :: Autumn Bradley Inc.

Launched :: Autumn Bradley

LaunchHER says :: Jewelry that’s femenine, yet edgy; that’s what makes Autumn’s designs so unique.  Autumn is not afraid to be bold with her work, and it’s easy to recognize her passion for her work.

In HER words :: I design and create boho rock and modern rustic jewelry for men and women.  I originally started out making headbands, which didn’t go very well (don’t ask), but it did lead me to quite a few jewelry supply stores in Manhattan.  I was instantly drawn in by the sparkly stones, shiny metal, and the opportunity to play with tools and torches!  I quickly realized headbands were not my calling and got into jewelry instead. 

Autumn Bradley Inc. Jewelry

     Initially, I planned on making jewelry for myself because I could never find anything to satisfy both my bohemian and rocker chick sides.  I wanted something unique that no one else would have.  So, I started banging away at metal and quickly developed my Trash Metal Collection®, which has recently been trademarked!  Quite a few of my metalsmithed pieces are treated to my signature “trashing” technique.  This process is done entirely by hand which means that every piece is one of a kind.  They might not be perfect but that’s the point.  We are all originals with flaws, dents, and a few shiny spots.  My jewelry is meant to celebrate that.

Autumn Bradley Inc. Jewelry ring

     So many exciting things have been happening for the business lately.  I have partnered with The Animal Miracle Foundation & Network and I was recently accepted to The Artisan Group.  Thanks to The Artisan Group, my jewelry will be featured at the 63rd Prime Time Emmy Awards gift lounge and it will be in the celebrity and press swag bags!  A big thanks to my friends, family, and fans for their support, which allows me to continue doing what I love.

Autumn Bradley Inc. Jewelry

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  1. Congrats, Autumn! Your jewelry is unique and gorgeous!

  2. Lovely, unique pieces – what a great new artist!

  3. Congratulations, Autumn!!! I love your work!

  4. Congratulations Autumn! You have so much talent and your work is always phenomenal!

  5. Congrats Autumn, you work is lovely. I like the bit about us – flaws, dents but also shiny spots.

  6. I have one of Autumn’s pieces! A bracelet with a skull on it and I always get compliments when I wear it!

  7. Congratulations Autumn, this is a lovely write up.

  8. Thanks for all the kind words everyone! And thanks to the lovely ladies here for the Launch!

  9. Congratulations, Autumn!! You are so talented!

  10. Super article on a very talented artist. Congratulations!

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