Freshly Launched :: Comediva

Erika-Cervantes Comediva FounderFreshly Launched :: Comediva

Launched :: Erika Cervantes

LaunchHER says :: It’s official! We have found our favorite new website to stalk.  Watch one of their Youtube video’s and you will be hooked too!  We absolutely love that Erika and team are taking the world of comedy by storm with their fresh brand of humor.

In HER words :: Comediva is a female comedy brand and content studio that creates original video and editorial content for women, published daily on

As a comedy writer and producer, I founded Comediva to give all my favorite funny ladies a voice, and to create a playground for savvy, intelligent women who love to laugh. The world of comedy hasn’t always been the friendliest place for women, and though we can now feel the tides turning, there is no comedy network or channel appealing directly to women.  So I decided to build it.

My left hand and my right hand are Emily McGregor and Linda Yvette Chavez, who head up the video and editorial departments of the company, respectively.  These fabulous ladies believed in the vision of a comedy utopia for women from the beginning, and have been invaluable in making it possible.  We’re building an amazing team, and talented network of female writers and performers that impress us and crack us up daily.

comediva comedy for women

Though our website launched March 14, 2011, Comediva has grown into much more:  a brand, a lifestyle, and a source for all things female and funny.  Ironically, we’ve also attracted a bevy of male fans, because what’s funny is funny (to guys too)!

Our viral hit “G-Male” was featured on everything from HuffPost Comedy to Gizmodo to Glamour.  We’ve been called “comic geniuses” by and our work has been described as “refreshingly unashamed female-driven comedy” by Tubefilter.

comediva comedy for women As our brand continues to grow, we just hope to connect to more and more women and build our audience.  Visit today and get your giggle on! / Facebook Comediva / Tweet Comediva / Youtube Comediva

Freshly Launched :: Little Choux

women small business network Little Choux anne marie hauerFreshly Launched :: Little Choux

Launched :: Anne Marie Hauer

LaunchHER says ::  Little Choux’s selection of toys and clothes for kids is reminiscent of the simple days of childhood.  Anne Marie has impeccable taste and a fun attitude – a perfect combination for a successful children’s boutique!

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Recieve 20% off your entire Little Choux purchase with code ‘LHFRESH’! expires 10/30/2011

In HER words :: Little Choux is an online children’s boutique specializing in unique toys, home décor and wearable accessories for children ages one to six.

little choux childrens boutique

A marketer by trade, having worked in the fashion and home décor industries, I dreamt of launching my own business.  When I became a mom, I found myself continuously searching for new and inspiring products that would cultivate a unique and memorable childhood for my children. I decided to create one place where I could share these exciting finds with others…and so Little Choux was born.

little choux childrens boutique

My hope is that Little Choux becomes a destination shopping boutique for discerning parents.  I am continuously searching for styles that are the very best in quality and the most aesthetically pleasing; think toys that are bright & colorful and look best displayed on a shelf rather than in a basket.

little choux childrens boutique

What’s been the most fun is evolving Little Choux beyond just selling home décor.  I have a passion for design and have created color themed Pinterest boards to inspire customers when decorating their child’s space.  Each Pin board features Little Choux products and shows how easy it can be to personalize your children’s room in a certain color or theme.

little choux childrens boutique

At Little Choux, you can expect to shop through a handpicked assortment of unique and high quality items, wrapped as if you had just shopped in a chic local boutique with the utmost attention to customer service.  I hope my customers enjoy shopping Little Choux as much as I loved discovering the many wonderful products you will find here.

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Freshly Launched :: Made With Hope on Etsy

Brittany Melton made with hope jewelry launchher women entrepreneur networkFreshly Launched :: Made With Hope on Etsy

Launched :: Brittany Melton

LaunchHER says :: We admire that Brittany has combined her passion for beautiful jewelry with her drive to help others – especially women.  Trust us, you will be inspired after reading about Made With Hope!

