Photo Ready Holiday Outfits that Shine {Infant & Toddler Edition} by Luxaby Baby & Child

Sharing Molly’s picks has become a holiday tradition of sorts here at LaunchHER.  We know that you’ll agree her taste is impeccable, and she knows kids so well!  Molly Vernon is the owner or Luxaby Baby & Child located in Princeton, NJ and online, as well as a LaunchHER Pro and a member of the LaunchHER League.  Tis the Season!

Luxaby baby and child holiday outfits

It is both the most exciting and stressful time of the year. In the midst of doing our every day jobs we have added the stress of finding the perfect gifts for young and old. On top of this is the ever popular family photo to send out to all your loved ones near and far. I may not be able to help you pick out all your holiday gifts but I can give you a few of my favorite outfits and advice for dressing your kids for the ever coveted Holiday Card.

Infants (up to 24 months)

How amazingly adorable are they and equally fun to dress up. You could pretty much put them in a onesie and they would receive oohs and aahs on the spot. However, if you want to add some flair – and let’s face it that is what the Holiday card is all about – it’s time to show off what 9 months of hard work brought to your family.

My personal favorite dress for infant girls this year is the Bow Print Ruffle Dress by Rachel Riley – so amazingly adorable and classic. For the infant boy – a classic sweater with a hint of a holiday print is too cute for words. My pick for the infant boy is the Fairisle Monty Sweater in Brown and Red.

Luxaby baby and child holiday outfitsLuxaby baby and child holiday outfits











However, if you are like me, and want to show off the angelic face that you created with an amazing close-up I suggest donning a fabulous hat. For the girl, the Hat & Mittens set by Sarah Louise is picture perfect. For the boy, Baby CZ’s Peruvian hats are beyond adorable and shows off those chubby cheeks in style!

Luxaby baby and child holiday outfitsLuxaby baby and child holiday outfits








Toddlers (2-4yrs)

Now that they are walking and running everywhere it is time to showcase some fabulous shoes! Rachel Riley Slipper Shoes are the most adorable addition to any toddler girls outfit and incredibly comfortable to wear. Match a silver pair with my favorite toddler Holiday dress this year – Baby CZ’s Boucle Anna Dress – and you have a stunning combination.

For the toddler boy, there is nothing more classic than a pair of navy pants and a classic looking Sweater – my favorite being Baby CZ’s Cashmere Silver if you are looking to match the Boucle Anna Dress. Wahlah! Now you have a match made in Holiday heaven and a photo worthy of a Winter Wonderland backdrop!

Luxaby baby and child holiday outfitsLuxaby baby and child holiday outfits

Luxaby baby and child holiday outfits

Check back because we will reveal Molly’s picks for the big kids later this week!

Freshly Launched :: The Lucky Elephant on Etsy

The Lucky ElephantFreshly Launched :: The Lucky Elephant

Launched :: Jutta Hilpuesch

LaunchHer Says :: In many cultures, elephants are a symbol of wisdom, luck and loyalty. We’re pretty sure that you’ll find Jutta’s chunky bracelets a wise purchase and become loyal customers. But good luck choosing the a favorite!

Just For LaunchHER Readers :: The Lucky Elephant is offering FREE SHIPPING with code: LAUNCHHER12

In HER Words :: I have always adored elephants, especially the ones with their trunks raised up. They are believed to bring good luck and to have the magical power to take troubles away.

The launch of my company, The Lucky Elephant, was one of those things that, in hindsight, feels like it was meant to be. When my youngest child entered Kindergarten I started making jewelry again. One day I was experimenting with wrap bracelets and accidentally stumbled upon a cute elephant button. I brought him home with me and The Lucky Elephant” was born the very next day.

The Lucky ElephantTurning a small idea into a successful, steadily-growing business that allows me to do what I love day in and day out, is a dream come true.  Constantly expanding my collection, I now offer a wide variety of good luck elephant jewelry designs.

