Decorate by Holly Becker {Giveaway}

decorate book by holly becker decor8Holly Becker’s blog, Decor8, has always been a source of inspiration, but hearing Holly speak in person at The Creative Connection last September truly made her words come alive.  We love Holly for her candid commentary and beautiful style.

From blogger to BIG TIME author, Holly Becker has an infectiously gracious spirit…just one of those people you love to support.  She draws you in with her easy going nature, and holds your attention with her keen eye for all things pretty.

Speaking of style…

decorate book giveaway holly becker

Holly’s book Decorate is an amazing resource for decorating your home, no matter your style.  The best part about Decorate is all of the incredible pictures.  We’re talking major eye candy!  You don’t have to envision “the look”, Holly lays it all out for you.  We also love that Decorate includes 1,000’s of ideas and inspiration that are realistic. It’s not just for “show” homes.

how to decorate blog holly becker

Decorate is full of tips, pictures, and antidotes not just from Holly, but from many other top designers as well.  I am constantly popping it open for a dose of design.  It reads like a magazine rather than a text book, and my personal copy has little sticky notes all over it.  When you get your copy of Decorate, we should compare notes…think we have the same style?

interior design decorating blog book holly becker

We saved a special copy just for you.  We are giving away a signed copy of Holly Becker’s book Decorate right here on LaunchHER.  The inscription reads: “launch it forward! Holly Becker.”  This is a one-of-a-kind, friends!

If you have this in mind for a Christmas gift…it’s under $25 on Amazon right now!

How to enter…

Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment below telling us about your favorite room in your house.

Optional Entries, choose one or all:

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Please leave a separate comment for each.

Thanks and good luck!

Fine Print: This giveaway ends 11-17-2011 at 11:59 CST.  Winner will be drawn using  This is not a paid advertisement, but we did receive a personal copy of Holly’s book to review.


  1. I love launch her on fb!!

  2. I like decorate on fb!

  3. I like decor8 on fb!

  4. I already receive and read the launch her newsletter :)

  5. My favorite room in my house is our master bedroom! I share it with my 15 month old little cutie pie, and we’re in the middle of remodeling and redesigning, so that she can have a better “big girl” play space. We both love pink and bows and sparkles, so we work well together in designing a pretty space :)

  6. Like LaunchHer!

  7. Like Decorate too!

  8. And of course I already get your emails :) Love ’em.

  9. I love all the rooms in Holly Becker’s book but I’m partial to the eclectic look of the Living Room. Decorating is my passion. Crazy about the gold framed photograph, the leather covered side chair and the tufted sofa mixed with the 70″ standing light. Every room I live in has to have some flowers in it.

  10. I already receive the LaunchHer newsletter.

  11. I thrilled I joined LaunchHer on fb

  12. I have like decorate, decor8, LaunchHer, and I receive LaunchHer news Letter!

  13. I’d love to own Decorate on fb

  14. I like Decor on fb

  15. aubreylaine says:

    My fave room in my house is my living room- it is contemporary, with the main colors being green, brown & ivory.
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  16. My favorite room is the kitchen. It’s warm and cozy, and where I love to spend my time.

  17. I already like LaunchHER on FB.

  18. I know people are going to laugh at me, but my favorite place in the house is the bathroom. No one bothers you when you are in there and so it’s a nice little retreat from all the hustle and bustle. :)

  19. My favorite room in my apartment is the nook just off the living room. It has a high ceiling that slopes down, it’s a small (cozy!), room with a loveseat piled with pillows, a bookcase full of my favorite books and magazines, an antique dressing table that is my desk, and it has a tall, tall window out of which I love to watch life pass by each day!

  20. I *like* decor8 on facebook too. :)

  21. My favorite room in my house {right now}, would be my master bedroom/bathroom! It is white and cream with light green accents…white linens, white sheer curtains, white and cream towels, candles with green accents and so much more! It is very whimsical, fresh, cheery and cozy! My parents were visiting not too long ago and I gave them my room and my Dad said he woke up thinking he was in heaven and amongst the clouds! :-)

  22. I like LaunchHER on FB!!

  23. I like Decorate on FB!!

  24. I like Decor8!!

  25. I signed up for the LaunchHER Newsletter! :-)

  26. My very favorite room is the living room- an eclectic and open space, where I can look out the big window into my front yard and see all the sweet birds at the feeders- pure joy!!!

  27. my bedroom is my sanctuary…though it still needs a few special touches

  28. I “LOVE” launcher, but couldn’t find the button so I clicked “Like” instead :)

  29. I “Liked” decorate

  30. I “liked” decor8

  31. I am now a follower of! So happy to find my way to your website. My favourite room in the house? Believe it, I don’t have one yet. We just moved into a flat in Scotland from a home in Houston and adjusting to living life on a massively smaller scale. I suspect the best room will be the ‘lounge’ once I ‘do my thing’ to it. It has 10ft. ceilings, heaps of holding and the original fireplace; all original, aprox. 130 years old. Holly’s book will be a cherished tool for changing this flat from a toad into a prince!!

