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anikitia abram owner chic diaper boutiqueFreshly Launched :: Chic Diaper Boutique

Launched :: Anikitia Abram

LaunchHER says :: Quality baby products are not always easy to find.  Chic Diaper Boutique has such a glam selection of upscale baby products – perfect for your own baby’s nursery or as a “go to” for baby shower gifts!

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In HER words :: I have always wanted to open my own store but I didn’t know what it would be so my dreams just sat on the top shelf of my brain while I worked at a large retail giant that I absolutely hated.  In the summer of 2008 I found out my sister was pregnant and immediately began shopping for her baby shower but I couldn’t find a lot of things that I liked so I made a lot of her decorations.

chic diaper boutique baby crib furniture upscale 

One decoration in particular was her centerpiece, a diaper cake that everyone adored! It was suggested that I turn my hobby into a business. So in the fall of 2009 I decided to publish a website called “Chic Diaper Boutique”. 

chic diaper boutique girls clothes

It was supposed to be just diaper cakes but I thought to myself how much more fun would it be if I added diaper bags, clothes, shoes, bedding and etc.? I knew that I also wanted to help other small business owners as well so I looked for vendors that I had never heard of that could produce the quality work that I wanted.  I remember one day I was so busy with planning, ordering, & shipping, that my husband looked at me and said, “Honey, I think you’ve opened your store!” In that moment I knew that I had founded the boutique of my dreams.  

chic diaper boutique baby headband tutu

The most rewarding thing about running Chic Diaper Boutique is that it defines who I am and my passion to succeed.  I continually update and add new products to my boutique to keep it fun and fresh!

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  1. Love the cute stuff you have! Esp. the baby headband!

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