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Coupon Code ‘FRESHWITHHOPE’

In HER words :: Born from a combined passion for art and social good, I established Made with Hope as an outlet to serve others while providing a needed service. Let’s be frank: women of all socioeconomic statuses deserve to feel beautiful. As an American woman, I have the privilege to witness beauty on a level most in third world countries only dream of.

Houndstooth made with hope jewelry etsy

While volunteering with World Vision I realized that many girls are being told lies and sold into slavery, most of it sexual. They emerge feeling betrayed, embarrassed, and they lose a sense of what beauty really is. I want to make American beauty genuine, affordable, and unique so that I can give to the girls who need and deserve a freedom. These girls are due the right to grow up and become beautiful, free women.

Scrabble tile earrings made with hope jewelry etsy

My goal is to make jewelry as beautiful, and a simply, as possible. I want to give back in as many ways as possible and being a green business is one of the easiest ways to achieve this goal. The easiest way to meet this goal is to shop for fabrics from clothes found in the thrift store.

Psychadelic Craze earrings made with hope world vision jewelry etsy
Doing this almost always guarantees that I can make unique earring using fabric no one else uses. When I need to purchase fabric, I try to buy fair trade African fabrics. I package my earrings in boxes made from recycled fibers, and ship them in mailers made from post consumer waste. However, being green is not enough, so I have dedicated 100% of my net profits to World Vision International, or another deserving charity.

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Freshly Launched :: Pam Hurst Designs

pam hurst woman entrepreneur launchherFreshly Launched :: Pam Hurst Designs

Launched :: Pam Hurst

LaunchHER says :: Pam’s passion for the process definitely shows through her jewelry – beautiful pieces that are so versatile.  We also love following her on Facebook and seeing pictures from the classes she teaches!  It’s wonderful to see a women entrepreneur so excited about her business.

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Receive 20% off your purchase with the code ‘launch’ expires 10/31/2011

In HER words :: My business began from my love of all things jewelry.  I love the way jewelry makes me feel when wearing it.  I love the beauty of gemstones.  I love the smooth feel of metals.  And I especially love the feeling I get when I can put everything together and make a unique piece that can provide these feelings to my customer.labrodite circle necklace by pam hurst designs jewelry launchher

My studio is in an old church that was converted into art studios and a gallery.  I think of my jewelry as life inspired.  I began this business making mother’s bracelets with my sisters.  I then branched off into my own unique line of jewelry.  I just love to make pieces
by weaving the stories I am told by my customers into the pieces I am designing.

fingerprint mothers necklace kids pam hurst jewelry launchher

I design around many life events.  Being able to help people at the most important times in their lives is so gratifying.  I have designed for brides, mothers, fathers, people remembering their loved ones, and it makes my heart happy to be just a tiny part of their life journey.

golden globe earrings pam hurst designs launchher

I design mostly with silver and gemstones.  I use silver metal clay and sterling silver, along with gems, stones, and crystals.  I also love interesting, unique beads.

twig series pam hurst designs jewelry launchher women entrepreneurs network

I am thrilled that my business is thriving and growing.  You can find my designs on my website and a few boutiques.  I am very excited to be participating in the upcoming Golden Globes and Academy Awards with The Artisan Group.

botswana agate pendant pam hurst designs launchher women in business

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photograpHER :: Afton Dufoe Photography

lindsey afton dufoe photographerphotograpHER :: Lindsey Afton Dufoe, Afton Dufoe Photography

on location :: Lakeland, Florida {prints ship anywhere!}

launchHER says :: We were so excited to come across a photograpHER with such a unique perspective.  Lindsey’s photos are the type that give you reason to pause and reflect. Art.