  32. Now subscribe to Launcher Newsletter!!

  33. Definitely a fan of Decor8! I suspect Holly’s book will be as loved as my Domino book!

  34. Now a fan of Decorate!

    Thank you : )

  35. My favorite room in the house is my KITCHEN! Brings family together and it’s just the way I like it!


  36. I like LaunchHER on FB. (Mandi Mattice Garfield)

  37. My favorite room in my house is the family room because of the wonderful sunlight it gets from an entire wall of windows that over look the court yard.

  38. I like Decorate on FB. (Mandi Mattice Garfield)

  39. I like Decor8 on FB. (Mandi Mattice Garfield)

  40. I subscribe to the LaunchHER newsletter!


  41. Already like LaunchHER on FB and get the newsletter. :-)

  42. I like Decor 8 on FB.

  43. I like Decorate on FB.

  44. My favorite room in the house is definitely the playroom…it’s where all the action is!

  45. I like (love, actually!) LaunchHER on FB :)

  46. I receive the LaunchHER email :)

  47. I already get the newsletter!

  48. already like LaunchHER :)

  49. liked decorate

  50. and decor8!

  51. I already LIKE LauncHER

  52. I already LIKE Decorate

  53. I already LIKE Decor8

  54. Signed up for the LauncHER newsletter!

  55. I LOVE my guest room. I think it is because I moved in with my boyfriend a year and a half a go to FL from DC. The guest room windows face our back yard with lots of sunshine and our pool. I painted the wall black with pink accents. Its a little of me!:)

  56. I liked you on Facebook:) I’m excited to learn more about LaunchHER!

  57. I just signed up for the LaunchHER emails!

  58. I just completed Holly’s Bloggingyourway class and love her on FB and her blog!

  59. I like LaunchHER on Facebook! :)

  60. I like Decorate on Facebook! :)

  61. I like Decor8 {blog} on Facebook! :)

  62. Already subscribed to the LaunchHER newsletter! :)

  63. My favorite room in my house right now is my NEW soaping room! We just recently finished our laundry room, and there is a HUGE space in there to set up all of my soaping stuff! Yay! It’s beautiful, and I can’t wait to start decorating!! :)

  64. My favorite room in my home is the craft/studio and my living room where I have a collection of plants I love and pillows I make…
    I “like” all already!
    Thank you!

  65. I LOVE LaunchHer and am already a fan of Decorate & Decor8! I am also signed up for the Launch Her newsletter. You ladies ROCK – would love a copy of this book!

  66. My favorite room in my house has got to be my bedroom. I have 2 floor to ceiling windows & a shorter one. (I LOVE light) My curtains are the perfect shade of green, my HUGE bed has the same shade in accents on the yellow comforter. Mostly I love it because this is my sanctuary. I go to escape. No TV. Only the occasional dog barking & children talking. I don’t get to retreat here til after my 4 kids are in bed, the washer & dishwasher are going & all the doors are locked, but it is WELL worth the wait!

  67. My favorite room in my house this year is my bedroom. It’s our sanctuary away from our 3 kids and is a place for my husband & I to relax together. Of course it’s a mess and not decorated, but someday when the twins are older we will get to it!

  68. I already Like LaunchHer of course!

  69. My favorite room is my bedroom. It’s painted a dark purple and when I enter in the evening it has such a calming effect on me. As I step into the room I feel the tension leave me and just feel my body say “ahhhh”.

  70. I’ve ‘Liked’ LaunchHER.

  71. I’ve ‘Liked’ Decorate.

  72. Liked Decor8.

  73. I already receive and read the launch her newsletter :)

  74. I like Decorate!

  75. I like LaunchHer on FB!

  76. I love Decor8!

  77. I like Launch on Twitter.

  78. I like Decor 8 blog!

  79. I like Decorate and wish I had the book!

  80. I’d like to join in !

  81. Apart from jewellery design, interior design is a great hobby of mine. I have designed most of the furniture in my home but my favourite room is my kitchen, hi tech but enormously practical. A wonderful space to cook and entertain family and friends.
    I love the newsletters from LaunchHer and have liked the site too… and would love to have this book. It looks like it would “decorate” any home.

  82. I love LaunchHer!

  83. I love Decorate!

  84. I love decor8!

  85. Good morning!
    I’m a member of The Artisan Group (TAG) and have heard so much about you! My favorite room in my house is the whole thing honestly. I truly love it. I spend most of my time in my studio making jewelry and I really need to decorate it. My daughters room is my 2nd favorite and it truly needs to be re-done! She’s two yrs old and loves just about everything! I could definitely use your book! I was just talking to my fiance about decorating and painting our stairway hall. It’s so bare and echoes when we talk. Boy do I need some assistance!

  86. My favourite room in my house at the moment is my little boys’ room. Their walls are blue on top with chocolate on the bottom separated with a chalkboard border and white trim. The furniture is espresso wood and there is a subtle woodland animals theme in the custom artwork and accessories. When I sit in my room, I look directly into their sunlit room and it always makes me smile.

  87. I already like LaunchHER!

  88. I liked decor8

  89. I like Decorate!

  90. I subscribe to the launchHER newsletter.

  91. fave room in my house is my office/den — i can listen to the kids playing or watch them out the door while working on something creative at my desk!

  92. i follow on FB! of course!!!

  93. following decor8 on FB now & tagged LaunchHer in a post! :)

  94. you have email subscription??? YEAH!!! all signed up – i will never miss news again! thanks ladies!

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