An Entrepreneur’s First Impression :: How to Write a Bio for your Website

Writing a bio may seem like an easy task, but when most people are actually asked to do it they realize it’s more difficult than they thought.  Why is a bio important?  It gives your readers or potential customers a glimpse into who you are as a person, which is an extension of your brand.  This is the way many women connect

As Tiffany Silverberg, and professional writer and consultant says, “A bio should be all about you and your relationship with your business, don’t let the focus of the story shift entirely to your family or other entities. It should give the reader an idea of what gets you out of bed every morning and what sets you apart from other business owners, as well as offering a fact or two we couldn’t find elsewhere.”

With that in mind, we challenge you to take another look at what your website/shop bio is saying about you.  Is it warm and inviting, or dry and lackluster?  Don’t be shy, invite a friend – or a professional copywriter like Tiffany – to review it for you and give you their honest opinion.  Don’t be afraid to share a bit of yourself; your readers and customers will connect!


  1. Hi! I think that was a great tip too… to remember to keep your bio warm and inviting. They shouldn’t be dry, cut and paste snippets!

  2. Thanks for the tips! This is something I definitely want to work on.

  3. I often tell people that although a short bio is written is about you, it is written for your audience. In other words, think about what aspects of you and your background would be important to the reader.

  4. Barbra so true. We are all so multifaceted. It’s important to remember what the audience wants to know about you. And remember that even the bio is about the sale – although it often should focus more on you than what you are selling.

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