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claudia and elena mirrix loomsFreshly Launched :: Mirrix Looms

Launched :: Claudia & Elena

LaunchHER says :: Having spent some time doing some very amateur weaving, even I can understand the value of a high quality loom.  Mirrix Looms is the combined passion for Claudia & Elena, a mother-daughter team.

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Code “launcher” gives you 10% off the retail price of any products sold in the Mirrix Store. Expires December 31st 2011.

In HER words :: Mirrix Tapestry and Bead Looms was started in 1996 and rose from the need for a loom company that offers products that are both high-quality and portable for anyone on the go. Mirrix Looms are perfect for everyone with an artsy side, from crafty mothers of young children shuttling back and forth from soccer games to gymnastic meets (in fact, that’s how we started, in need of a loom for soccer side-lines) to grandmothers looking for a use for all that extra knitting yarn or artists wanting to express themselves on the kind of canvas only a loom can provide.

12 inch mirrix loom

Mirrix Looms are versitle and beautiful and range in size from 5 inches  to 38 inches across.  They can be used for bead weaving, tapestry, wire weaving, mixed media and more. Mirrix Looms are and always will be proudly  manufactured in the United States.

mirrix weaving looms

The Mirrix executive circle is a mother-daughter team bringing the joy of weaving to those who want to feel as good about the product they purchased as they do using it. We love our looms and we love the joy those looms bring to everyone who uses them.

22 inch mirrix loom

Why buy a Mirrix? “Because the loom you weave on should be a work of art.” 

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  1. Wow..I cannot help but remember class { family }trips to colonial villages that always had a lovely lady or two “in character” using a { vintage 😉 loom.
    I am always impressed with the beautiful pieces they would be creating.
    Beautiful product…congratulations and continued success!

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