The Lucky ElephantSince launching The Lucky Elephant, I have been a proud supporter of Urban Initiatives, a Chicago based nonprofit organization that runs a health and education soccer program in public schools in Chicago’s most under-served neighborhoods ( In memory of my mom and honoring Breast Cancer Awareness month, I recently created the “wearPINK Collection” and partnered with The National Breast Cancer Foundation ( Both causes are close to my heart and I consider myself very fortunate to be able to donate parts of my proceeds to support their incredible missions.

The Lucky Elephant

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Getting Cozy with Your Brand :: Good Branding Speaks for Itself

It’s late fall, time to cozy up with your favorite throw blanket, a warm mug, and your brand.  Yes, your brand.

Often times, your branding – your company’s colors, logo, voice, slogan – is your first opportunity to make a great impression on potential customers. To catch and keep your customer’s interest, and inspire a potential buyer to shop your products or services, you need to put your best foot forward.

You might think of it this way: your branding is you entering the room for a job interview. The way that you present yourself (are you polished, prepared, confident?) sets the tone before you even shake hands with the interviewer.

We asked LaunchHER League Members about the steps they took to brand their businesses. Here’s what they said:

Professional writer and consultant Tiffany Silverberg saw value in getting outside help with her branding. She says, “My color scheme came as a result of working with Ahoy Graphics. Ahoy offered a number of color sets based on my own personal favorites. We chose a vibrant set – that would be welcoming and personable without being too industry specific – as I write for many different kinds of companies and non-profits.”

As a writer, however, Tiffany was able to find her company’s ‘voice’ on her own, “Speaking naturally, from a unique sales-focused angle, is key to effective branding. My slogan is “Let Me Tell Your Story”. These five words promise a stress-free journey toward bringing personal words to a customer’s struggle.”

Bee at Cece Post takes a different approach to ‘voice’. “There is nothing more special than to have someone take the time to write a personal note,” she says.

We agree that relationship-building with your customers is key. Just ask any company with a loyalty program or a customer feedback line!

Decorate by Holly Becker Giveaway Winner!

We are excited to announce the winner of the signed copy of Decorate by Holly Becker

decorate book by holly becker decor8

She said her favorite room is the house is “the playroom…it’s where all the action is!”

She was lucky #45 according to

Congrats to…

Jen from Ellia C. Naturals!!!

Freshly Launched :: Chubby Baby on Etsy

Chubby Baby's Colleen WilsonFreshly Launched :: Chubby Baby on Etsy

Launched :: Colleen Wilson

LaunchHer says :: Inspired by her own children, Colleen turned a sticky situation into stylish and easy-to-wash car seat covers, diaper bag bling and darling, designer baby wear. Now that’s putting creativity – and style – into action!

Just for LaunchHer readers :: receive $20.00 off on all orders until January 1, 2012 using coupon code LOVEBABYLOVE.

In HER words :: I started Chubby Baby over three years ago with the intent to create beautiful infant car seat covers. At the time, my daughter spit up like crazy so her car seat was a huge, stinky mess! I needed a cover that would be easy to remove and wash, so I created my own pattern with an Easy On/Off system.  When I was finished I received so many compliments on the covers that I decided to call Martha Stewart for advice on her satellite radio show. I actually got through, to my surprise, and she directed me to

Chubby Baby
I was very blessed to have had such an easy baby, otherwise none of this would have happened.  I have my mom to thank, for pushing me in all the right ways to accomplish my dream, my two children, for inspiration, and my husband, for always listening to my ideas and expanding on them.  We truly are a great team!
Chubby Baby
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5 Reasons to Support Small Business Saturday

5 Reasons to Support Small Business Saturday

by Jenny Ford, Monkey Toes Shoes

small business saturday minneapolisI love that LaunchHer supports women-owned business!  And I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of it, I just adore Tracy & Kara to pieces.  They asked me to try to get the point across about why to support local, and a lot of times women-owned, businesses.  I haven’t always been perfect about this – I totally admit.  But I’m making a change, and I get that we can’t purchase EVERYTHING at a local boutique, but when we can, we should.  And here’s why…

