Freshly Launched :: Made With Hope on Etsy

Brittany Melton made with hope jewelry launchher women entrepreneur networkFreshly Launched :: Made With Hope on Etsy

Launched :: Brittany Melton

LaunchHER says :: We admire that Brittany has combined her passion for beautiful jewelry with her drive to help others – especially women.  Trust us, you will be inspired after reading about Made With Hope!

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In HER words :: Born from a combined passion for art and social good, I established Made with Hope as an outlet to serve others while providing a needed service. Let’s be frank: women of all socioeconomic statuses deserve to feel beautiful. As an American woman, I have the privilege to witness beauty on a level most in third world countries only dream of.

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While volunteering with World Vision I realized that many girls are being told lies and sold into slavery, most of it sexual. They emerge feeling betrayed, embarrassed, and they lose a sense of what beauty really is. I want to make American beauty genuine, affordable, and unique so that I can give to the girls who need and deserve a freedom. These girls are due the right to grow up and become beautiful, free women.

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My goal is to make jewelry as beautiful, and a simply, as possible. I want to give back in as many ways as possible and being a green business is one of the easiest ways to achieve this goal. The easiest way to meet this goal is to shop for fabrics from clothes found in the thrift store.

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Doing this almost always guarantees that I can make unique earring using fabric no one else uses. When I need to purchase fabric, I try to buy fair trade African fabrics. I package my earrings in boxes made from recycled fibers, and ship them in mailers made from post consumer waste. However, being green is not enough, so I have dedicated 100% of my net profits to World Vision International, or another deserving charity.

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  1. Great feature! Congrats, Brittany. We’re so proud of you and your accomplishments! :)

  2. Brittany, this is a wonderful article and an even more wonderful passion. Much luck and success!

  3. What a great article about your inspiring and meaningful business model! Congrats Brittany!

  4. Giving back is the best one can do.

  5. What a wonderful cause! Congrats Brittany!!

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