Freshly Launched :: Merebelle by Shannon LeDuke on Etsy

shannon leduke merebelle jewelry etsyFreshly Launched :: Merebelle by Shannon LeDuke on Etsy

Launched :: Shannon LeDuke

LaunchHER says :: The dainty and feminine jewelry in Shannon’s Etsy shop is so enticingly sweet.  Talk about pieces you can wear everyday!

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In HER words :: My twin sister and I were born in Jacksonville, FL in 1991. We enjoyed a calm and carefree baby life (full of beach visits and puréed bananas) until, at fourteen months, our family discovered Kelsey was unfortunately very sick. Although she wasn’t able to overcome her illness and passed away Kelsey’s spirit still lives on everyday through my families understanding that life is short, time is precious and we’re all in this together!

mother lovely merebelle jewelry etsy handmade launchher

Fast forwarding twenty years later: After finishing my twelfth year in Catholic School I packed my bags for the extensive move of thirty miles to attend school at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL (far enough away I was no longer a last minute babysitter to my brothers or errand runner for my father). During only my second year at school I met David, the love of my life, married him and had a baby. While my abrupt lifestyle changes seem to shock most, after the death of my sister my family truly raised me with the optimistic approach that life was truly an endless pile of opportunities. So with a new ring on my finger and a baby in my arms I began my first entrepreneurial endeavor
mother lovely merebelle jewelry etsy handmade launchher
With little editorial abilities and an extra helping of imagination I embarked on the creation and execution of a website dedicated to helping women figure out how to maintain a lovely state of mind. As the days went on and I continued to extend a hand to my readers with the uplifting advice I offered I contemplated another creative outlet, jewelry design.
mother lovely merebelle jewelry etsy handmade launchher
I had made jewelry all my life but hadn’t ever considered selling or marketing anything I made so with the confidence I’d gained from MotherLovely I created it’s sister, Mèrebelle by Shannon LeDuke.
mother lovely merebelle jewelry etsy handmade launchher
Creating jewelry has always been a hobby of mine. However, as it usually happens with any hobby it was never one of my top priorities. I’d spent twenty minuets here, an hour there fiddling with findings, beads and wire for ages but never had the confidence to take that I had created to any craft shows or boutiques. At the time my daughter was only a few months old I found myself wanting to have a consistent side hobby that could serve as something productive for me to do while she napped and slept at night. After creating a few earrings and bracelets one evening I thought out loud to my husband “I wonder if I could sell these?”  The idea was born. David suggested I ask my close friend Lara, owner and creator of Declaration Boutique and Events, her opinion because of her successful
jewelry sales within her gift boutique. Although anxious, the next day I delicately displayed my small collection for Lara, who to my pleasant surprise loved the line and offered sell my jewelry in her store! Since then I have gotten Merebelle into four different locations and have steady sales. I couldn’t be happier with the out come from all of my hard work.
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  1. So wonderful Shannon!!

  2. Lovely pieces! And wonderful outlook!

  3. Absolutely Beautiful!

  4. I am so very proud of you!

  5. What a touching story! Very inspirational. Congratulations on all your success Shannon!


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