  1. Your dollars keep the community full of thriving businesses
    and shopping centers looking pretty – ghost towns are ugly!
  2. You’re not only helping the boutique owners, but you’re
    keeping small businesses (the actual products), like mine, thriving too.  The
    smaller boutiques don’t ask us to give them discounts, they pay a normal and
    fair wage for it, which keeps everyone happy.
  3. You are reinforcing the value of taking the leap of faith
    and becoming a business owner. Entrepreneurship is hard, folks, go give them a
    financial pat on the back.
  4. Even though sometimes you may spend a little teenie bit
    more than at those box stores, your generating good karma.
  5. You’re going to find incredibly unique gifts at these
    little shops.  You’ll never have to worry about showing up to Aunt Betty’s house
    with the same gift as your brother – and you know you want to top your brother’s
    gift, right?!

I hope you’ll join myself and my family in supporting small business and shopping local, when and where you can.  If there is something you cannot find locally; ask your favorite store to carry it – they love hearing from their customers.

Happy local shopping and Happy Holidays!

Event alert –  Meet Jenny and her Monkey Toes at Little Feet & More on Small Business Saturday (November 26, 2011) in Cherry Creek North in Denver, CO.

Jenny Ford is a LaunchHER Pro, LaunchHER League Member, owner of Monkey Toes Shoes, and editor/founder of Sugar Loco.  She lives in Denver Colorado with her family.

Freshly Launched :: Fancy Designs

fancy designs small business on launchherFreshly Launched :: Fancy Designs

Launched :: Ashley Berthelot

LaunchHER says :: We enjoy not only Ashley’s modern sense of style, but also the cheerfulness of her designs.  We have found many new things to add to our wish list!

Just for LaunchHER readers :: 20% Off Holiday Cards & Invitations
Use Code: HOLIDAYCHEER Expires: 12/31/2011

In HER words :: I’m 22 years old and I’ve been an artsy person for as long as I can remember. Never was I without my pencil and a notepad. I’ve always been drawn to anything that was eye-catching and beautiful. As I got older, that love for art grew into a passion for digital design. Fancy Designs began as a complete accident. I would hear people complaining about the prices and lack of variety for the invitations they wanted and I’d happily take over and create a unique design for them. I have such a huge passion for paper and digital design, it was only right that I turn that passion into an affordable way for people to get the designer style they were looking for at a price that wouldn’t break their bank accounts.

fancy designs small business on launchher

I found and it was everything I was looking for. I could create a flexible design schedule, build product lines, set reasonable prices, and do this all without the burden of a start-up, which I just couldn’t afford at the time. I had no plans, nothing to fall back on, and failing just wasn’t an option. Maybe it was my sheer determination not to fail or luck, but my designs started to sell. Sales continued to climb and after a few short months, Zazzle invited me to join the ranks of their ProSellers, the most successful sellers in Zazzle’s online market. My designs are shipping all over the world and it’s an amazing feeling.
fancy designs small business on launchher
I was invited to join The Artisan Group this past year, which put my designs into the hands of celebrities at GBK Production’s Emmy Awards Gift Lounge and that was an experience I never could of dreamed of having. This year has shown me that with hard work and tons of determination you can accomplish your dreams. 2012 holds a lot of exciting cards for Fancy Designs and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my little dream.
fancy designs small business on launchher
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Do you CRAVE LaunchHER?

We don’t often talk about us, but we have some big news to share…

LaunchHER is featured in the 2nd edition of the Minneapolis CRAVE Guide!  Not only will you get a behind the scenes look at LaunchHER, but we will also be revealing some of our newest pictures from Megan Norman Photography in the book.

minneapolis CRAVE Guide featuring LaunchHER

What is the Minneapolis CRAVE Guide?

“CRAVE guides are your go-to resource for the best women-owned businesses in your city.” {} Showcasing over 100 local brands, the Minneapolis CRAVE Guide will give you an inside look at not only the businesses, but also the women business owners.


Why do I need the Minneapolis CRAVE Guide?

Well, since you are here reading LaunchHER, we already know you support women-owned businesses.  Whether you are local to Minneapolis, or just looking to expand your business into the Minneapolis area, the CRAVE Guide is perfect for you.