HER snapshot :: I’m a child of the ’80s, dreamer, detail-oriented planner, animal lover, and international wanderer. Fine art photography is my passion, with surrealism and nature heavily inspiring my work. My goal in creating an image is to provide a glimpse into a fantasy world—like stepping inside a dream.

just for LaunchHER readers :: Enter “LaunchHER” at check out to receive FREE shipping. expires 12/1/2011

photograpHER five ::


Cosmic Rain by Afton Dufoe Photography



Dreamwalking by Afton Dufoe Photography



Discovery of a Species by Afton Dufoe Photography



Spring Awakening by Afton Dufoe Photography



Ghost Reflection by Afton Dufoe Photography

love HER too

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LaunchHER Gift Guide 2011 – Wrap up the cheer!

LaunchHER Gift Guide 2011 – Wrap up the cheer!

A little known fact about us is that we love to give gifts! With the holidays quickly approaching, we are anxious to pick out the perfect gifts for each of our family members and friends. We want to help our readers find the perfect gifts too, and that’s where you come in. We are inviting you to include a product from your shop in the LaunchHER Gift Guide.

launchHER gift guide handmade gift picks 2011 christmas

What is so special about LaunchHER? ::

  • approximately 78% of our readers/fans are women ages 25-44
  • we utilize our social media networks to spread the word! f:1729 t:4009 in:445
  • we promote and share your business and product throughout November & December with a link to the guide on our sidebar.

Important details ::

  • Keep in mind that we are looking for “giftable” products to feature. Fun & unique ideas for women, men, kids, etc.
  • Fees – $25 to participate {FREE for LaunchHER League Members}
  • The featured product description & photos are due to {} by October 26th, 2011.
  • LaunchHER reserves the right to limit products and/or shops in certain categories due to demand.

There are only 25 spots available for the 2011 LaunchHER Gift Guide and they will go fast. Sign up today, and get your products noticed this holiday season. {cheers!}

Update: The 2011 LaunchHER Gift Guide is full.  If you are interested in other advertising opportunities with LaunchHER for the holiday season, or becoming a LaunchHER League member, please contact Tracy Thank you!

Freshly Launched :: Merebelle by Shannon LeDuke on Etsy

shannon leduke merebelle jewelry etsyFreshly Launched :: Merebelle by Shannon LeDuke on Etsy

Launched :: Shannon LeDuke

LaunchHER says :: The dainty and feminine jewelry in Shannon’s Etsy shop is so enticingly sweet.  Talk about pieces you can wear everyday!

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Use code ‘LaunchHer’ for FREE Shipping!

In HER words :: My twin sister and I were born in Jacksonville, FL in 1991. We enjoyed a calm and carefree baby life (full of beach visits and puréed bananas) until, at fourteen months, our family discovered Kelsey was unfortunately very sick. Although she wasn’t able to overcome her illness and passed away Kelsey’s spirit still lives on everyday through my families understanding that life is short, time is precious and we’re all in this together!

mother lovely merebelle jewelry etsy handmade launchher

Fast forwarding twenty years later: After finishing my twelfth year in Catholic School I packed my bags for the extensive move of thirty miles to attend school at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL (far enough away I was no longer a last minute babysitter to my brothers or errand runner for my father). During only my second year at school I met David, the love of my life, married him and had a baby. While my abrupt lifestyle changes seem to shock most, after the death of my sister my family truly raised me with the optimistic approach that life was truly an endless pile of opportunities. So with a new ring on my finger and a baby in my arms I began my first entrepreneurial endeavor
mother lovely merebelle jewelry etsy handmade launchher
With little editorial abilities and an extra helping of imagination I embarked on the creation and execution of a website dedicated to helping women figure out how to maintain a lovely state of mind. As the days went on and I continued to extend a hand to my readers with the uplifting advice I offered I contemplated another creative outlet, jewelry design.
mother lovely merebelle jewelry etsy handmade launchher
I had made jewelry all my life but hadn’t ever considered selling or marketing anything I made so with the confidence I’d gained from MotherLovely I created it’s sister, Mèrebelle by Shannon LeDuke.
mother lovely merebelle jewelry etsy handmade launchher
Creating jewelry has always been a hobby of mine. However, as it usually happens with any hobby it was never one of my top priorities. I’d spent twenty minuets here, an hour there fiddling with findings, beads and wire for ages but never had the confidence to take that I had created to any craft shows or boutiques. At the time my daughter was only a few months old I found myself wanting to have a consistent side hobby that could serve as something productive for me to do while she napped and slept at night. After creating a few earrings and bracelets one evening I thought out loud to my husband “I wonder if I could sell these?”  The idea was born. David suggested I ask my close friend Lara, owner and creator of Declaration Boutique and Events, her opinion because of her successful
jewelry sales within her gift boutique. Although anxious, the next day I delicately displayed my small collection for Lara, who to my pleasant surprise loved the line and offered sell my jewelry in her store! Since then I have gotten Merebelle into four different locations and have steady sales. I couldn’t be happier with the out come from all of my hard work.
Shop Merebelle / Facebook Merebelle / Tweet Mother Lovely / Read Mother Lovely

