Freshly Launched :: V*Dazzled Jewelry on Etsy

victoria ruhl v dazzled etsyFreshly Launched :: V*Dazzled Jewelry on Etsy

Launched :: Victoria Ruhl

LaunchHER says ::  Victoria’s jewelry caught our attention after just one glance.  Her unique earrings have become an Etsy hit with ver 400 sales in less than a year.  She is one to watch!

In HER words :: I am a PhD student (studying cancer biology) by day and when I got home I night I felt like I need a hobby to take my mind off school and lab. I love accessories and jewelry so I started designing jewelry as a way to de-stress myself after a long day at lab, but after giving pieces to friends and family as gifts I got a few suggestions to open a shop on etsy. After looking around at etsy and other beautiful etsy sites I thought it was a great way to start a small business and then V*Dazzled Jewelry was born.

regular studs v dazzled etsy

After doing lots of research on how to make an etsy site successful, I realized that I needed a unique item that would make my shop recognizable from the other thousands of jewelry shops on etsy. This is where my signature wire wrapped studs came in.

v dazzled jewelry etsy

I honestly don’t remember exactly how I decided on the design of these studs, it was just kind of experimentation. But after listing a few pairs on etsy it was apparent that these earrings were going to be the main item in my etsy shop.

petite studs v dazzled etsy gifts

 The earrings can be made with crystal, pearl, or stone beads (also coming soon in cubic zirconia!) and can be completely customized to your color preference– although I have tons of different colors/color combos listed on my site already. The earrings come in the regular size (my original design) or a petite size (a newer size that actually stemmed from a customer request!) and I also make lots of bridesmaid/bridal sets of studs.

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Get 20% off in the V*Dazzled Etsy shop with coupon code: LAUNCH20

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  1. Beautiful jewelry, Victoria. Glad you got the encouragement from friends and family to start your Etsy shop.

  2. Love these! What a sweet, unique idea!

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