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lindsey afton dufoe photographerphotograpHER :: Lindsey Afton Dufoe, Afton Dufoe Photography

on location :: Lakeland, Florida {prints ship anywhere!}

launchHER says :: We were so excited to come across a photograpHER with such a unique perspective.  Lindsey’s photos are the type that give you reason to pause and reflect. Art.

HER snapshot :: I’m a child of the ’80s, dreamer, detail-oriented planner, animal lover, and international wanderer. Fine art photography is my passion, with surrealism and nature heavily inspiring my work. My goal in creating an image is to provide a glimpse into a fantasy world—like stepping inside a dream.

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photograpHER five ::


Cosmic Rain by Afton Dufoe Photography



Dreamwalking by Afton Dufoe Photography



Discovery of a Species by Afton Dufoe Photography



Spring Awakening by Afton Dufoe Photography



Ghost Reflection by Afton Dufoe Photography

love HER too

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  1. Love Lindsey’s work! Kind of ethereal and spooky all at once. Congrats Lindsey!!!

  2. Thanks so much! :)

  3. Beautiful work Lindsey!

  4. Wow! I have enjoyed your fresh approach –love the pix you chose for this.

  5. Such beautiful work, so unique! Stands out from the rest!

  6. I love your work Lindsey!!!

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