Top 10 Business Blogs :: Blogging Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Business Blogs :: Blogging Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs

We not only love supporting women-owned shops, but we love reading their blogs too.  Since we are talking blogging about Building Your Business Blog in October, we thought it was appropriate to share a few of our personal favorites to give you some inspiration as you’re working on your own blog.

We have whittled down our list of favorite business blogs to ten.  It was no easy task.  These are women business owners, who also have addictive blogs.  We have a LOT of favorite “bloggers” too, but they are not included on this list, we’ll save those for another time.

They are all unique in their own way, and we can learn a lot from these chatty women entrepreneurs.  What should you do with this list?  Read. Follow. Comment. Enjoy!

  1. Layla Grayce, The Backroom
  2. Alicia Paulson, Posie Gets Cozyblog picture
  3. Ten Things, Ten Things Blog
  4. The Pleated Poppy, the blog
  5. The TomKat Studio, blog
  6. Anna Maria Horner, blog
  7. Laura Winslow Photography, the bloggie
  8. Jones Design, blog
  9. Holly Mathis Interiors, blog
  10. Fly Through Our Window, blog

Let’s think about a few things these fabulous blogs have in common…great information? check. captivating pictures? check. fun to read? check.  They are utilizing their blogs to bring in new clients and customers through great content, but it’s not necessarily all about their product.  It’s a brilliant mix worth noting!

If you blog as a part of your business, leave us a link in the comments below and we’ll check it out!

Photo Credit

Freshly Launched :: Wrapped Couture

Lissahn wrapped couture launchher women's business networkFreshly Launched :: Wrapped Couture

Launched :: Lissahn DeVance

LaunchHER says :: We love to give thoughtful gifts, but sometimes we find ourselves short on time.  Lissahn takes care of the thoughtful AND gift part for you – love that!  We are also loving the inspiration on her blog, be sure to take a peek.

In HER words :: I’ve been making gift baskets for more than 15 years and planning weddings and events for 10.  I never liked the frilly little Easter baskets that were in the department stores and I always found myself wanting something from one basket and wanting to add it to another to make one complete basket.  I ended up making my own Easter baskets for my children and then family and friends began to ask that I do the same for them.

Wrapped Couture Welcome Basket launchher freshly launched women entrepreneur network

I then took up planning weddings and events.  I started Wrapped Couture when a bride didn’t know what to give her mother as a gift for supporting her through the planning process of her wedding.  I suggested a Custom Gift Basket and she loved the idea!
Completed Chocolate Glam Basket wrapped couture women owned launchher

My company is all about gift giving, the thought of the person behind it, and being unique at the same time.  I make  custom Gift Baskets for Weddings, Birthdays, Holidays, Conferences, and Hotel Welcome Baskets.  They are customized for the person or the event in which it’s going.  As I do for a bride, I conduct a consultation to know who the basket is for, specific characteristics of the individual, and the occasion for the basket so that I can come up with a theme or color palette in which to build the basket.  Each item is hand chosen to carry that chosen theme throughout so that the recipient knows that the gift basket was made just for him or her.

