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lucy fairweather fair ivy ownerFreshly Launched :: Fair Ivy

Launched :: Lucy Fairweather

LaunchHER says :: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…women-owned, handmade, mail, surprises! Yes, we are in love with Fair Ivy!  Don’t miss their blog, The Surpriseaholic.  Hello, my name is Tracy and I am a Surpriseaholic – I really am!

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In HER words :: Hi, my name is Lucy Fairweather and I created and run fair ivy surprise package subscriptions.

fair ivy specializes in the joy of the surprise—we send cute mystery packages to our customers once a month.  We find the most unique, fun, luxurious and kooky items, hand wrap them in a gorgeous or fun way, and nestle them together into an exciting package that is delivered to your doorstep every single month!  
handwrapped_boxes fair ivy handmade gifts
Additionally, many of the items we send are handmade, created by local crafters and small business owners (over 90% of whom are women!).    As a small business owner myself, it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to help other small businesses and individual handmakers suceed!  
fair ivy handmade samples
We not only bring business to these crafters through our large order, but promote their individual shops through our site, facebook page, and with the info cards that come in each surprise box!
fair ivy handmade gift boxes etsy
You never know what you are going to receive, but you always know it is going to be wonderful, crafty and unique.  There are packages for everyone—girls, women, men and even cats and dogs!  
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  1. Congrats Fair Ivy!!! :^)

  2. What a wonderful idea!

    I follow a blog of an artist who leaves gifts (ACEOs, artsy/craftsy things) randomly, random acts of kindness! This sort of thing, surprising people with lovelies is so fantastic!

    Best and Blessings,

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