Freshly Launched :: Bellabyte Design Studio

Freshly Launched :: Bellabyte Design Studio

Launched :: Jayna Denbow

LaunchHER says :: Jayna’s handmade cards and personalized stationery are a delightful return to the days when one ‘texted’ their friends with a pen in hand.

Just for LaunchHER readers :: 10% off your entire order when you use the coupon code happyholidays.

In HER words :: I am a Canadian artist born and raised in Montreal, Canada but now a residing and working in Texas. I studied graphic arts many years ago at InterDec College in Montreal, and I later studied fashion design at the Art Institute of Dallas. After working for nearly 10 years in the design world as a home decor product designer for manufacturers, I have finally gone back to my first love which is digital art, stationery and paper goods.

In March 2011, Bellabyte Design Studio was launched, featuring a few digital items for purchase. By August 2011 I had expanded my product line and was selling trendy frame-ready wall art, handmade cards and personalized stationery. Bellabyte continues to attract the attention home decor bloggers and paper goods enthusiasts.
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