Sharing Inspiration for Crafty Entrepreneurs at The Creative Connection Event & Conference

“You have to be part of this to understand it.”  

Jo Packham, The Creative Connection Co-Founder

It was a thrill to be surrounded by so many creative, talented, successful, compassionate, and joy-full women at The Creative Connection Event.  It was important for TCCE co-founder, Jo Packham, to provide an atmosphere where you feel “normal” and people “get it.”  That is so true.  There were creatives there from all backgrounds, and the event held a special gift for each one. 

the vintage pearl the creative connection event


We loved hearing Holly Becker, of the decor8 blog & Decorate book, as she spoke of the importance of a positive community.  We not only love her blog and her style, but also her down-to-earth candor.  Holly speaks like a blog post {which we adored}, she talks in a way that she creates a personalized connection, like a great blogger does, and at one point she even skipped ahead in her presentation to show us a picture of her hubby, almost as if it were a hyperlink you would have clicked on while reading one of her posts. 

Holly wasn’t an instant success story; she worked very hard and went through many highs and lows to get where she is today.  She believes in positivity and self-confidence saying “regret is worse than fear.”  In a way, she still seems very much in awe of her fame.  Speaking of her recent book launch party at Liberty in London, she had the sort of smile {huge smile} on her face that expressed true pride and joy.  The same smile she had when talking of her love story.  One last thought from Holly…” You deserve to make your dreams come true.”

launchher and holly becker decor8 blog and decorate authorTracy Corcoran & Kara Jensen Zitnick of LaunchHER with Holly Becker of decor8 blog and Author of Decorate.

Cristina Ferrare shared how she started in the modeling industry at a very young age, and now has her own show on OWN {Oprah Winfrey Network, for those of you living under a rock}.  Passionate about cooking and entertaining, Cristina has always been extremely comfortable on live television and her new show, A Big Bowl of Love, combines both her passions and her strengths.  She encouraged conference attendees to “be aggressive in pursuit of your dreams” while stressing the importance of beginning your business with a strategy.  Cristina may be new to social media, but she is embracing it with gusto and suggested the same for all of us.  One last thought from Cristina…”Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your own gift. Find it. Recognize it. Nurture it. Turn it into your best advantage.”

Finding inspiration outside of a website, blog, facebook, twitter, and email was so refreshing.  Meeting CONNECTING, in person, is still the best way to develop new relationships. 

We’ll take you on a tour of The Creative Connection Market coming later this week!


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