LaunchHER Top 40 :: Profiles of Women Entrepreneurs 2011

Over the past 12 months, our tongue-in-cheek 40 Under 40 list of women-owned brands has become our most-read post. While the idea behind that list was to fulfill Kara’s personal goal of being named to a 40 Under 40 list while she was still, in fact, under 40, profiling amazing women entrepreneurs was thrilling.

So without further ado, we present the…

LaunchHER Top 40 :: Profiles of Women Entrepreneurs 2011*

In no particular order, but in keeping with tradition…in reverse alphabetical order, of course. {wink, wink}

  Molly Vernon {store owner/author}





    Jennifer Untermeyer {travel expert/entrepreneur}





  Amber Toste {boutique owner/fashion lover}





women in business becky sturm 3 way beauty   Becky Sturm {beauty business expert/inventor}





   Kim Stoegbauer {party stylist/editor/HGTV blogger}





   Leigh Standley {artist}





  Jessie Senese {party supplies}





   Anna Ryan & Selena Srabian {nurses/inventors}






   Mally Roncal {makeup artist/inventor}






   Cassandra Rippberger {graphic designer}






   Angela Parks {designer/blogger},





 Jo Packham {publisher/entrepreneur},



   Heather Mellstrom & Stephanie Monge {designers}





   Nikki McGonigal {author/crafter}





   Holly Mathis {interior designer}





   Jami Lindberg {entrepreneur/social media maven}





   Natalie Jost {designer/curator}





   Cathe Holden {graphic designer/writer}





   Valeria Guerrero {graphic designer/entrepreneur/founder}





   Sally Gemignani {party supplies}





   Jenny Ford {shoe designer/sugar lover}





   Lara Field {pediatric dietician/gluten-free guru}





   Tauni Everett {founder}





  Wendy Estes & Tiffany Harris {entrepreneurs/style mavens},





   Erin Edwards {jewelry designer}





   Rae Dunn {ceramic artist}





   Elizabeth Dehn {beauty writer & skincare creator}





  Anne M. Cramer {clothing designer}





   Bridget Connell {handbag designer}





   Jenni Clark {children’s clothing designer}





   Kim Christopherson & Kris Thurgood {DIY mavens}





  Grace Bonney {blogger/author}





  Jennifer Berson {publicist}





  Holly Becker {author/founder of decor8}





   Maureen Anders & Adria Ruff {graphic designers & party stylists}



*******************************launchher photo courtesy Megan Norman Photography

We are continually inspired by the women we meet, and are enjoying every minute of our own journey as women entrepreneurs.  Cheers!

~Kara Jensen Zitnick & Tracy Corcoran, LaunchHER

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* This article is the sole opinion of LaunchHER. No payment or other consideration was exchanged for inclusion.


  1. So honored to be listed with such a fabulous group of women entrepreneurs! Thank you Kara & Tracy!!!

  2. Congratulations to all the women on the list! What an inspiring group you have.

  3. Congrats to all of you! You are very inspiring to me! I’m in college getting an entrepreneurship degree, and I love getting to read about other women who have started their own business!


  4. Wow! I am so honored to be included on this list with so many other fabulous women! Thanks, LaunchHER!

  5. Congratulations Ladies. I’m thrilled for all of you and happy that I can be in the company of such entrepreneurs and learn from you each day. My goal for 2012 is to join you on the list.

  6. Wonderful list of ladies! Congrats to all!

  7. Honestly, I am beyond flattered to be listed – especially among so many talented ladies that I’ve admired for years. Thank you!

  8. congrats ladies!!! fabulous!

  9. What an honor! Thank you for placing me among such bright, talented and successful women!

  10. All amazing women!! Congrats to you all!! What a wonderful goal to set for myself as well!

  11. So honored to be included on this list!! Thank you so much. You made our day:-) Have been enjoying checking out all the other wonderful women and companies on this list!

  12. Thank you so very, very much for including me on this list of such talented women! I am beyond flattered and so very grateful!

  13. Hip, hip, hooray!!! Thank you ladies SO much!!! Maureen and Adria get back tonight from Asheville and they will be so, so excited. -Carrie

  14. What a great group of women! I’m proud to have been featured on the site and hope to be named on the list next year! Thanks LaunchHER

  15. What a LINE UP!!! It’s wonderful to know a handful of these ladies personally and professionally. A great group of powerhouse women!!!!
    Congratulations, ladies!!!!

  16. Awesome list, and so inspirational! Especially since I know a few of these great ladies! When you do a 40 Over 40 list, look me up, haha!


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