Freshly Launched :: P.S. You’re Lovely on Etsy

Freshly Launched :: P.S. You’re Lovely on Etsy

Launched :: Crystal Milton

LaunchHER says :: Few things say “woman” better than pearls. Jackie O. knew that well. Crystal’s freshwater pearl originals take the next step by saying, “this unique woman”.

Just for LaunchHer readers :: Receive 20% off your total purchase with coupon code PSYL20. Expires Jan 1, 2012.

In HER words :: P.S. You’re Lovely started in April 2011 when I accidentally broke my vintage freshwater pearl necklace. The necklace had looked like it came from the bottom of my grandmother’s jewelry box in the attic. Heartbroken, I decided to try to make a replacement.  To my surprise, the hardest part was finding pearls that were flawed enough.

I only use freshwater pearls in my designs because they are not perfectly round. Their flaws are what make them unique and beautiful. Women are just like freshwater pearls: we are all flawed in one way or another but that is what makes each of us unique.  The jewelry I design and create for P.S. You’re Lovely is a reminder that you are lovely, flaws and all, and there will never be another woman like you.

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  1. beautiful!!!! lovely. great photos. beautiful jewelry!! so excited to know about her shop! thanks ladies.

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