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katie clemons gadanke journalsFreshly Launched :: Gadanke

Launched :: Katie Clemons

LaunchHER says ::  Katie’s journals not only are beautiful, but they also inspire creative thoughts through unique topics and writing prompts.  Journals make a great gifts too!

In HER words :: Howdy!  I’m Katie – the writer, explorer, and enthusiastic storycatcher behind Gadanke.

I started journaling in second grade. I was really good at journaling when I was sad or frustrated. Or I’d write three pages, never to go back to my journal again.
You know the problem? I had no idea how to write about who I was.
gadanke journals
Fast forward a couple shoeboxes of journals. I’d been studying personal essay writing in college, and everything was coming together. NPR’s StoryCorp was in town during my grandma’s 90th birthday. “Come share your stories!” they announced.  
My grandma and I signed up.
I started asking questions.  “Where did you and grandpa meet?”  “What was it like losing him to Alzheimer’s?”
She paused. Her soft blue eyes just gazed at me.
“I don’t remember.”
In that moment, I knew my developing approach to journaling wasn’t meant just for me. It was time to help people start writing – before it was too late.
Gadanke was born! 
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My handmade journals are filled with writing prompts to help you draw out stories. They have bindings that open so you can organize your story or add letters, photos, and postcards. They include library cards, pockets, European papers, tags, and other eco-conscious embellishments.
gadanke kids journals
An incredible thing happens when we pause to celebrate our stories. IT GIVES US MEANING. The ordinary starts to feel downright awesome.
Today my husband and I live in Berlin, Germany and a house made of tires in Montana. Gadanke’s an award-winning green business helping people worldwide celebrate stories of their lives. 
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  1. Wow these journals are amazing! And such a great story. I just lost my grandmother so that really hit home for me.

  2. Love this idea! As a writer, I appreciate anything that helps you get the words out there! Brilliant.

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