Shop Wrapped Couture / Facebook Wrapped Couture / Tweet Wrapped Couture / Read Wrapped Couture

October BFF’s {beyond.fabulous.finds.}

October BFF’s


Kara Jensen Zitnick LaunchHEROctober by Kara :: A month into school and we are getting into the swing of things. With my oldest in 3rd grade and the not-so-little one now in preschool, our schedules are filling up. Having never been quite this busy kid-wise before, I find myself seeking the simple, inspirational and cute. These {beyond.fabulous.finds.}TM fit the bill quite nicely.

Home :: Because I believe anything is better when paired with a cute pair of shoes, I want this for my office.  It’s what inspires me. Potential Wall Plaque Curly Girl Design $21.75

curly girl design wall plaque launchher womens entrepreneur network

Beauty :: I have seen Whippy Cake’s creations in person and will never be the same. Becki Crosby’s beautiful hair confections are absolutely amazing. Every single creation is fabulous. Choosing one was my most difficult decision that day. This animal print lovely is my next purchase. A saucy combination of champagne, brown and leopard print rosettes all topped with gold buttons. So cute.  Swanky Souffle ‘Beastly’ by Whippy Cake $22

whippy cake swanky souffle beastly hair accessories launchher womens entrepreneur network

Fashion :: While it doesn’t seem quite cool enough here to break out my boots yet (maybe because I want to spend every single  minute of this unseasonably warm weather in my sandals and peep toes), I’m sewing up one of these darling tunic dresses this weekend. Without buttons or zippers, this versatile pattern is appropriate even for beginners. You decide whether to make it as a tunic top or a dress. Or just make both, it’s that easy. Simple AND cute. Sew Liberated Tunic Sewing Pattern $14.95

sew liberated tunic dress pattern launchher womens entrepreneur network

Halloween :: The perfect touches for the school party or just to celebrate the autumn season at home. Witches Brew Cupcake Liners {$3.50}, Super Spookey Stripey Straw Mix {$3.00}, Halloween Dots Balloons {$3.00} Simple, cute and FUN!

shop sweet lulu cupcake liners party supply launchher womens entrepreneur network

shop sweet lulu supplies party straws halloween launchher womens business network

 shop sweet lulu balloons halloween launchher womens entrepreneur network***************

Tracy Corcoran LaunchHEROctober by Tracy :: As we walked through Target the other day, my almost 3 year old says “ooooh, spooky!”  Of course she was referring to the HALF of the store that they transform into Halloween headquarters {with a few Christmas lights thrown in for the really eager folks}.  I change from year to year in deciding whether or not I like, love, or even despise Halloween.  It’s one of those holidays that was definitely way cooler in the days of homemade costumes and pillowcase treat bags.  I will admit  it though, as I eye the flyer for the school Halloween party on the fridge, grabbing one of those costumes from Halloween Headquarters at {insert big box store here} does sound pretty enticing right about now.  Boo!

Home :: I found this unique little dish at a boutique in Denver, but you can find more from this designer in her Etsy shop. Rae Dunn

rae dunn etsy pottery boutique handmade entrepreneur

Beauty :: When the weather starts to change, so does you skin.  I love ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment by Kate Sommerville $85


Fashion :: Peace Love Mom is made up of a team of Moms with one common goal – to create  “a celebration of motherhood” for all types of mothers. Harmony Mom Pink Long Sleeve Burn Out Tee $46

peace love mom long sleeve pink burn out tee

Halloween ::  Instead of rifling through the kids’ treat bags, you may just want to order some Pumpkin Seed Toffee for yourself! Valerie Confections $40

pumpkin seed toffee valerie confections woman entrepreneurFine Print :: We received no product or monetary compensation for the products featured in October BFF’s.