Freshly Launched :: dbk design arts

Freshly Launched :: dbk design arts

Launched:: Debrah Block-Krol

LaunchHER says :: Debrah’s work was featured in celebrity gift bags at the Golden Globes and will also be seen at the Oscars. We’re hoping that her wearable art will be featured in our next birthday gift bags, too!

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Receive 15% off on your order when you mention coupon code lhh.

In HER words :: I create elegant, edgy jewelry and accessories that delight and bring pleasure to the wearer. I enjoy using materials in unexpected ways to achieve beautiful results, and at it’s heart, my work is always about color! Because I am a painter, painting is the basis of all my work, re-imagining painterly techniques in new ways.

Each piece I make is one of a kind. My lines include mesh jewelry, gemstone jewelry, hand-knitted items and hand-dyed, felted cotton or wool and silk scarves. I love fiber and most of my work incorporates textiles in some way. In the end, it is about making beautiful things.


  1. Nice work, Debrah! All of us in The Artisan Group are super proud of your accomplishments. :)

  2. I love Debrah’s designs, and I am totally impressed (and inspired) by her mastery of the various media in the one of a kind wearable art genre!


  3. you are an inspiration to me, with how you seem to come up with many new pieces in fiber, metal and gems on a monthly basis!

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