How do I get my Minneapolis CRAVE Guide?

Right HERE! We are currently accepting pre-orders, and all pre-order books will ship on or before Friday, November 18th.  That means you will have your book in time for Small Business Saturday…YAY! We will have a limited number of copies, so if you want one don’t hesitate – they will go fast.

Oh, and because we want to make it easy for you to order, shipping is on us!

Minneapolis CRAVE Guide, $19.95

Order below.

Decorate by Holly Becker {Giveaway}

decorate book by holly becker decor8Holly Becker’s blog, Decor8, has always been a source of inspiration, but hearing Holly speak in person at The Creative Connection last September truly made her words come alive.  We love Holly for her candid commentary and beautiful style.

From blogger to BIG TIME author, Holly Becker has an infectiously gracious spirit…just one of those people you love to support.  She draws you in with her easy going nature, and holds your attention with her keen eye for all things pretty.

Speaking of style…

decorate book giveaway holly becker

Holly’s book Decorate is an amazing resource for decorating your home, no matter your style.  The best part about Decorate is all of the incredible pictures.  We’re talking major eye candy!  You don’t have to envision “the look”, Holly lays it all out for you.  We also love that Decorate includes 1,000’s of ideas and inspiration that are realistic. It’s not just for “show” homes.

how to decorate blog holly becker

Decorate is full of tips, pictures, and antidotes not just from Holly, but from many other top designers as well.  I am constantly popping it open for a dose of design.  It reads like a magazine rather than a text book, and my personal copy has little sticky notes all over it.  When you get your copy of Decorate, we should compare notes…think we have the same style?

interior design decorating blog book holly becker

We saved a special copy just for you.  We are giving away a signed copy of Holly Becker’s book Decorate right here on LaunchHER.  The inscription reads: “launch it forward! Holly Becker.”  This is a one-of-a-kind, friends!

If you have this in mind for a Christmas gift…it’s under $25 on Amazon right now!

How to enter…

Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment below telling us about your favorite room in your house.

Optional Entries, choose one or all:

  1. Like LaunchHER – or tell us if you already do
  2. Like Decorate – or tell us if you already do
  3. Like Decor8 {holly’s blog} – or tell us if you already do
  4. Sign-up for the LaunchHER Newsletter – or tell us if you already get it

Please leave a separate comment for each.

Thanks and good luck!

Fine Print: This giveaway ends 11-17-2011 at 11:59 CST.  Winner will be drawn using  This is not a paid advertisement, but we did receive a personal copy of Holly’s book to review.

New to LaunchHER :: Boutique Elli’Ette Children’s Clothing

launchher network for women entrepreneursNew to LaunchHER :: Boutique Elli’Ette

Welcome :: Kyle Travers

LaunchHER says :: Little girls with bouncing curls…that’s what we envision when we see the lovely clothing and accessories from Boutique Elli’Ette.  Kyle creates fun and whimsical children’s clothing that is perfect for a playdate or that special occasion.  We can’t say enough that we love to see kid’s clothes that are “kid appropriate” but in today’s world, it is an important topic.  Let kids be kids!

In HER words :: I have always loved expressing myself and my creativeness through sewing.  For years I was obsessed with designing and creating my children’s clothing, some of my own, and home dec items.  It only seemed natural that I would start offering my service and creations to others.  I started with commissions for wedding dresses and bridal party outfits as well as period clothing for reenactors locally before the days of the internet, and in 2010 opened my online shop Boutique Elli’Ette, named after my twin granddaughters Elyse (Elli) and Juliet (Ette).

I offer popular and trendy styles with my own little twist:  Knot Dresses, Ruffle Pants, Twirl Skirts, Pillowcase Dresses, Tops, my exclusive design Back-Tie Bow Dresses and Tops, and hair accessories.

I am proud to provide affordable, quality, made-in-the-USA items for the fashion-conscious Mom.

Shop Boutique Elli’Ette / Facebook Boutique Elli’Ette / Tweet Boutique Elli’Ette

 *This is a paid advertisement as part of a LaunchHER sponsorship package.