8 Ways to Boost Your Brand in 5 Minutes or Less

We know this is a busy time for all of us, which is why we decided to share a few quick tips this month.  Each one should take you 5 minutes or less, so no excuses.

If you are still too busy even for these fast fixes, just bookmark this page and come back in 2012. Cheers!

  1. A great profile picture! Choose something relatively close-up with just you in the picture is best. No, it doesn’t have to be professional, and get creative.  Don’t be afraid to crop someone out if it’s a great picture you want to use!
  2. Speaking of pictures…keep you profile picture consistent on Facebook, your “about” page on your site, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, & LinkedIn, etc.
  3. What? You’re not on LinkedIn? {hint, hint}
  4. Check your social media buttons on YOUR OWN site.  Make sure all links are working properly!
  5. Join the LaunchHER League!
  6. You get what you give…take a moment to leave a blog comment on someone’s else’s site, RT another business you love, or share their post on FB.
  7. Add an email signature.
  8. Set-up Google Alerts for your business name.



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  1. Great tips! Thanks so much!

  2. Some very good tips that I can easily implement this weekend. There’s no time like the weekend to get caught up. Thanks for just the list I needed!

  3. Really helpful tips! I will definitely get on it right away 😀 Thanks!

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