Freshly Launched :: The Nib and Quill on Etsy

Freshly Launched :: The Nib and Quill on Etsy

Launched :: Kristi Baker

LaunchHER says :: Much ado about something! Take a therapeutic break from the mundane with The Nib and Quill. You’ll feel like The Bard’s sister writing in these vintage-inspired journals.

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Receive 10% off your total purchase with coupon code Launcher10. Expires Dec 30, 2012.

In HER words :: As a stay-at-home mother of three, at night I need some personal, reflective time to write in my journal. Some days, it’s the only way that I survive!  Tired of the same store-bought journals, I decided to try my hand at making my own journals and before I knew it, The Nib and Quill was born.

All of my journals have a vintage-inspired flare about them. And because recycling is important to me, I love to find a new home for a vintage skeleton key on the front covers: they are always my favorite ones to make.

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  1. Oh!! Love them!!

  2. Kristi’s journals are a true work of art! I own one, and I show it off to everyone! It is expertly crafted, and a personal treasure! She is truly an artist!

  3. Congratulations, Kristi! We’re all so proud of you over at The Artisan Group. Well done! :)

  4. Congrats Kristi. Your journals are beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful way to make something already personal even more so! I’m loving the keys, too! Really, really special!

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