photograpHER :: Lindsay Konduris – Art.Photography.Design.

lindsay konduris photographyphotograpHER :: Lindsay Konduris Art.Photography.Design.

on location :: Central & Southern Indiana

launchHER says :: There is something about Lindsay’s pictures that remind us of an old time photograph.  She captures people with very honest expressions, and we could look at her portfolio over and over.

HER snapshot :: I adore capturing my sweet family but surprisingly my photography journey began as an artist needing to capture my work! While busy painting, another wonderful branch of my business began to flourish…! Oh how things fall into place! I couldn’t imagine life any different and loving it as much as I do!

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lindsay konduris photography


lindsay konduris photography


lindsay konduris photography indiana

lindsay konduris photography

lindsay konduris photography

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  1. Lindsay takes pictures of my grandsons and they are always wonderful! She is easy to work with and will go to any location. Very creative!

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