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Erika-Cervantes Comediva FounderFreshly Launched :: Comediva

Launched :: Erika Cervantes

LaunchHER says :: It’s official! We have found our favorite new website to stalk.  Watch one of their Youtube video’s and you will be hooked too!  We absolutely love that Erika and team are taking the world of comedy by storm with their fresh brand of humor.

In HER words :: Comediva is a female comedy brand and content studio that creates original video and editorial content for women, published daily on

As a comedy writer and producer, I founded Comediva to give all my favorite funny ladies a voice, and to create a playground for savvy, intelligent women who love to laugh. The world of comedy hasn’t always been the friendliest place for women, and though we can now feel the tides turning, there is no comedy network or channel appealing directly to women.  So I decided to build it.

My left hand and my right hand are Emily McGregor and Linda Yvette Chavez, who head up the video and editorial departments of the company, respectively.  These fabulous ladies believed in the vision of a comedy utopia for women from the beginning, and have been invaluable in making it possible.  We’re building an amazing team, and talented network of female writers and performers that impress us and crack us up daily.

comediva comedy for women

Though our website launched March 14, 2011, Comediva has grown into much more:  a brand, a lifestyle, and a source for all things female and funny.  Ironically, we’ve also attracted a bevy of male fans, because what’s funny is funny (to guys too)!

Our viral hit “G-Male” was featured on everything from HuffPost Comedy to Gizmodo to Glamour.  We’ve been called “comic geniuses” by and our work has been described as “refreshingly unashamed female-driven comedy” by Tubefilter.

comediva comedy for women As our brand continues to grow, we just hope to connect to more and more women and build our audience.  Visit today and get your giggle on! / Facebook Comediva / Tweet Comediva / Youtube Comediva


  1. OMG so funny! I just found my new favorite thing. Loved “What Girls Do In the Car”!!

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