5 Reasons to Support Small Business Saturday

5 Reasons to Support Small Business Saturday

by Jenny Ford, Monkey Toes Shoes

small business saturday minneapolisI love that LaunchHer supports women-owned business!  And I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of it, I just adore Tracy & Kara to pieces.  They asked me to try to get the point across about why to support local, and a lot of times women-owned, businesses.  I haven’t always been perfect about this – I totally admit.  But I’m making a change, and I get that we can’t purchase EVERYTHING at a local boutique, but when we can, we should.  And here’s why…

  1. Your dollars keep the community full of thriving businesses
    and shopping centers looking pretty – ghost towns are ugly!
  2. You’re not only helping the boutique owners, but you’re
    keeping small businesses (the actual products), like mine, thriving too.  The
    smaller boutiques don’t ask us to give them discounts, they pay a normal and
    fair wage for it, which keeps everyone happy.
  3. You are reinforcing the value of taking the leap of faith
    and becoming a business owner. Entrepreneurship is hard, folks, go give them a
    financial pat on the back.
  4. Even though sometimes you may spend a little teenie bit
    more than at those box stores, your generating good karma.
  5. You’re going to find incredibly unique gifts at these
    little shops.  You’ll never have to worry about showing up to Aunt Betty’s house
    with the same gift as your brother – and you know you want to top your brother’s
    gift, right?!

I hope you’ll join myself and my family in supporting small business and shopping local, when and where you can.  If there is something you cannot find locally; ask your favorite store to carry it – they love hearing from their customers.

Happy local shopping and Happy Holidays!

Event alert –  Meet Jenny and her Monkey Toes at Little Feet & More on Small Business Saturday (November 26, 2011) in Cherry Creek North in Denver, CO.

Jenny Ford is a LaunchHER Pro, LaunchHER League Member, owner of Monkey Toes Shoes, and editor/founder of Sugar Loco.  She lives in Denver Colorado with her family.


  1. We support small businesses. Check out http://www.custommade.com/search?mode=readynow

  2. Very good points. Thank you for highlighting them!

  3. Yes, I totally agree. I started last year by doing a personal boycott of big box stores over the holidays and supporting my local town’s small businesses. It was fun and less crowded! Now I need to work on the rest of the year!

  4. Thank you Jenny and LaunchHer for posting this. This year more than ever I think we need to rethink our shopping habits!


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