Freshly Launched :: Darling Designz on Etsy

Freshly Launched :: Darling Designz on Etsy

Launched :: Kristen Darling

LaunchHER says :: Little ballet flats. Little ties. Little dressy hats topped with fluffy feathers. Kristen’s tiny products are … darling!

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Use coupon code LAUNCH on Kristen’s etsy shop to receive a 15% discount on all her adorable baby items.

In HER words :: I am a work-at-home mother of two. Every Darling Designz item is handmade by me. I am a huge shoe lover so that has definitely been my focus but I also make a variety of hair accessories, soother clips, embellished t-shirts, tutus and more. My shoes range in styles and sizes from soft-soled baby slippers for infants to sparkly glitter shoes for toddlers up to size 13, and I plan to add children’s sizes 1-4 in the near future.

I get to do what I love all while being home with my babies. What more could I ask for?

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  1. those shoes are too precious! :)

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